#499  of the spiritual seed

    The 499th chapter of the spiritual seed

    "In ancient times, the Terran prosperous, strong in this era than you are, at least ten times stronger, hundreds of times."

    In the will, said rumble.

    Drew Wang Qiming et al. Shocked, they come from countries, knowledgeable, the secret nature is heard for the first time.

    But the day from a dynasty emperor Williams et al., is heard slightly, the dust, it is well know.

    Legend, in ancient times, Wu day, really strong clouds, inherited from the many historical records, there have been sporadic records.

    But, the middle has experienced a severe turbulence, finally, had many strong on the mainland have fallen away, not a ten.

    This time is called the dark ages.


    Continental books, on the dark age records, is very scarce, only vaguely records, but the specific reasons, little is known about this, in the Chinese academic world, has always been a mystery.

    Even the dust of Qin, also absolutely ignorant of the situation.

    Now, this one seems to be able to hear the ancient Qin, also let the dust, immediately listen carefully to the deep concentration.

    Only to hear the voice of this grand will, in the sky thunder echoed: "in the past, Wu day, Wu Dao is prosperous, strong men, even the master, leave the day Wuchieh, traveling in space, in the outside world."

    "But, in my days Wuchieh Terran, extremely strong when suddenly invaded a strong exotic family."

    "The exotic, amazing strength, a lot of master, I come to Wu day, slaughter, for my days Wuchieh Terran strong at the time, I am strong to resist many Terran forces, have jointly resist, and I in, is one of a backbone."

    "Unfortunately, the exotic strong family strength too alarming, the war quickly spread across the continent, I desperately strong Terran resist, but still can not stop the footsteps of each other."

    "Ultimately, our powerful top strong after deliberation, decided to sacrifice his life to protect the lives of the entire continent, leave a little sparks of fire for terran."

    "The battle, the color of heaven, the whole day Wuchieh, are playing broken, I Terran strong, by burning life, finally hit the mixed strong, the mixed strong out of the day, Wuchieh, but my family, also suffered heavy losses, almost all of the top strong, all of the fall."

    "In order to save the fire, I can only this big grand fathers, built the inheritance, is to make my grand heritage, not to be forgotten, can spread through the ages."

    "Today, I finally come to you."

    Grand will face with happy, with emotion.

    They all stayed to listen, did not expect the day Wu, in ancient times, has experienced such a war, resulting in almost all of the strong, for the fall, this is what the amazing scene.

    Only Qin dust, frowning, seemed to think about what.

    See Qin dust face, quiet snow heart can not help wondering, could not help but music: "Qin dust, what do you think?"

    "Oh no, what!" Qin dust just react, smiled.

    You do not say, thousands of Qin dust also didn't ask.

    In fact, Qin dust of doubt in mind, if you follow this grand will say, since the last Terran had defeated the strong foreign nationality, the other out of the sky, the dark ages why will appear sever history?

    After all.

    Even the top power strong, all fall, but there are other people live, handed down from generation to generation, and there will be such a period from ancient times and modern history of the dark ages, and little literature and classics did not stay.

    Which must be what changes.

    "Perhaps the exotic repel strong family, Wu day, also something happened in history from this grand will, but in ancient times our ancestors created by the strong, just as a human consciousness, and is not a real person, the next thing, also do not understand, so it is not about."

    Qin dust so that.

    Qin dust in doubt, like emperor day et al., after the shock, all excited.

    Learn from this grand and grand will, in ancient times, in the days of Wu circles, is the most elite forces, such forces left inheritance, how could a simple, one was suddenly excited trembling.

    Seemed to feel the mood, grand will smiled: "I think you have already can't wait, if so, then I began to pass."

    "According to you in the Challenge Cup performance, first of all, you get, is a grain of seed in my spirit."

    Grand will voice down, in the sky, suddenly lit twelve light.

    The twelve light, a golden and silvery five, there were six white, like a meteorite, falls suddenly, they haven't even had time to react, it has not entered into everyone's body.

    "This is......"

    Everyone is shocked to discover that, in the minds of their own, actually had a seed, suspended in the sea over their soul.

    Among them, into the dust in the Qin Dynasty, gold seed.

    One day, Emperor Li into magic, cold, snow, and without Hua Tiandu and other top six players in the silver seed, a few people left, the seed is white.

    I do not know why, at the moment the golden seed into the body, the heart of Qin dust has a very uncomfortable feeling.

    Don't watch carefully, listen to the grand will slowly way: "this is the spirit of seeds, in ancient times, we can create a grand big, you only need to use their own spirit and force it to nourish the spirit slowly, seeds will gradually recover, and nurturing you, improve your comprehension ability, you really grow and when your strength reaches a certain height, the spirit of giving enough seed to nourish, to the end, even the spirit of seeds with you together, let your strength, leap breakthrough."

    "This is our spiritual seed, in a mystic, specifically to develop top strong, so I can stand in the grand, ancient Terran peak, countless thousands of years back."

    "In fact, in ancient times, countless forces tried to create the law, by the spirit of the seed from our grand spiritual seed can make nothing of it, so that the twelve of you best tight lipped, do not easily tell others."

    So amazing?

    People could not help but try to instill in the minds of the spirit's seed.


    I saw the body, have stirred up the real power fluctuation, a mysterious halo round, bloom in each person.

    Among them, the Li on the light the most strong, a rich black magic gas, like angry dragon, swept out, continue to twist the Pentium, the breath than before in the arena, at least twice as strong.
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