#439  of the nightmare begins

    The 439th chapter of the nightmare begins

    On the other side of the square.

    "Good suspension."

    My heart was pounding and day breeze pale forehead sweat.

    He wanted it to be a surprise, but did not expect, the traces of stone on the coercion, should be so terrible, if he is not timely response, I have been eliminated, losing to contest, accept the inheritance of qualification.

    Fortunately, the critical moment, thanks to him, stay.

    "Look, it is really mysterious force level, to leave traces."

    "Now I can rest assured."

    "The day the wind can leave traces, I want to should be able to leave."

    See this scene, a mysterious reach world-class talent, all relieved.

    Since the day the wind can do, they also can not.

    "It's my turn."

    Is the next turn, is still a mysterious warrior in early stage.

    The breeze day experience, a man full of confidence, the sky quickly.

    Even to day and wind at fifteen meters racing together bridle to bridle, and leave traces.


    When he rushed to the fifteen meters altitude just understand, this place of coercion, how a terrorist.


    In this coercion, he is like the sea after a storm sail boat, to destroy all the time.

    Haste, hurried to the shot.


    Really force agitation in the black stone exploded, the whole stone, absolutely empty, what did not leave.

    "Grand predecessors, give me a chance, I just......"

    The day before, a face of fear, also want to get a second chance.

    However, the invisible white falls, black figure did not language, directly transferred out.

    "Early know, I shot, perhaps in the ten meters, but also have the opportunity to......"

    The day before, a face of ash, filled with despair.

    But more desperate, the rest of the day is the late stage of genius.

    "Even the mysterious warrior can level, leaving traces in the traces of stone, this......"

    Zhao Wei et al., the mad earthquake, a look of despair.

    Even the war full of Wang Qiming a few people are disturbed, complexion.

    To become a genius, all are very proud, will not have any weakness.


    Even the pride, see Williams Dynasty Xuan class talent, can not leave traces in the traces of stone, is the heart, be afraid of.

    "A few, do not be nervous, actually want to leave traces in the traces of stone, is not easy to say easy, that is also not difficult."

    In all, fearfully when, suddenly, a soft voice in the public mind.

    "Less dust!"

    Wang Qiming, Zhao Lingshan, et al., all spirits, seems to have.

    "Less dust, how to say?"

    Wang Qiming of Qin dust, is already dead, eyes bright, hurriedly asked the sound.

    Qin dust did not answer, but asked: "you, you will feel this in our assessment, what is the purpose?"

    "Of course is the screening of athletes." Wang Qiming and others frown.

    Do not understand the Qin asking what is the meaning of dust.

    "In fact, not exactly."

    Qin's voice sounded in the dust, a few people in mind: "this will, in the screening of the talent at the same time, also in the observation of your learning ability, this round of martial arts, meaning both in the assessment, evaluation, and control of it in your perception test."

    "The second round, the same assessment method of coercion, is the test you are powerful coercion under body lifting capacity."

    "As for the third, traces of stone assessment, in addition to the assessment of your own body and repair method, also the assessment of the ability to adapt to the soul of you to coercion."

    Check the soul coercion ability?

    All lost in thought.

    Think carefully, before two rounds of assessment, such as Qin dust do seem to say, they withstood the examination at the same time, the true feeling and physical strength, really has improved.

    "So this third, if you are the same as before, and the traces of stone against coercion, is the most bad practices, so that your own strength, can only play ten of the three or four."

    The correct approach is to adapt to this kind of coercion, the perception of coercion, makes such coercion, become a part of the external."

    "When you are able to adapt to the time of this coercion, not only your soul resistance can be enhanced, also in the traces of stone, easily leave traces."

    To adapt to this kind of coercion?

    All the body one earthquake, this can really do?

    "Since less dust so that it must be."

    Wang Qiming has always been convinced of the Qin dust, was the first sitting crosslegged, began to leave marks on the stone before the perception of coercion, for its adaptation, and perceived learning.

    Other people seeing this, also have to follow, no doubt, began to understand.

    For them, this is really the only way.

    A moment later.

    A few big disciple of Qi, the body almost at the same time a shock, open your eyes.

    This is actually feasible.

    Before they tried to resist, only to find that shares of coercion, rushing majestic, irresistible.


    When they slowly try to adapt the sentiment of the time, immediately, this force, seems to gradually become not so terrible, but formed a terrorist pressure, make them aware in the will, and improved.

    The "s!"

    Could not help but gasped, were horrified to see the dust to qin.

    Especially Xiao Beijing, is surprised with his mouth wide open.

    He claimed, is the oldest of the genius for Qi, but also many, for the highest one, only half a step, you can enter the mysterious stage.

    It has been seen as their team leader.

    But now, he did not know, this once to Qi miracle boy, how terrible.

    At this time.

    The square test has been carried out.

    So far, a total of ten, has been tested, but leave traces of Wu, but only three.

    All the players on the face, are Starving people fill the land.

    The probability of 3/10, have to say, this is a very tragic figure.

    That is to say, the last more than 250 people, can pass the examination, only about seventy-five people.

    Among them, the mysterious genius, one did not pass the examination, and even mysterious world-class talent, there are a few people, not to leave traces.

    "The current assessment of the players, yet most of the top talent, so it seems that the end of this more than 250 players, only about less than one hundred people, through the examination, enter into the arena."

    People sigh.

    Especially the five people, is a gloomy face.

    In accordance with the day will be eliminated the level of martial law, I am afraid to leave the final five days, only about ten.

    This has to be said, is a very tragic figure.

    Especially Xiao war, extremely bitter heart.

    Now, the big record, also very amazing.

    Including dust, Xiao Qin, Beijing, Zhao Wei, Zhao Lingshan, Wang Qiming, and violet, a total of six players into the third round.

    However, these six, but no one is the mysterious warrior class.

    That is to say, in the end, the six of them, almost all of them will be eliminated, one is not left.

    Five other people clearly understand this point, all at the mercy of Xiao war.

    And then.

    "The next."


    A white light, over four Prince Zhao Wei.

    Finally here?

    The big nightmare to begin?

    Xiao Zhan was a bitter heart a dead.
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