The 566th chapter delivery channel

    The 566th chapter delivery channel

    This is a bit scary.

    Black is black will repair the top city biogas power, but also with a great reputation in the whole bianzhou, and belongs to one of the Black Death forces the most horrible edge of the swamp.

    It can be said, has become a gold VIP, a black congregation of the asylum, basically in addition to what hatred between the monstrous, the Black Death swamp did not dare to move you.

    This is a terrible welfare, after all, in the Black Death swamp, everyone in search of a panacea, often in conflict and bloodshed, became the black gold VIP will repair, get a basic amnesty.

    It can be said that in the black order, silver is equivalent to a VIP membership, and VIP gold, is the real black people will repair.

    In general, only the top villa has the Royal forces beast Takeru master, can enjoy the VIP gold master.

    Of course, the same as the gold medal, VIP since can enjoy these benefits, also want to pay, what will happen once the black repair is dangerous, must be obtained at the same time in the guardian, the black death in a swamp, if you want to sell, must give priority to the black repair will supply.

    Now the old man since invited himself and less dust become gold VIP, apparently they see in the same level of Master Wu zun.

    Even slaves, could not help but excited, if he is a person, I agree, but now he is listening to the Qin dust, naturally can not call the shots.

    Just think of some silly little dust, since it is to enter the Black Death swamp bitter rhyme cheese looking, then add black repair, the absolute benefits only, not what harm.

    Of course it is, he did not dare to say.

    "Must have two so anxious, but also want to should as soon as possible to find the underground relics treasures, now the city to open the black death black marsh swamp transmission power, only a few, two as long as I can repair the black gold VIP, the delivery channel is free to use, two is not really I want to join the black repair?"

    The old man thought Qin dust and slaves would not hesitate to promise, who knows even after direct refusal, stupefied, do not know what to say, after half a day, see Qin dust are ready to go, and then anxiously opening.

    "The transfer channel, what channel?"

    Qin dust frowned.

    The side of the black slaves also stunned, then feel Qin dust eyes, showing the color on the face of wonder.

    This black will immediately understand the repair work of two people have never heard of the delivery channel, was relieved, smiled and said: "no wonder two will refuse to become black gold will repair our guests, do not know the original channel of things, it seems you have at least two years did not return to the city's black marsh."

    The steward to smiled and said: "in fact the Black Death swamp in a few years ago, there is no transmission channel, then peripheral panacea searched fewer, but the crisis is not reduced, so a few years ago, a few large black marsh City forces I decided to build a delivery channel. The purpose is to save the black death from the edge of the swamp into the Black Death swamp time, also reduce the risk of military encounter."

    "Two years ago, our city has several big black marsh forces Dynasty to door, have set up a four transmission channel, respectively in charge of by the four forces of black marsh City, I will be in charge of a black repair into the Black Death swamp channels. Want to enter the Black Death swamp adventure, you must go from the four channel. These channels are to be charged, and set the conditions, if you want to become the best underground sites, I can repair black gold VIP, not only the use of channel charge transfer point from the underground sites at the same time, is also a recent."

    See Qin dust over the transmission channel is equivalent to a traffic fortress, help people transferred to the internal Black Death swamp.

    "It is this four channels in addition to, can not directly enter the Black Death swamp?" Qin said the dust.

    "It's not." The old man smiled, and then looked at the meaningful way: "Qin dust but now black marsh city almost all arms into the Black Death swamp, will be transmitted through the channel, not only because the transmission channel can save a few days time, secondly, channel established after the Black Death swamp periphery blood beast nobody killed that is becoming more and more dangerous, at the beginning, there are many arms can not through the channel into, but many of them are black death swamp peripheral blood beast to kill on the inside, in the course of time, almost everyone from the channel into, so that more secure."

    "Furthermore, the two purpose since it is underground vestiges of Black Death marsh, if not through the transmission channel, to where the light remains at least to spend a few days time, at that time, I am afraid what remains in the treasures are not, two think?"

    The old man eyes deep, meaningful.

    Qin Wenyan, suddenly some dust suddenly, also deeply see the old one eye.

    The other said black death swamp peripheral blood beast did not execute, resulting in peripheral more and more dangerous, Qin dust is certainly do not believe it.

    According to the general principle, a danger, is certainly outside the security, to which the most dangerous, even the peripheral blood beast did not execute, resulting in a number of more, but not in just two years, dangerous to this point.

    Lenovo to this channel for the charge, Qin dust sure, just open the channel, those without channels directly into the Black Death swamp died Wu, I'm afraid there is not a lot of blood beast, but by the four major forces have this passage to cut through the.

    After all, this is a no sale, even if it is a collection of ten blocks down channel of real stone, these years, is a staggering figure.

    For this benefit, many power in this city even make black marsh what things too much, also won't have what strange.

    Thought of here, Qin dust on this black repair will no more interest, and even a hint of disgust, him: "thank you for your kindness, this gold VIP benefits, not in under, or next time."

    Then, Qin turned to leave the dust.

    The old man made a face, the sudden cold voice said: "you really want to refuse my black repair the invitation?"

    He didn't think when it comes to this point, Qin dust or even refused, he became black repair will be in charge of several years, this is the first time to see some people will refuse their invitation but will repair the black, or gold VIP requirements.

    Qin dust frowned and looked at the old man: "do not promise, promise?"

    The slaves who all of a sudden chill sent forth.

    The old man felt the atmosphere after cold in the room, quickly restored the smile, shook her head and said: "this is not, we will invite the black repair is voluntary, but......"
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