#498  stars David Bureau

    The 498th chapter stars David Bureau

    At this moment, all people are scared, inexplicable heart fibrillation.

    The boy stared at the ring.


    The champion came from a five boy.



    A lot of Wu was in shock can not extricate themselves, but gradually, they couldn't help to get excited.

    Especially the five people, at this moment, there is a kind of unable to restrain the emotions of the impulse to cry.

    "Qin dust!"

    Everyone stared at Qin dust, emotions surging, unable to curb.

    Is such a youth, and to rise five, from the beginning of a qualifying examination, the first road, no one can stop his footsteps!

    This is a boy in the challenge cup, a road win, unmatched!

    It is such a young, straight Xuanzhou Gaishi Tianjiao, unbeaten!

    It is such a boy, in the spotlight, defeated the terrible blood Li teach magic!

    The last battle of the amazing, let all people unforgettable.

    Such a genius

    The first contest, to.

    At this moment, all five people to cry, this is a witness to the history of the time, and they are the witness of history.

    Even if there was genius, dissatisfaction of the Qin five dust at the moment, but also excited for him.

    "Qin dust?"

    Quiet snow quietly standing in the crowd, watching the brilliant man, the only station in the central arena, enjoy the endless attention vision of the man, like a million snow like heart inexplicable move.

    At this moment, she remembered the blood pool baptism, the other peeping her bathing scene.

    On the face of inexplicable like a burning fire.

    The general water feminine body, is inexplicable burning up.

    But soon, she woke up.

    Light Tuo is a low, raised his head, a pair of eyes, become very firm and bright.

    "This time, I lost to him, only to get the top six, but the next time, I will spare no effort to catch up."

    Quiet snow eyes, light burning in the hitherto unknown.

    Not only is she.

    Zhao Lingshan, Wang Qiming, Zhao Weisi, and Purple Princess, Prince Xiao Jing, and even "wind, a group of people are unable to calm heart fluctuation.

    Five people excited, Williams Dynasty many pupils and the strong, but face no light, ferocious Eagle eyes.

    "It is this guy won the championship, why."

    Alex Hua Tian Du eyes cold, with endless resentment, his injury has not been healed, fists clenched, full of anger.

    Around many Xuanzhou strong, have lost heart.

    A king Zhaoxuan Williams, Tianjiao, didn't win the championship, was an age far less than five boy away from them, have to say this is a great shame.

    But looking back before the duel, their heart, the same feeling shocked.

    Despite how unwilling, how.

    But there is no denying the fact.

    That a final, too wonderful.

    Even some of Wu strong men to see this scene, one for the.

    This is called Qin dust boy, showing them a incomparable duel, let them know what is true of the evildoer.

    In sixteen at the age of seven, against twenty-three or four, by mid war Xuan grade, half step Wu zong.

    Stand in front of them Qin dust at the moment, created a myth.

    The birth of a miracle.


    In the sky, black figure comes slowly, deep eyes, look to the field of many arms.

    "The top twelve players before winning congratulations, you will have the opportunity to get the grand heritage."

    Voice down.


    A white light quickly blossoms, cover the field on eleven other previous winners.

    One day, Emperor Li, magic, Hua Tiandu, and thousands of warriors of cold wind, snow, "ghost, Meng Xingjue, Wang Qiming, Situ Sheng, Wei Qingshan.

    The eleven figure, in the light of the shadow, appeared in the arena, they had previously injured, all cured, at the same time, like Zhongxingpengyue general, around the Qin dust.


    At the same time, the sky came roaring a startling sound on the endless sky, like a sudden came from day to night, dotted with countless stars, appears in the sky, woven into a huge chessboard.

    "This...... Why the sky is dark."

    "What happened?"

    "There are many stars in the sky, this is like a chessboard like?"

    The crowd shook, have exclaimed.

    Above the sky, a vast palace emerge, followed by twelve of white sky, Qin dust and other twelve players, all along the star road into the palace.


    "Well? Qin dust they disappeared."

    "Should be entered in front of the palace."

    "This is what the palace?"

    The crowd each other There were many discussions.

    Some people have Williams Dynasty, to around five people for questioning, after all in ruins, in these countries, there have been nearly a hundred years of history, perhaps this five people can know what.

    But let them unfortunately, even five people, but also do not understand what the sudden appearance of the palace is what, all previous in large, so-called heritage, are today in grand reception, and like today, is the first time.

    In all the confusion, confused.

    Qin dust several people, but it is in the middle of the palace.

    In their feet, is a boundless sky.

    Qin et al dust in the sky in the station, an astonished look around.

    All around, the dark sky, vast, misty, even Qin dust, but also for Xinzui, shock.

    "Here is what place?"

    Feel the vastness of the sky around the world, Qin dust heart shock, this grand, from ancient times, obviously built some ancient forces.

    But the stars concentrated means, or make him shocked, this is not the nine day the emperor can do.

    Is this grand history, even more than nine days to the emperor terrible?

    Qin dust heart shocked.

    In contrast, the Li although they also shocked, but because there is no dust Qin know much, but many calm.

    In their eyes, the eight order Wu Huang, I'm afraid already is right there, and further, they also can not, do not know the depth of nature.


    While everyone shocked when, in the will of the huge figure, appear in the sky.

    "Congratulations, became a contest winner, for this moment, I am waiting for is too long."

    A rumbling sound, with a lonely, with the vicissitudes of life.

    They all stood still and did not speak, listen carefully.

    Grand will continue: "you should be curious about what place is it? Here, it is my great grand fathers, left star Yi bureau!"

    Star David?

    Everyone confused.

    "I was actually in, day Wuchieh in ancient times, one of the most powerful terran......"

    The rumble of sound, will slowly come in, finally gave an amazing history.
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