#539  into a large array

    The 539th chapter into a large array

    Countless streamer sky, range over a radius of tens of feet, Cape immediately around to see a hazy, a bright light, he will immediately surrounded, rise around the large faint mist.

    What is this stuff?

    A person a surprised, the kid has already in ambush near the trap, the other party knew he was tracking him, how is it possible?

    But people also know that this cloak, not shocked when the countless streamer, sporadic majestic atmosphere, a look that is an extremely powerful method.

    When in the Wucheng when he had seen the Qin dust Zhenfa strong, just Wucheng Zhujiajian four order peak large array to five order completion, this time can't careless, his black tentacles crazy dancing, bang bang bang, pumping the large array of severe vibration, attempts in the large array before the formation of the the break.

    But Qin dust how will give him this opportunity, so mysterious rusty sword waving a sword light volley split down.


    The sword light splitting landed on a black tentacles, the black tentacles suddenly startled, above the black mountain and some scattered, let people be startled at the cloak.

    Before the Wucheng time, Qin dust is strong, but his attack also cannot threaten him, but now, this is how long, this kid's attack even able to hurt myself? A heart suddenly more horror.

    He deeply understood that if this time will not kill the Qin dust, the next time he want to kill Qin dust, I'm afraid no chance at all.

    Here he would not have the slightest Cangzhuo, I saw the black tentacles more crazy, like devils.

    Karaok angela!

    No matter what the other is Qin dust heart, hand, countless sword light like rain falling down.


    Countless sword light falls on the cloak of people, people will suddenly split the cloak was black awn burst, overflowing streamer.

    "What is this guy practicing Qigong? This black tentacles are too strange, defense should be so terrible?"

    Qin dust secretly speechless, his sword light what might, he clearly said, do not sweep everything, at least a five order sword injured early Wu Zong, but now a split in the other dozens of hundreds of people just a sword, the cloak of breath some weak defense force, so I'm afraid. Has reached the peak point of the five order later.

    Qin to glad that they already had a premonition of dust, the layout of the matrix in advance, otherwise once again after the arrival of the other side, hasty hand, probably dangerous.

    Qin dust in the hearts of the cloak is surprised, surprise.

    He was hard carrying dozens of Qin dust sword, is the first time to go out from the matrix, but he did not expect that the formation of this matrix is really fast, but the first light rises when he had entered the front range, with the increasing number of white light transfer together, a amazing binding oppression on him.

    He was bound to use for opening this Zhenfa, but later he discovered that this method enhance binding power speed is too fast, so that he did not see it coming.


    But at the end of a white rose when the trees are in a cloak, people immediately feel the body all is Ling lie of the beholder, are a blur, like body is stuck in the mire, linking flick have become difficult.

    "Good Terrorist strategies, which is at least five order above strategies, this kid for how to improve so fast?"

    A person depressed almost hematemesis, he began to suspect that the Qin dust arrangement should be just a four order peak of the array, after all before Wucheng, Qin just dust others to repair strategies, the matrix deduction to the five order, the real start layout of a new five order method, difficulty at least ten times higher than the repair.

    One track, each other do not have the time arrangement of what a powerful method.

    But that he did not expect that, now trapped himself, which is what the four order matrix, is clearly a five order or five order law, even in the most horrible method.

    "Smelly boy, you think a five order matrix keep me? Which is so simple things."

    A person with a roar, crazy attack in large array, in his opinion, his fix even five order matrix method, continuous attacks on his, have gradually broken apart, and that in the same time wucheng.

    But he did not think of is, let him to attack, the large array has not the slightest break. Mean, even becomes more terrible, in a large array of outside layers of halo, lights up gradually, and with the excitation of a large array, but there is little Ling lie diffuse and murder lock him out.

    A person completely shocked, was not himself into a strategies, but few strategies, and these strategies before added together, it did not find myself.

    This time, his heart completely sank, knew he was too careless, unexpectedly entered each other's ambush, if you be careful, where there will be such a thing.

    He is very clear, this time of regret, it was too late, is a pressing matter of the moment, must find a way to break out.


    Thought of here, the cloak directly hand, a black silk from his hands, it is found that the spirit of insects, I saw the spirit insects appear in search method, is yaotouhuangnao swing, seem to be looking for what.

    See the spirit of seeking insects, Qin dust heart sank suddenly, suddenly felt a little bad, find the spirit insects very keen perception, able to sense it can remember things, but at the same time, can also search for sources seeking spirit insects aura and qi.

    A matrix forming, inevitable is the source has pushed strategies, this world is not really the most Zhenfa, stone is pushed, pushed by absorbing heaven and earth, Zhenfa energy source, is often the key to a matrix operation, once let the people find the key point of Cape Zhenfa, maybe you can be he broke the face of this law, once the strategies are broken, then you will be in danger.

    Thought of here, Qin dust did not too much, even by pinching the matrix formula, the temporary arrangement pushed the large array of Satsujin, hand at the same time, karaok, three black streamer instantly turned into toward the front of the shadow cloak people find spirit bug off.

    In the Qin dust shot instantly, cloak people have understood his thoughts, suddenly laughed at the hand, a strange black hood will find spiritual bugs in one package, at the same time, his black tentacles crazy dancing, into a spirit will find insect protection nets above and snares below, in which.


    A large array of countless murderous and three knives have handle standing on top of the black tentacles, only to hear the sound of the dull, black tentacles only split a slight gap, but soon people in the cloak of the catalyst, and completely healed, no protection to hurt in the middle of the spirit of seeking worm.
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