#538  in an ambush

    The 538th chapter in an ambush

    In fact, they teach Gorefiend first thought is, as soon as possible to find traces of people, see is not Qin dust.

    But after a long time to find the other track, the pace is too fast, they worked hard, can barely keep pace with each other, a road only depressed track.

    Two days, a tired do not say, even the other look no see.

    But they do not give up, only to keep up with dismay, instead of A.

    The layout of Qin mountains at a dust still by ensign, so far, he did not know how much the root array layout under the flag, the whole mountain, estimated hiding at least hundreds ensign.

    When will the storage ring until almost all of the material in the refining ensign running light, Qin dust stopped.

    But he did not have the slightest idea, because he is very clear, since the other side dare to catch up, that is to deal with our own grasp, Qin dust can't believe, only five of those early order of Wu forces at their first, don't say they do not have this ability, he had revealed in ancient Nandu the strength, the other should also know, five order early Wu Zong even catch up, only a dead.

    The other was eyeing himself, it must have full assurance.

    Life and death in the face of the crisis, Qin dust is not the slightest effect.

    When he had just stopped refining ensign when the distance suddenly came a slight fluctuation.


    Qin dust immediately come to understand, should be arranged in the array's monitoring around the work, people passing the set their own array of flags.

    Before Qin dust react, he saw a black figure toward the side lightning rush.

    See each other at the time of Qin dust, cloak also instantly see Qin dust, immediately excited laugh: "ha ha ha, really hard work pays off, actually I was to catch up, it seems that God is good to me, ha ha ha."

    After seeing the Qin dust, originally tired two days a heart completely cloak, put down, standing in the Qin dust more than 10 meters place, watching a sneer at Qin dust, cat and mouse look.

    Since Qin encountered dust in Wucheng, he was playing the Qin times of dust is too much, before in time, when a dust has been forced to Qin slave, for him to deal with the several Xuanzhou strong, now once again surrounded by Qin dust, heart indescribably more carefree.

    "Are you...... How did you find me?"

    See has to follow their own is actually a cloak, Qin dust can not help but talk out loud.

    He is not wanted to track your cloak, just do not understand each other's on their own, but Carter, Qin saw the cloak dust hand lift, a very fine black silk for quick access to the other side of the sleeve.

    Although the black thread is fast, no time to catch the eye, but Qin dust spiritual force, but has seen the black silk, impressively is a very strange insect.

    It is to find out the spirit of the worm?

    Qin suddenly shocked the dust, seeking spirit is a kind of insect insect animal blood, also ranked high in the singular spirit insects on the list, in the strength, unable to bite gas ant can gobble up Qi compared, but the most powerful spirit insect is the breath is particularly sharp, even can easily find many treasure.

    See the spirit of seeking from Qin dust come to understand, why can find each other, must be a breath, remember yourself or what is being very careful, even on time, on a Road ban will not have a breath leak, even found the spirit of insects, it is impossible to feel any breath, the other is how to find yourself?

    Suddenly, Qin dust saw not far from the iron eagle feather, immediately woke up to find the spirit insects remember should not his breath, but the Iron Eagle Feather breath.

    Qin dust heart smile, he thought, rely on iron eagle feather, can quickly through the black mountain, others escape tracking, unexpectedly, eventually brought others to find their own, it is the spirit of seeking.

    Is the only let Qin dust shocked, the cloak of people on the treasures have too many points, not only Qinglian demon fire, even ants and insects bite gas find spirit, these things even in the military domain, will not just be able to see.

    "Ha ha ha, how to find you?" A man smiled grimly, "this seat is not easy to find you? Do you think you have iron eagle feather, can escape the palm seat? A naive boy, before you take my blood and destroy the spirit of fire, I bite the gas ants, also had humiliated this seat, the seat to see how you run now?"

    Voice down, people are suddenly jumped cloak, a black tentacle moments from him diffuse out toward the dust clouds to Qin crazy.

    He knew that Qin dust has a head of Iron Eagle Feather blood beast, he escaped again for fear of Qin dust, do not give any chance to Qin dust, heart decided that the other party first captured again.


    I saw the world countless black tentacles crazy dancing, turned into a black cloud, toward the Qin dust rolling under strong.

    Qin dust a sneer, know each other is how to find their own just before him, now that I know the reason, nature is also not in the heart, if this person is the cloak suddenly appeared, Qin dust may also have concerns, but I have been here laid even dare to rush the other nets above and snares below. Come, really is.

    Here the Qin dust and cloak people don't even bother nonsense, although the cloak of human minds at least five order later, Wu Zong, but now he is contented to not fear, hand, mysterious rusty sword has appeared in the hand.

    "Good boy, even to the seat and hands, think they won the grand majority first, invincible? Well, this is not what the grand sites, this seat will see, what you've got, and the seat of dare to act recklessly and blindly do."

    See Qin dust with yourself, instead of begging and escape, but is out of the weapon, cloak people suddenly sneer.

    "Don't worry, I won't immediately kill you, I will slowly torture you, let you know what is called pain."

    A man Yin grieved laugh, black tentacles into all of a sudden come toward the nets above and snares below, Qin dust parcel.

    "Is it? I'd like to see, how can you let me know what is called pain." Qin dust also sneered.

    People see the dust mouth Cape Qin sketched out sneer, even with a restless heart, immediately feel what's wrong around.

    The Qin dust, he is too well, initially in the Wucheng when the pit of several large family Wucheng, even himself trapped in the matrix, is killing their ant bite gas, ran away in their noses.

    Before in time, many forces, he was also mysterious, pit casualties, even Liu Xian Zong top forces such are complete failure.

    Now in the face of their own face, even a little panic did not immediately let him feel a little wrong, what seems to fall into the trap.

    Heart in a jump under the cloak immediately perceived glancing around, trying to find out where his perception only tricky, just released......


    The whole mountain, immediately sounded a startling roar, and countless streamer suddenly into the sky, into a mighty torrent, enveloped everything.
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