#509  remains treasure

    The 509th chapter remains treasure

    When the intersection of two shares really force, suddenly produce a strong conflict, incredible pain, make Qin dust unbearable pain hums, body cramps up.

    "What's the matter? Why nine God Emperor in the mysterious birth of Gong Jue really, so resist?"

    Qin dust shocked.

    Generally speaking, really different exercises out of practice, do not arbitrarily fusion, after all, every kind of real power, has its own attributes.

    However, the dramatic conflict as direct as previous phenomenon is extremely rare.

    "No, it's only a practice really, really strange force with more and more out of practice, I conflict in the body will be more and more, then, even if I work out the Eucharist, also cannot bear such a terrible conflict."

    Qin dust had a headache.

    The current situation, he could not continue practicing this mysterious power.

    Unless he abandoned, originally practicing qigong.


    Nine God Jue, he is reborn, always practicing Qigong, and banned from God, very powerful.

    Although this grand relic is very terrible, but he can not be directly removed nine God Emperor tactic, and transform the mysterious power.

    What's more, this mysterious power has given him a very uncomfortable feeling.

    Just let him give up direct grand heritage, and some unwilling.

    Moreover, in succession, before the first and second layers of assessment, is to pave the way for the third layer in the power law.

    The first layer is Peru lines, so that they can practice this method.

    The second layer is really strange, really let them know the attributes of force generated by the power law.

    Therefore, there is reason to believe that the dust of qin.

    This is the heritage of the grand secret, he is now in the practice of the exercises of this mystery.

    "Yes, before the time in the second story, I can't afford this really strange force, finally after thunder blood baptism, makes my body can continue to absorb."

    Suddenly, Qin thought of the scene before the dust, even pushed the body of thunder blood.


    A large number of lightning, storm swept out quickly, that a cover he condensed out really strange force.

    Sure enough, a mysterious force that really under the thunder blood baptism, immediately become pure, when fused with nine God Jue truly force, there is no recurrence of the phenomenon of confrontation.


    Qin dust big, crazy running this mysterious work immediately.

    A little mysterious power, rapid birth, and then under the thunder blood baptism, for pure power.

    But after the mysterious power to reach a certain number.


    Qin suddenly felt the dust, from the mysterious strength, segmented a part, was in his mind before a golden spirit of seeds, instantly absorb the past.

    "Well? The spirit of golden seed, in the absorption of this mysterious force, out of practice is that the purpose of this work is to nourish, this golden seed?"

    I do not know why, when the Qin dust heart suddenly rose again a very uncomfortable feeling.

    But it didn't feel comfortable, soon disappeared, along with the practice of Qin dust constantly, the slightest real power, gold seeds quickly into the mind, gradually, the golden seed lines on more light, as if alive in general.

    A very strong feeling conveyed from the Qin dust in the body.

    The spirit of "good magic seeds."

    At this moment, Qin dust completely shocked, no wonder the grand will say this golden seed is spiritual treasure, too strong.

    At this moment, Qin dust had a feeling, though he is only in the mysterious stage for late peak, but in the spirit of the golden seed excited, vaguely has entered the realm of wu.

    Make a Class Four Order Xuan Wu, across a large level, with five order of Wu power, it has not is used to describe the general treasures.

    "However, this pushed the spirit of seeds need to consume a large amount of power energy, I must try to cultivate this kind of strange really more force, to prepare for possible period of want or need."

    When the dust of the Qin meditation.

    Grand will also pay attention to the Qin dust body spirit seed light, dark eyes, revealing a hitherto unknown light.

    "Well, actually some people will set the ancestors to successful practice exercises."

    Black figure excited even in trembling.

    How many years, how many million years, the idea of the ancestors, came true.

    The black figure volatility will, it is difficult to imagine, it's just a sense, rather than a living life.

    "However, this is only one successful practice of Qin dust, is not safe, if anyone can do it, the ancestors set a plan, I'm afraid it will be perfect."

    Black figure staring at several other star road.




    With the passage of time, the cold warriors and Hua Tiandu, day emperor, also have been eliminated.

    After all, three of them in the state known as Tianjiao but compared with Qin Xuan, dust, but far worse, is on the arcanum of understanding, it cannot be compared with.

    It is the spirit of the teacher Li, is he, of arcanum of understanding beyond the emperor day 13 people, was in the third layer, is also surprisingly practicing a trace of a strange power.


    His head position, flashing silver, that is the spirit of his silver seed in bloom strength.

    And, compared to the spirit of Qin dust Magic Seeds, Li body spirit seeds more freely, as if both itself is the same as one.

    "Well, well, this was also can practice my family works, although the Qin dust, a lot worse, but his body, and my family seems to work more fit, so just can also activate the spirit of seed."

    Black figure ecstatic.

    In general, there is a person who can practice the exercises, activate the spirit of seeds, in order not to it, now, there are two people to practice, how to make black figure not excited.


    A black figure waving.


    Suddenly, just still practicing in the passing of night, Qin dust and magic Li, at the same time in the way of stars disappeared and reappeared in the boundless sky.

    Two people at a glance, found that only two people knew each other, should also grasp some mysterious power, otherwise will not stick to the present.

    "Congratulations on your success through the two, three layers of assessment, I have to open the grand remains treasure qualifications." The black figure has restored calm, proudly in the two person, indifferent said.

    Grand relic treasure?

    Two people's heart, all is a good jump.

    So a remnant of the ancient ruins of the treasure will be how terrible? Even the Qin dust, could not help heart.

    In fact, he did not care about the so-called treasure, he cares about, is actually a stronger cross step road.

    For the past three hundred years, now the Shangguan Xi son and wind little feather, already past.

    He was far beyond the past, to stand in Shangguan Xi son and wind little feather in front, back once all of their own.
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