#472  is unexpected

    The 472nd chapter is unexpected

    "Lost, Xiao Hong lost."

    "Three, only three, Xiao Jinghong unexpectedly lost."

    "Too fast, how could this be?"

    The crowd stood the one below.

    All the ignorant.

    They are not considered a Shaw would lose, but never thought of that, Xiao Jinghong even three failed to adhere to, is Qin fly dust detonation.

    With a start Xiao Jinghong said, three defeated Qin dust, at this moment, is like a joke.

    "What happened to Xiao, a strength, even if it is not serious, can not measure was off."

    "That is what Qin dust disaster?"

    "His strength is so strong? Just a mysterious warrior peak early stage."

    The crowd shaking, unable to calm.

    At this moment, if people feel a little dust Qin strength are not, it is self deception.

    Xiao Jinghong is different from other people, his strength in Xuanzhou fame is obvious to people, although not as three great man, but also as everyone knows.

    Not langdexuming.

    It is a master of this, should be three people defeated Qin dust, and do not know how to express.

    "Qin dust, this is your strength?"

    In addition, Zhao Lingshan clenched his fists, heart whispering.

    From the star at the end of school assessment, Zhao Lingshan felt like the dust is the Qin general, always so calm, so only heaven and earth, as if this world, nothing can stop him.

    He is like a Wang pit, mysterious and deep thought, one can see in the end, actually see, only in the mirror moon water, unfathomable.

    In the crowd, only not too shocked, is the three largest state Tianjiao xuan.

    "Oh, interesting, no wonder this before and the quiet snow, defy the little Lord, originally, also some strength, so proud as Lucifer."

    One day the emperor with mouth smile, on the outcome of this game is only slightly surprised, then don't care.

    No matter who wins, a few strokes beat Xiao Qin dust A, in the emperor day view, do not threaten him.

    "Well, did not expect to win even this kid, so just hope that in next, can be the boy will arrange to me, so, to my hate."

    Mouguang flash, Alex Hua Tian Du sneer at repeatedly, mouth outline Sen cold smile.

    As for the cold warriors, Zhishizhizhong can never see Qin dust eye.

    In his eyes, Xiao a victory or defeat, have nothing to do with him, his goal is to defeat Alex Hua Tian Du and Emperor day, become the first mysterious genius.

    The other, he is not in your heart.

    After winning the two ring Qin dust, the rest, the fighting continued.

    One ring, is quiet thousands of snow and a genius of war Dynasty williams.

    The strength of genius, also quite terrible, but fame is even weaker than Xiao Jinghong on some.

    You are thousands of snow smart, eroding the true force of the other party, and that genius, wanted to quickly quiet snow beat, but quiet snow body is very exquisite, for dozens of strokes down, you still stubbornly adhere to the snow, no signs of defeat.

    The day before, suddenly look quite impatient, eventually you thousands of snow to seize the opportunity, a wounded, knocked down.

    "Damn, it is five people win, what is it?"

    "The current eight games, there are five winners, five people, the......"

    "Is this contest, what trick?"

    Many strong Williams Dynasty mad.

    In their view, the top twelve places, should be the Williams Dynasty genius sweeping, unmatched to.

    The result was far beyond their expectations.

    For a time, the heart cannot help but suspect that this contest is not what trick.

    But who knows, contest, held under the watchful eyes of the people and Williams Dynasty genius, personal experience, what if there really tricky, not found.

    But let them admit that five people are stronger than their Williams Dynasty genius, but they couldn't accept.

    At this time, the last one.

    Two days have long been fighting together.

    This two people, one named Wei Qingshan, a wow of mood, is Williams Dynasty top talent, but the reputation is not very obvious, even as Xiao hong.

    But two people fight, makes people surprised.

    Under the watchful eyes of the people, Wei Aoyama first shot, suddenly punched out.

    "Tiger down the mountain!"


    On the sound of loud roar resounded through the world, the ring, a huge tiger ghost sky, roared to the careless of bite.

    It has amazing fluctuation, the color of heaven and earth, produce amazing results.

    "Really good terror force ghost, the Wei Aoyama is so strong?"

    "Don't he started to hide the strength?"

    "This might have many terrible than Xiao Jinghong, I actually didn't know before?"

    The crowd exploded, There were many discussions.

    In the hearts of everyone, Wei Qingshan could barely squeeze into the top tier of Williams Dynasty talent ranks, should be more than a few weak to xiao.

    But a shot, but stunned the crowd, such strength, is a weak than Xiao? There is a lot of strong.

    For a time, people mention, so power can block the careless?

    "Gun gun storm breaking Qiankun tactic!"


    In the face of Wei Qingshan's terrorist attacks, the careless jitter of big guns, hands like black long alive, into a sea dragon, spear into Jiao first, with heavy black iron Wei Qingshan collision together.


    Dragon roar, power pressing, like giant earthquakes and landslides.


    "What time is so careless?"

    "This gun based on the absolute strength, Xiao a strength ah."

    They stay again.

    This is not the strength was so strong, so they couldn't believe their eyes.



    Gold iron hand Ge detonation sounded, the vast careless long spear on Wei Qingshan's fist, even a sharp gold iron clang, gunpoints broke the clouds of Mars, but Wei Qingshan, a fine tip black dent emerge fist, but even the skin are not punctured.

    "The defense force."

    The careless heart moved slightly, to know that Wei Qingshan is different from the rest of the cast boxing martial, hand no fist, complete with flesh and blood to resist the gun himself.

    "I take this trick."

    Double tap the gun and universal universe tactic!"

    Not a careless work, body shaking, black gun invisible stir sweep around into heavy waves overwhelming over Wei Qingshan's place.


    As the tsunami struck, let people stop without blocking.
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