#567  is Qing shock

    The 567th chapter is Qing shock

    "Voluntary is good, thank you for your message, leave." The old man before Qin dust finish, after the arch arch hand, directly turned away.

    The slaves also follow even Qin dust left the black repair, leaving the old man, also some god, did not expect such a result.

    After two people leave the scope of the priory of black slaves, asked: "only doubt less dust, why don't we accept the invitation to repair the black?"

    He is now also some do not understand, this is equivalent to black snakes will repair the black biogas City, against black congregations, than to offend the Royal Villa more terrible beast.

    Qin dust sneered: "do you think this is what black repair good stuff? He has invited us, we should see the strength, want to in the Black Death swamp competition, to obtain more benefits, and this forces the style, less is not love, do not want to join you do not want to join, how many why!"

    The slaves bielebiezui, rather Speechless, can only sigh: less dust is less dust, capricious!

    "Well, don't think too much, just the black congregations steward said, in charge of channel power, a total of four, I went to the city square in the center of the black marsh look, and those who have power channel, you buy this black marsh city to get some best detoxification pill. This black bog in miasma over, I need to study."

    Want to enter the Black Death swamp, the detoxification Dan issues must be resolved, Qin dust also understand underground vestiges of the news two days ago came out, but the black people in the city did not swamp all into the Black Death swamp like a swarm of bees, but is largely because detoxification Dan things have not led to a lot of people did not dare to refuse, rush into a very deep place.

    "Yes, less dust." The slaves nodded, soon ran away, he is quite familiar with the city to buy black marsh, and get the local detoxification Dan miasma, also know a little.

    A room in the dark depths of the building will be built.

    Before Qin invited the steward of dust, is respectfully standing in front of a middle-aged man.

    "You are the two said they would not join my black repair?" The middle-aged man said with a frown.

    This old man had no dust when they face the Qin indifferent, his face with a hint of tension, and said: "yes, vice president, I have to join our good black congregation told them, and one of them, or we will repair the black silver VIP, not only a few years have come to the city of black marsh."

    When the vice president of a man around cold track: "if I can repair the black silver VIP, you should not do not know that we will repair the black gold VIP treatment, huh, these two guys would refuse our black repair, it is not too much of our black repair will be placed in the eyes, or I want to send them a survey to see what is, what people so bold."

    The vice president waved his hand said: "no, is able to move to kill an Bei double magic that guy before, just because he really is very strange that treasure it, the real strength, only in the late five order peak, what is not, and will not have what too guards identity, otherwise the number of years ago I will also repair black, not just a silver VIP. But......"

    Vice president said: "the recent underground vestiges of things, has spread to many places of the dynasty, and heard the great Xia Dynasty Zhou Dynasty and there have also been many master of fashion, are not necessary in this pour in, even the two Wu Zun person are not a waste of time."

    "You have to do now, is to pay attention to what the top Dynasty forces master came to my black marsh City, I will not seek to repair the black champion, but don't let others leave the real treasures The early bird catches,."

    "." The man sitting on the side of the vice president immediately nodded.

    But will not repair the black slaves and Qin dust in my heart, before the black repair will happen, but the first time to the Royal Villa station where the beast.

    "Are you saying that in the gate of Mo Xiang hands cloak, a slew of North Ann double magic?"

    Above the lobby, Mo Qing suddenly stood up, the side of the table hot pot, suddenly fell to the ground, shattered, but he is unaware of it.

    "Yes, but the vice Qing suzerain, two people were black steward invited in order." The first one of the Royal animals villa disciple nervous way.

    "So, black will repair has invited the two guys? A black congregation VIP?" Mo Qing frowning.

    The side of Mo Xiang immediately stood up, exciting way: "Qing Shu, now find the two guys, then so what, right away to black repair, the two guy to come out with me, I don't believe this, even if two people become black congregations VIP I will not sell black repair villa Royal animals face."

    "You sit down for me." Mo Qing heard this, suddenly turned to Mo Xiang, a cold drink.

    "Qing uncle......" Mo Xiang face rather baffling, obviously does not understand why Uncle Qing scold him, is he wrong?

    "The two guys, not to worry, to secretly stare at it, remember, do not act rashly and alert the enemy their attention, province." Mo Qing said to the following.

    "." The Royal Villa beast disciples nodded immediately.

    Hearing this, Mo Xiang suddenly jumped up: "Qing Shu, what are you doing here? You will not be afraid of them?"

    Mo Qing dissatisfaction looked at Mo Xiang, cold track: "you have the face to say, you almost died, you know? The guy with the North double Shanghai to kill, before the time at the gate of the city, killing you is not an easy job to do, if you die, how let me and my brother?"

    Mo Xiang that wake up, he is, since the other side can kill a North double magic, before killing him, certainly is a very easy thing.

    Think of yourself to walk in the gates of hell, Mo Xiang suddenly felt a cold sweat scared, suddenly came out, but the mouth is: "I this is not nothing, that the other is definitely afraid of our Royal Villa beast."

    "This is a good luck to you, I think you should change this character, such as big brother will come, I will say to him." Mo Qing sink a track: "since the other side can kill a North double magic, if not half in the statue, there was little difference in the strength, I want to kill them, certainly not what is easy."

    Also, we will sell black repair will face, even if the other side is the gold VIP, will also make people pay out, let us begin, but we certainly villa Royal animals have to pay some price, otherwise will be black repair dry self smashing signs of things?"

    "For such a small thing, paying so much cost, but in this moment, you think it is worth? These two days, you must stay in the house, not allowed to go out half a step, it was such adults come, and then judge."

    Mo Qing said squint.

    Qin dust naturally do not know in the Royal Villa resident beast happen, he has come to the square in the center of the city on the black.

    A square into a surprising range, noisy sound came to Qin dust ears, looking ahead, the black marsh City Plaza is almost full, everywhere is crowded, the fierce and brutal atmosphere, into the sky, let a person feel very uncomfortable.
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