#490  bye

    The 490th chapter bye

    Wu Zong, who is strong Wu zong.

    But Wu Zongzhong's leader, it is not possible to day College Wu Zong strong atmosphere to sweep away.

    Five of the rumors, very remote barren, no Wu Zong strong?


    The crowd shaking, eyes cold and stern.

    Although they are very reluctant to admit, but necessarily previous scene, all has the strong Dynasty, all hearts surprised.

    Understand the ghost immortal faction that several black elders, is likely to be the strong level of Wu zong.

    Could not help but gloomy face.

    They come from Xuanzhou, has superior consciousness, inner hitherto unknown noble, is because that, among the five countries, even a strong Wu are not hearsay is the first strong beam Wei dawn, but also the 1.5 step of Wu.

    It has a strong psychological sense of superiority, five of the strong and disciple, great disdain.

    But now, after feeling the ghost Xian sent several black elders smell, they are all shocked, who said that five not Wuzong strong?

    This is not only clear, and there are many, and these people do, each is not weak, otherwise impossible to resist such talent academy strong atmosphere.

    The Williams Dynasty strong men do not know is that they are shocked, many strong countries, like Wei Tianming and Xiao Zhan et al., in fact more shocking.

    "So many fairy ghost master where to send?"

    They have deep fear, and swept out of the float, is deeply confused.

    At a glance, five a few top master, his eyes are one ning.

    At this moment, they can be sure, send these mysterious ghost fairy appeared in black elders, absolutely not five people.

    Otherwise, the ghost immortal faction really should have such strength, would be combined with some forces, the five countries are unified, and it will be the first in five large, even less sovereign read electrodeless was killed, even being read Shuo, was also in Qi for destruction?

    These black people disguised as five people, what is the purpose?

    If in the past, Wei Tianming and Shaw and et al, will certainly come forward, ask each other how to understand the truth.

    But at this point in the Williams Dynasty many strength of oppression, after Wei Tianming, at a glance, but only helpless sigh.

    No matter what other sources, for what purpose, they are now can not reveal the identity of this group of people.

    Because only a strong five, in order to allow the presence of Williams Dynasty strong fear, not what will make things out of control.


    That day the boy was the Ghost Academy strong, black elders immortal faction choked words, could not help but was a heavy, just want to open.


    Grand sky, suddenly an amazing smell, all people's eyes are attracted in the past.

    I saw the grand challenge over a tall figure will come down, rumbling.

    "Congratulations to you three, won the top three."

    Next, the three of you, there will be a bye, two other people for a promotion places, the winner and bye people, for the final championship."

    Black figure, overlooking the bottom three, rumbling sound, attracted everyone's attention.

    One bye?

    They all have one leng.

    So, then, only after two rounds of battle, will decide the final champion.

    Originally, all want to come in, the last three people, should each with two other people to the war, according to the comprehensive results, decide the first.

    Now it seems that is not the case.

    I have a time at a glance.

    This person is really a bye, good luck, just don't know who it is, after all, the remaining two people, but should have experienced two rounds of battle, to win the championship, and bye that person, only need to win a game, won the first.

    Just three people, who will? Best of luck, to have such a chance bye.

    Think of luck two words, suddenly, they were all one leng.

    In the eyes of a stunned expression, could not help but murmured: "that boy is not Qin dust."

    My voice is not down, and listen to the rumble of black figure, said: "Bye people, the Qin dust, you left two people, a time of rest and incense, incense, sentiment, duel."


    Three light and crisp, over three people Qin dust.

    Suddenly, before the battle force caused by the true loss and injury, all cured without any sequela of instant.

    They looked at by the bye Qin dust, a Speechless.

    This grand will, from pre assessment, seems to be on this very care of Qin dust.

    Even now, bye people, is really Qin dust, let everyone on the preliminary round examination, again doubt.

    You know, even the men of genius, nor in the martial arts essence of the assessment, to the ninth, but the emperor on behalf of the realm of perception, but it can be Qin dust.

    It is certainly in the water will cause.

    A minute of time is fleeting.


    After two days of Emperor Li and white magic, one or two people, at the same time appeared in the ring.

    I really did not think, in this three game, and I played against the people, it would be you!"

    Look at the magic day emperor li, a wry smile shook his head.

    He did not expect, and finally he is not actually the battle, Alex Hua Tian Du matchless and cold.

    "What is the accident." The Li complexion of indifference, seems unmoved.

    "Since it is so, then the Lord is not nonsense, but I want to tell you that the Lord is not cold without this waste can be compared, if you treat me as he is, I'm afraid you will be disappointed."

    One day the emperor face gradually became serious.

    This sentence, immediately got in, this is very depressed, just cold matchless condition has healed, face became livid.

    "Where is the same, but also the ending."

    Magic Li sneer.

    The next moment.


    Two people to move at the same time.

    "The devil's blood!"

    "Shake the world emperor fist -- Emperor invincible!"


    Two people come up, they were all cast out all the strength.

    At this level, two people are extremely wary of each other, natural no what to preserve the strength of the idea.

    This level of combat, a negligence, will have a huge impact, retain the strength, will only make the other to lose opportunities.


    At the moment, the whole ring, chaos magic, severe systemic release of black fog, the whole people like a devil from the hell out of the release of his magic power.

    Opposite side。

    One day the emperor's body body towering, a blooming bright light, his body was tall, like a statue of the emperor, king of the world.

    The two sides fight, suddenly the endless roar resounded, it seems that the grand, are under attack each other, to tremble.
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