#438  refers to no robbery

    The 438th chapter refers to no robbery

    How did this happen?

    At this moment, all people are shocked.

    Li Cheng's previous style, unusual, condensed on the black steel pike Gang gas, is scary enough to wear gold travertine.

    It is a stone, even a piece of steel, can also be poked a hole, can be turned out, could not leave traces in the traces of stone?


    They look shocked onlookers, incredible.

    "No, impossible?!"

    Li Cheng is also a dull head, face unbelievable.

    He does not believe in their own strength, even do not leave traces.


    The assessment results not in his will for the transfer.


    An invisible force comes, will be a face of the cult of Li Cheng teleport out.

    "The next!"

    Then, black figure in the sky said indifference.

    The genius of Li Cheng the following is selected, face into a panic.

    He thought that, in the black stone traces is a very simple thing, it seems, is not simple.

    Adjust the breath, he was plunged into the teeth, leaving traces of stone range.


    The legs on the ground one step, the eyes stare at the front left traces in the stone, infuriating, crazy running, the whole sky.

    All the people, all staring at him.

    We can see that, because Li Chenggang fails, his spirit is highly concentrated, and the action is very calm, steady, and no rash.

    Some breathing, who has come to the ten meters high.


    His eyes, sharp mouth was a burst of drink, a pair of iron fist, shining golden, like a golden sun, the solar light condensed horror, hard in front of the black stone wall on detonation.


    Golden day hit the black stone, the stone, it contains a surprising power, suddenly broke out, in the twinkling of an eye, the golden days of shock, to the golden wind burst, eliminate void.

    On the dark stone, no traces, bright and clean as new.

    "No good!"

    The man was dead, heart surprise, also want to shot again, but a strong momentum suddenly came, he will fly out.

    "Failed, failed again."

    Everyone looked at the fall to the ground, the man was depressed, a very heavy mood.

    Especially talented players to participate in the assessment, is the heart depressed, a slight frown.

    Originally, they think, will leave traces in the traces of stone, is a very simple thing, but in front of the genius of the successive failures, let them awake, the third round of assessment, is not simple.

    "The black stone, what material should be so hard?"

    "The previous three people, although for just days later stage peak, but in my state is not mysterious, unknown man could not otherwise, through the first two rounds of evaluation, can even, even traces in stone ability are not?"

    "It must be true, can leave a mark?"

    The crowd excited, especially some days later to repair class warriors, it is pale ash, sad heart.

    Lost in front of three people, making them an instant that day to the late stage repair, leaving traces, is almost impossible.

    "Oh, or at least some difficult examination, some bad guys, out of it."

    "No matter how again before the repair is not enough, hard-edged, can be eliminated."

    "Oh, the mysterious level in order not to, want to be in the Grand Challenge Cup"? Funny!"

    In the crowd, only a three day emperor Tianjiao, with a mouth sneer, never will this round of assessment, in my heart.

    They claim, can leave a name, in the traces of stone even, there will be an amazing performance.

    "The next."


    A white light, wrapped in a mysterious stage early Williams Dynasty genius.

    "It's my turn?"

    The day before, wearing a robe of Xuan, handsome face, between the forehead, there are wanton publicity.

    Although the front three people have failed, but his eyes, but can not see the slightest timidity.

    It is with a strong self-confidence.


    His body, like a gust of wind swept into the black stone before the fast if lightning.

    "This is not the right day in the breeze."

    "Twenty years old, now a breakthrough Xuan, the past year, has reached a level for Xuan early peak."

    "If his practice, also cannot leave traces in the black stone, by that player, I'm afraid scanty."

    In addition, came the sound of all people, dignified, are unwaveringly staring at the day breeze.

    So far, the success of a trace of people who are not, have to make people nervous and worried.

    At the moment of the day breeze, suddenly the sky is.

    After his body reached a height of ten meters, not only did not stop, but continue to rise.


    They frowned, face have exposed Speechless color.

    Before three people, even the name on ten meters is not qualified, the day the wind, although repair than the previous three people, a strong, but don't want to leave traces in the ten meters, wanted to continue to go, too reckless?

    But at the moment the day breeze heart, without the slightest waves.

    "My day is no breeze, in the genius, if at a depth of ten metres, leaving traces, that is a shame, my goal is at least twenty meters."

    His eyes cold, a cold heart.

    However, when he rose to fifteen meters high, his face suddenly becomes sluggish, and.

    The terror of coercion, in almost crazy enhance exponentially the.


    His heart was shocked, at this moment, there was a steady feeling.

    "Not to."

    The critical moment, the wind day dare to continue upward, the body's crazy running, in an instant, gather together.


    He is on the right hand, there is a striking flavor of bloom, as a statue of Buddha, in the sky out of his fingers to enchant creatures.

    "No phase refers to the robbery!"


    A layer of the shadow, shoot from his right hand suddenly, the air is stirred up ripples, as if through the general.

    That shadow contains the terrible hurricane, and boom in the black stone wall, leaving a shallow fingerprint.

    The next moment, the whole human has been shaken to fly, fall in the square.


    An instant crowd.

    "Leave, leave traces."

    "Non robbery refers to cases of the Pope is no cheats, infinite power, it must."

    Many people are excited, fingerprints Day Fung, although very fuzzy, almost inaudible, compared with around other traces, seem very humble, but at least it clearly engraved in the traces of stone fifteen meters away, any people, are clearly visible.

    "Leave traces, through assessment."

    At the same time, a white light fell over day breeze, he will be sent to the other side of the square.

    Attracted the audience a sensation.
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