#452  spirit attack

    The 452nd chapter spirit attack


    "Li Kunyun lost?"

    "How is it possible?"

    The crowd stunned, a dumbfounded, like the general petrochemical.

    As for the previous few evaluation, is terrified, half words.

    "This strength, also in the clamor, too weak."

    The ring, Qin dust shook his head, with a look of disappointment.

    "The end of the first game!"


    A light landing, covered with dust and Qin Li Kunyun, the next moment, two people disappeared in the ring.

    One of the Qin dust, appear on the platform side, while Li Kunyun, directly fall on the outside of the grand.

    "Kun cloud!"

    Liu Xian Zong led the elders, build flash, appeared on the Li Kunyun side, Li Kunyun felt in explosion of the meridians, face suddenly become very ugly.

    All meridians broken, Li Kunyun is become a wreck, unless there is a remodeling of meridians immortality, otherwise a strength, leaving only ten of the one or two, and even to reshape the meridians of immortality, can return to the peak, is also a problem.

    "Boy, hello. Heart broken, was blown Li Kunyun meridians, I want you to five people dead."

    Cold as the grand square of the Qin dust, Liu Xian Zong with the old captain screaming out loud, body form in a flash, the father of Li Kunyun Lee elder, instantly appear on the top of the head to Xiao Qi, and few people, crazy shot.

    Qin dust hurt his son, he wants to get the big people buried.


    The terrible palm, pour down, like a river, swallowed everything, Xiao Zhan et al., all in one package.

    Xiao Zhan's face change, a cheeky horror, the body really crazy trying to resist the force operation.

    But no.

    This is the case of the elders surnamed Li, a strong initial stage, under the war Xiao et al only find it difficult to breathe, like a mountain cover down, unable to stop.


    Qin dust face a change, did not think of Liu Xian Zong people so vicious, body form in a flash, going out in.

    However, he is not out of the square, an invisible white light appeared in front of him, he will be back.


    At the same time a white landing, appeared in the grand, the Liu Xian Zong Li fly out the moment the elders.

    "The challenge cup when no one, damage assessment, the first warning, second, unforgiven."

    Cold voice reverberated throughout the grand sky, the black eyes looked at the cold figure, Liu Xian Zong Li elders, apparently as long as he has any change, absolutely will not hesitate to kill.


    This is the moment like head, a bowl of ice water poured down, he will cast a cool, not dare to have any action.

    Seeing this, Xiao war and all of the five people, all relieved.

    This will have in the speaker, apparently Williams Dynasty people, certainly not dare to wanton on their hands.

    "The Qin dust, why so strong?"

    "Three is the end of the battle, the other ring, are not a winner!"

    "It's too soon."

    At this time.

    On the square, the rest is not selected warriors, all face shock capacity.

    The strength of Li Kunyun, was all very clear, although in many Williams Dynasty genius, but downstream, but no matter how to say, is Liu Xian Zong genius.

    In the case of a fix for the leading level, was defeated this result, Qin dust, people did not expect at all.

    "Is that Li Kunyun is too weak? Never play a real strength, or the Qin dust, indeed has?"

    A lot of genius, could not help but secretly thought.

    "Big brother, this kid, there's something wrong, I'm afraid the strength not we imagine is so weak."

    The ring below, Liu Xian Zong flower fog dust on the side of the gaze of Qin, Alex Hua Tian Du muttered.

    As the same, take non fog on the strength of Li Kunyun, was more aware of.

    "Okay, but also is not very strong, just Li Kunyun should be careless, did not see even the blood force are not cast? Well, such as he arrogant person, waste, is normal."

    Alex Hua Tian Du sneer, still showing disdain of the face.

    Then, look cold as Qin dust, with the slightest chill.

    "But the Qin Chensheng, it is just what I want, this is best not to meet me in a duel, otherwise, I will let the boy know, Liu Xian Zong will offend me."

    A murderous, from Alex Hua Tian Du eyes flashed.

    The other disciples, the heart also rises every kinds of emotions.

    "Less dust had come to this step, we will work harder ah!"

    Zhao Lingshan and the purple smoke at a glance, are deeply bitter eyes.

    As for Wang Qiming, it is heaves a sigh: "less dust is indeed less dust, even the mysterious stage for the early, no other genius can easily beat, if these people just think is less dust real strength, then waiting to be startled at."

    On Qin dust, Wang Qiming is full of confidence.

    At this time, other arena, competition is also to continue.

    One ring, two middle grade mysterious genius in the fight, a knife, a sword, two moves seemed to go on stage and elegant type, you come to me, the glint and flash of cold steel flashing spectacular, see a lot of players mind surge.

    Qin saw two dust is lost interest, the two game looks wonderful, but in the eyes of master and not how much gold, both sides are looking for each other's weaknesses, I'm afraid not to compete in a short time.

    To see this, Qin dust and turn toward the other.


    It was he saw the amazing scene, a ring, the ghost of a young black fairy sent a mysterious mid level genius, he saw the bear hands and stand, no hands, amazing coercion and artistic conception as revealed from the eyes, just let his opponent a miserable call, direct inverted out, sensational.

    "The essence of god."

    Qin dust secretly shocked, military strength is strong, smell naturally more vigorous, especially like a knife, sword means general coercion, is able to subdue the enemy directly, it is not against defeat.

    Like to order seven Wu state, if you like, a look can make even the statue of the following strong instant collapse.

    But this is only the black youth Xuan level late peak, while his opponent also reached the middle level is mysterious, only by imposing will be defeated, but enough to scare and shock.

    "The man's spiritual force, should not the same in general, just certainly contains a certain spiritual attack."

    Qin dust eyes flash, look dignified.

    This scene, the emperor did not miss a day, naturally, eyes, all showing dignified.

    This is a light hand, it is no ordinary Xuan Wu class can do, the person practicing Qigong, at least is the finest Gong Xuan rank.


    But in this game just ended, two white falls, another strong moment clouded Wang Qiming and Williams Dynasty, two people will be transferred to the arena.

    "Hey, did not think of my opponent, is actually a five minions, it seems that my luck is really good."

    The Williams Dynasty genius upon seeing the first time laughed.
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