#504  mysterious power

    The 504th chapter mysterious power

    "No Kongmen elders is very cunning, leaving so early, must have a reason."

    "Maybe that is what gets Stuart wins in the treasure."

    "Maybe what should be sure, so, want to catch up?"

    "Catch up, catch up to do, don't you want to open and no war?"

    "This...... But helplessly looking at them with the treasures left?"

    "Well, you want to go, even if there is a treasure, the first to be sent out Stuart wins, must get things worst, eleven people get something left, certainly will be better, then......"

    "Also, the day college, Liu Xian Zong emperor heart city, these forces we cannot offend, but twelve people accept the inheritance, but there are six five people, then......"

    "Hey, hey hey hey!"

    The presence of a lot of people are looking at five people, eyes flashed a cold look, without taboo which coveted naked light.

    Five, people feel strong, Xuan eyes, heart is floating away from a bad feeling.

    A glance at each other, showing the eyes are helpless.

    This scenario, they are also incapable of action, only mentally disturbed people can hope, Xuanzhou Guzhe face.

    At this time.

    Mysterious palace.


    After the end of the mysterious force really Qin dust absorption, instantly surrounded by light, disappeared in the place.

    "I this, should enter the next layer, but a layer of what?"

    Qin dust curiosity.

    Before the arcanum of mystery and real power, brought him great benefits, and the third layer, and what treasure?

    A light body, already came to a mysterious space, the entire space, what are not, a blank.


    When the dust of qin.

    Look around, everything around empty, empty, nothing.

    "What does this mean?"

    Qin dust doubts, is this third hidden layer, what?

    Stand in the void, all carefully staring around the Qin dust, looking for traces.

    But what is not.

    An empty.



    In front of the gaps, suddenly appeared a black line, this line, like a twisted black, exudes a mysterious light, slowly flowing.

    "This is......"

    Qin look into dust.

    More and more, I saw the black line gaps slowly, forming a very complex pattern, exudes a huge breath.

    "This is, exercises?"

    "This is the third layer of the inheritance, is to let me practice this mysterious power?"

    With the dust of qin.

    In front of this very complex work pattern, on some days, far more than the previous work order of Qin dust see even, and nine God Jue par.

    "That's terrible, this power law, absolutely not the day order method can match, again is in order on the day above work?"

    Qin shook the dust.

    After practicing the nine God Jue, he was deeply aware that the importance of a strong work, now have such a work, he is shocked, nature can not be described.

    "Try it."

    Immediately, the mysterious power pattern of Qin dust gaze in front, the whole people into deduction and comprehension in.

    The position above the mysterious palace.

    Black will still see each Grand Star Road conditions.

    After the Qin dust into the third floor, black figure suddenly stood up.

    "Active, my family ancestors had set the examination actually activated."

    "The Qin dust, actually completed the first layer and the second layer test into third layers."

    "Don't say, I have strong nationality in ancient times. Under the plan, and finally to achieve?"

    Black figure excited my body shivering.

    "No...... It is not too excited."

    But soon, it is awake, eyes restored calm.

    "This third layer method, very important, in front of the two layer of the assessment, only to the third layer to prepare it, the difficulty is high, not ordinary people can achieve."

    "This amazing though Qin dust, but to completely finish the third examination, I am afraid there is great difficulty, look at it now, what can this person go a step."

    "But no matter where one step, the golden seed before he got with the spirit of my ancestors, family planning, is half done."

    In the heart will look forward to.

    The sky Yi contains a big secret bureau.

    The secret to their important plans this family had set the.

    If successful, will be able to solve a huge key.

    Today, Qin dust is close to this plan recently people.

    The third layer of the empty space.

    The dust has been completely immersed in front of the work.


    Taixuan wonderful.

    In front of the power law, and nine God Emperor can be said to be a tactic complement effect.

    But there is also a little let Qin dust very confused, that is the front running routes this method, and the normal method, with different running routes.


    "The human body contains secret treasures, is more complex than anything, so it can extend a variety of exercises."

    "However, the work itself, should be based on the human body, in accordance with the truth, even if it is running in different ways, practice mode, but its essence should be the same."

    "But before this work, and how the normal human body, there seems to be irreconcilable contradiction?"

    Qin dust doubt.

    Can not understand.

    "For example, the running route, according to nine God Jue, twelve meridians in human body's twelve meridians running away Ren, or go dry, veins, no problem, but this method, took two pulse middle position, the place is just a common channel, how could really bear force such a large operation?"

    "There was this place, so, here, for God, if hold real power, will affect the soul of the human spirit, to become violent, so the true force must accommodate, is very careful, but in this work, but let the true force mainly gather in here, if ordinary practitioners practice a power law, I am afraid not to practice, already because God door burst, zouhuorumo died."

    "Unless the practice of the human body, powerful metamorphosis, Shenmen wall membrane, invasion force can stop it, perhaps there is a possible."

    "There was this place......"

    Immersed in front of the Gong, Qin dust immediately that many problems.

    These problems should not appear at all so mysterious power, are some of the primary mistakes, but in this work, but unfortunately there.


    "Well, here is the solution, is before the arcanum of, don't say grand ancestors, also found the work mistakes, so designed a way to solve this Arcanum, this problem in the completion?"

    Suddenly, Qin saw dust below, some obviously feel wrong, the other with secret lines, was outlined and explained.
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