#510  of Edgeworth

    The 510th chapter of Edgeworth

    As the dust and the Qin Li when excitement, grand will turn again, and then the wind.

    However, with your current strength, but also did not want to open the treasure remains open, remains the treasure, unless you can do that in your own spiritual seeds and fusion, then return to grand, then, you can try to open the treasure remains."

    But the spirit of seeds and their fusion?

    Qin dust stunned.

    That must wait until what time?

    But then the Qin dust also understand, in the will that said, now obviously it is impossible to open the treasure remains.

    The fastest time is five years later, in the ruins again.

    Aside, look at the Qin Li cold magic dust, apparently also want to understand this point.

    "Five years time? Well, I will be more than you, the spirit of early fusion of seeds."

    Cold magic eyes flicker awn li.

    The Challenge Cup defeat by Qin dust, this is his shame, and in the spirit of seed fusion, he must be more than the Qin dust.


    In addition, the two of you go to the end, will be a powerful grand relic in my secret."

    The black silhouette waved his hand, two light immediately cover two people, felt, Qin dust in the minds of their own feel like suddenly what.

    You were?"

    Qin dust immediately felt that his mind had a very mysterious mystery.

    "And you got my grand heritage, I view outside there are a lot of Wu, you want to sell, so, too, I will leave a vestige of the grand power, you can use the previous understanding of the Arcanum, to control, to prevent the outside of your hands."

    Before the outside of the confrontation, how will feel grand, not easy to find the two ancestors to practice exercises the genius, how it only two people died in the outside.

    "However, in ruins remaining forces, power restriction, and so is not unlimited, and can only be kept for three days, the two of you can remember."

    "I hope the next time, you see, you two have fused the spirit of seeds, can open the treasure sites."

    Grand will deeply see two people at a glance, and then waved his hand, Qin dust only feel a dizzy head, he and Li will also disappear in the magic star appeared in the grand hall, outside.

    "Out of the dust and the Qin Li came out at the same time."

    "The two of them to reach the end, do not know what reward."

    See Qin dust and all magic Li, excited, many mysterious state is strong, eyes flashed a fierce long grass.


    Then, all the people in the eyes of shock, goonan capital pool up slowly into the sky, and finally disappeared in the crowd of sight.

    The vast city, completely disappeared, leaving only the central tower, a huge flat, open in front of everyone.

    "Ha ha ha, this grand relic finally disappeared."

    "The end of the grand heritage, presumably will have left."

    "Hey, I'd like to see, this five people to stay."

    All Williams Dynasty strong, all is revealing a sneer.

    Many of them did not dare to do it before, is entirely because of fear in the will, now in ruins disappeared, let these mysterious state people's heart, completely liberalized.

    All gathered up one unable to restrain the emotions, greedy eyes.

    The atmosphere on the field, immediately became dignified.

    "Xiao war lord, what just happened here?" The dust has returned to the big Qin Qi team, feel dignified atmosphere among the crowd, don't frown asked by.

    At the same time, he also saw the crowd in the cloak, the vision is one Ning: "Your Excellency here?"

    "Qin dust, you do not know, you just accept the inheritance of time in the grand, there are mysterious, strong want to trap us, you are the slave of friends to help, to defuse the crisis." Xiao and even stepped forward to explain.

    "These mysterious state people really are bold." Qin dust listened, eyes a cold.

    At the same time to look at the cloak, he sneer at in the heart, will be so kind, really help them Qi country against foreign enemies, but also to own thing.

    But since the other side left, Qin natural dust are not stupid enough to take the initiative to point out.

    "Qin dust, black predecessors, what do we do now?" Xiao and nervous asked.

    Before, in the slave hand, indeed withstood an attack, too mysterious.

    However, it is in Xuanzhou three forces has not shot the case.

    Now, in the end of the assessment.

    Three forces will move, what's more, they also had three major forces and.

    If the three forces, they decided to sell to these five disciples, to five strength, unable to stop.

    Behind Xiao Zhan, many big Qi are also Guowu to understand the situation, can not help heart.

    "Boy, as long as you will be away from the body of the things back to the seat, the seat to shelter you, how do Xuanzhou strong insults?"

    At this moment, the cloak suddenly said coldly.


    They are one Leng Xiao war.

    Some foggy.

    This is not a slave predecessors, less dust friends, less dust protection? What he meant, less dust also took away his things? It is the collection?

    Not only are they, even leaving our people are one Leng, don't understand the situation inside.


    Qin dust glanced at him.

    "Oh." A man laughed: "according to the provisions of the mainland, compared to Williams Dynasty five forces, without sufficient justification before, is not on the five hands, they want to deal with people, but you can not say this, although these people will be caught, but keep you in these people's hands. The sale is not what problem, but, you are not a little loss."

    A person calm tone, fiery eyes.

    Although he can work directly with Qin, dust, but he is very clear, Qin is not dust fancy kneading persimmon, once in combat exposure Qinglian fire demon, then trouble.

    Therefore, when we are in crisis can not Qi country, started to back Qinglian demon fire, it is not possible to do.

    Wait until the violet demon fire in your hand, it is simple, direct and he left, there is who can stop him?

    "A little loss, you when I was stupid? What's more, it is, I will take back from the auction, what do you want to go back." Qin dust sneer, how to understand each other, not wishful thinking.

    "You......" A people one Leng, immediately cold laughed: "good, good, good, the seat is so said, so you just not a genius, without any cause or reason died here. You have the seat but not to know good from bad, look at you, how the guards, when I die, can not cry to this seat for help."
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