#491  Xuemo Teaching

    The 491st chapter Xuemo Teaching

    Bang Bang bang!

    Almost in an instant, the two men played hundreds, each hit to create amazing Print-Rite, deafening roar rumbling, fight together.

    Many strong men in the stunned.

    "This...... This is the stage between Xuan Wu's fighting?"

    "How do I feel than some strong Wu Zong against more horrible ah."

    "Even terror, such power, for ordinary Wuzong early arms up, probably have been killed into the slag well?"

    A terrified crowd sluggish.

    It is the strength of the two is too strong, in a full shot, half step Wu and four products, a variety of martial arts have put the occult blood, see dazzling, almost crazy.

    Even more shocking is that the two sides had a well-matched in strength regardless of level.

    This is called "magic boy where the Li freak?"

    "Too strong, five, there was such a genius, and the emperor heart Lord is very high?"

    The crowd shook, could not believe my eyes.

    In practice, the day and the Emperor Li is similar, have reached the half step of Wu state, only one step, will be formally entered the realm of wu.

    Two considerable strength, seemingly normal.


    Consideration must be given to the emperor, God is a little heart day emperor heart city of Santo's only son, so practicing Qigong, cheats, martial arts, in Xuanzhou are the finest in the finest, even reached to the level of order.

    Is the light of these factors, can make the emperor day far more than the same level of strong, even higher levels of strong leapfrog slaughter.

    Not to mention.

    The emperor emperor hearsay heart city ancestors, is an extremely powerful family, hearsay, emperor in thousands of years ago even appeared Wu Huang state of strong.

    The blood, nature is also very terrible.

    It is these factors together, the two sides still do not compete with, how not to let people shocked.

    The representative of each other in the blood and power law, should in no way inferior to the emperor heart little Lord, to do.

    But the other is just a humble disciple of five.

    How this is possible?

    Shock, Emperor day, Mouguang more cold.

    Bright light, as if there are two light emitted from.

    "Well, no wonder to beat the cold warriors, such strength, even if I can enter Xuanzhou, Tianjiao ranks the best one in the whole world."

    One day the emperor sighed, but very cold tone.

    "But these alone is not enough, and kill you, easy."

    The two sides met hundreds of strokes, one day the emperor finally find out the magic Li.


    His body, suddenly bloom Xiaguang, a more amazing atmosphere, blooming from him.

    Visible, a tall as the Regal figure, in the emerging behind him, as if out of the endless outbreak from ancient, majestic.

    "The emperor's Secret - breaking!"

    A cold day was a voice sounded, God shines bright light, the body really, as if in the burning, burst into a shares amazing atmosphere.

    For a moment, his breath, at least a doubling of inflation.

    In addition, many Williams Dynasty were strong.

    "This is...... The emperor heart city art!"

    The crowd motion.

    The emperor heart city of Santo Di PA, has the strong clouds Xuan, defend the emperor heart city a huge monster, and his amazing strength are inseparable.

    He is the strongest, the mystic emperor, how many have been strong, he used this trick to kill.


    One day the emperor finally will do this trick, although is not large, but is already beginning to take shape.

    It can be expected that the near future, the emperor heart city will appear again a terrorist giant.


    In shock, the emperor day on light even more diffuse fluctuations, even lead to the release of black magic Li fog, the volatility, ready to collapse.

    "Lost, Li finally lost the magic."

    "The emperor's secret under the same level of irresistible, will lose."

    "You can go to this step, he is proud of."

    People talk about magic, Li mouth, but always smile outline.

    "The emperor's Secret?"

    A hoarse voice, the Li surface, suddenly blooming a layer of blood red light.

    The Black Mist, like a sea of blood, crazy dancing.

    "The ban of blood!"


    The Li smell, quickly soared, black blood flow will linger, his whole person foil to the more evil, evil spirit.

    "Well? This is the breath......"

    In addition, Xiao and Wei Tianming, feel the magic war Li smell, like what is thought of each other, at a glance, one was big change.

    Then, from their mouth, slowly spit out three words: "death education!"

    This moment。

    They finally understand that the ghost immortal faction in this group of the sudden appearance of the master, what is the identity.

    It is always hidden in the five, to conduct annexation of five forces: Xuemo teach terrible.

    These years, always wanted to teach Xuemo, annexation of five, but because the prevention and intervention of Dan Ge, holy land forces such as blood, blood makes teaching, has been only in darkness, and can not be wantonly shot.

    But unexpectedly, even disguised as ghost Xian sent blood to teach people to attend this grand high.

    It is no wonder that every student so terrible, but the smell is very rare, like, uniting the magic power.

    At this moment, Xiao Wei Tianming war, many countries strong heart, do not know what the feeling into five kinds of miscellaneous.


    The central ring, two forces collide, really, the power of blood black and bright crazy collision, striking the explosion.

    "Stop...... Block!"

    "The emperor heart bishounen emperor of the occult, failed to beat each other."

    "How is it possible?"

    Many strong Williams Dynasty, almost mad.


    In the explosion, one day the emperor also suddenly livid face.

    He was cast out of the strongest moves, even failed to beat each other.


    It can be expected that the other has cast out all the forces, who wins or loses, it is hard to say.

    The emperor of the occult, although consumption is great, but the other side of the blood no surgery, seems to be to use to blood, presumably also won't last long.

    Now the only competition, who can keep for a long time.


    In his heart, has not yet had time to fall.


    A tremendous spiritual force, suddenly diffuse out of the void, showing a pentagram shape, exudes a strong spiritual shock.

    The spirit of the impact of the ban and blood operation combined with, suddenly burst out a more terrible impact force, will the emperor emperor occult day, instant break.

    "The spirit strong, you're a spiritual teacher?"

    One day the emperor stare big surprise eyes.


    The next moment, the endless blood black light, the emperor day package.


    Blood kuangpen, Dili days a heavy inverted drop ring, was seriously injured.

    This battle, one day the emperor!
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