#505  is a rat in a hole

    The 505th chapter is a rat in a hole

    For example, before Ren and dry middle vein vein, the strength is not enough, they put forward a solution by using secret secret lines, lines, strengthen the meridians itself, to withstand the force of running really terrible.



    Let's dust qin.

    It opened a new door.

    "The arcanum of magic indeed, there is such a result, no wonder when the first layer is the foundation, let us understand this Arcanum, can be used in this place."

    Qin shook the dust.

    Come to understand.

    In the inheritance of each layer has its meaning, if you don't understand, just because you don't have to go to this step.

    "However, I have been practicing Qigong, but not destroy body strength far beyond the ordinary warrior, and nine God Jue, also let my whole body each meridian are extremely powerful, above the same level of Wu, Wu to the other secret lines, but I have to practice. Not necessarily."

    Now, Qin dust while feeling, while immersed in them, gradually began to practice.

    And when the dust in the Qin mysterious space perception works.

    Other star road, everyone is together with the sentiment.


    Not all are like Qin dust, in Arcanum and strength analysis, reached the same level of Qin dust.

    "Difficult, too difficult, which in the end is what really force structure?"

    Everyone is a headache.


    Among them, Wei Qingshan soon followed Stuart wins, is sent out.

    "Well? Fang Xuan not destroy the body, this is...... The order of the secondary refining body exercises?"

    In transmitted at the same time, Wei Qingshan also appeared in the mind, their own heritage, is a defense class.

    "It is the order of the secondary refining body."

    Although the transmission failed, but Wei Qingshan's heart still ecstatic.

    In a way he tried, very early show amazing talent, refining the body just before practicing a work order inferior, defense has reached a very alarming proportions, so he broke into the top twelve.

    Now, he got a so fit their skills, once the self-discipline to become, and will reach a point where how amazing?

    As one of the Tianjiao is not just imagine.

    Sou sou sou!

    In after the fall of Wei Qingshan, Meng Xingjue, Yu wind, ghost, Wang Qiming, also be eliminated one after another.

    One was sent out.

    But, after being sent out, in their mind, there are a set of skills, at the same time according to the inheritance of the length of time, the works of different order etc..

    The last Wang Qiming, turned out to be a good method to order.

    The magic formula!"

    With Wei Qingshan's inheritance of the end.

    In addition, many strong Xuanzhou and five countries, also have to know the contents of inheritance, and everyone got a situation.

    For a time, on the field of the atmosphere instantly become tricky.

    The order of medium power law, even in the presence of many mysterious state's top forces, also can not be underestimated, a greedy eyes.

    "Hey hey hey, interesting, the order of medium power, it seems that this time the five nation tour, it pays."

    Williams has strong mouth outline Dynasty, the sneer, grinning out loud, a pair of eyes, like a wolf on the prey, exudes a faint green light.

    This scene, let the five people, each heart sank.

    Feel a little bad.

    Especially in large beam and Shaw and they, the heart more gloomy, extremely disturbed.

    "Go, five large has ended, I step."

    Wei Tianming from the air have been informed that Yu, he got a door to order medium power law things, to leave immediately.

    Just before, down from the platform.

    Sou sou sou!

    A group of Williams Dynasty strong, suddenly flew, stopped a few people.

    Wei Tianming's heart sank, a frown: "what is this?"

    "Hey hey hey, you should be the master of Wei Tianming beam, the first master is said five, half step Wu Zong, good, strength is not weak."

    A mysterious, strong over Wei Tianming, Yin grieved laughed.

    Wei Tianming look more ugly, sink a track: "what do you want?"

    "Do not want to do what, but now the grand majority has not yet ended, and the first master of five pavilion, will leave early, not very good?"

    Another Eagle Valley master, eagle eyes Zhi, mouth outline sneer.

    "I'm sorry, I have something to go back in the beam, and will leave." Wei Tianming took a deep breath and swallow.

    Across several people, all are the five order Wu Zong, any power over him, so that Wei Tianming can not be presumptuous.

    "I can't do that." Some people sneer.

    "Hey, Mr. Zhou, you are wrong." The other people laughed: "if there is something big Wei master, want to leave, it is not impossible, however, that Yu style, I am afraid we must leave here, after all, now is the end of inheritance, Yuwen wind as the winning player will leave so early?"

    "Hey, Li Wei big brother said yes, master to go, just go ahead."

    A mysterious, people all laughed, playful eyes.

    They have no idea what Wei Tianming, naturally, but the wind is one of the twelve "heritage of the Xuan players get get what, maybe fate cheats, can let him leave so simple?

    In the distance, the other Xuanzhou master, quietly, but all the corners of the mouth to outline the sneer, attention to the place.


    Wei Tianming shivered.

    "Master." "Wind in the side, eyes cold and stern, eyes blooming in the cold long grass, could not help but step forward.


    He has an amazing body, dangers emerge.

    "The wind, not reckless."

    Wei Tianming quickly stopped Yu style, sink a track, "we go back."

    Now, a group of people, and back to the top of the tower.

    "Well, you see, just that Yu style seems to also want to and we do, just do not know the immensity of heaven and earth."

    "He thought he broke into the top twelve, will be able to play against us? Too naive."

    "It is fearless, but he just did not sell, otherwise, we will be able to catch the right and proper."

    The name Xuanzhou didn't come forward, master, just by hands, talked about, grinning.

    "I say, put the Yu style and Wang Qiming caught it, anyway, the two countries, nor what master." Williams Dynasty people, some people sneer, quite some mood.according.

    "Don't worry, you do not see, three schools are not moving? At the end of all inheritance, or shaoanwuzao, don't be a bird, and the five ghost Xian faction, also some strange, do not rush to the hand."

    But by discouraging.

    Originally some mysterious, ready to master, immediately quiet down.

    In their eyes, five people, early is only temporary, a rat in a hole, but also can not sell.

    When all the people passed over, they are the real intention comes in the end of the.
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