#431  nullify slag

    The 431st chapter nullify slag

    Black figure, expressionless face, just quietly towering in the sky, said no.

    Until after the incense, Qin dust practice ended, open your eyes, a rumbling sound, it echoed all over the grand.

    "The end of the first round of the martial arts essence, the first round of assessment, assessment of the players, a total of three hundred and ninety-eight people, now, immediately into the second round of assessment."

    A black figure, all the audience in an uproar, one can hardly believe my ears.

    "The Qin dust where the black stone, the obvious fault appears, this is through the examination?"

    "Shit too good?"

    "This isn't fair."

    The crowd was in a discussion, many people face red, especially those who are out of genius.

    What they were eliminated, Qin dust into a faulty black Sarcophagus, was able to enter into the next round of assessment, so, what fairness?

    Black figure indifferent towards the square below the indignant genius with a glance, the cold eyes, makes many people mind a cold, hurriedly shut up.

    They can not forget, before someone broke in the will, killed the scene into slag.

    However, in addition, those who are out of genius, but he still still refuses to accept.

    Especially a few Williams Dynasty genius, failed to pass the first round of assessment, the natural heart extremely dissatisfied with the curse again and again, even all the harsh words are called out.


    Suddenly, goonan capital pool suddenly one earthquake, an invisible light suddenly shot, the few people instantly killed into slag.


    The silence of the dead.

    The whole scene is in perfect silence all, looking at this scene, silent.

    The top three strong forces of Williams Dynasty, also the body is one earthquake, look aghast, just the light, fast to a chance to react, even for them, I'm afraid also incapable of action, only watched their being killed.

    For a time, and all his fear, dare not have the slightest words.

    The towering sky black figure, did not look at this group of people at a glance, just indifferent glance down.

    "Then you face a second round of assessment, assessment method is."

    Black figure hand.


    An invisible force comes, the whole square, suddenly lit a dazzling light, a strange lines, each person will rise in the soles of the feet, through the first round of examination of three hundred and ninety-eight people, all wrapped up in them.

    "Good complex matrix texture...... This is, beyond the nine order array lines!"

    Staring at the bottom array lines, Qin dust pupil suddenly shrink.

    The road to heaven, Zhenfa, his eyes could not see the clues, visible this Zhenfa level, has gone beyond the limit he can understand.

    In this method, you will face great pressure, the pressure will be with the passage of time, gradually increased, once the mind will not hold, damaged, blood on the spot."

    "If you can persist for more than an hour, even through the second round of the qualifying examination, can enter the third."

    The assessment will open in five minutes, please get ready."

    "Now, who still have a problem?"

    Black figure looking down.

    They all look like Qin dust, the first round of the time, Qin Lian Wu Road Dust essence all don't know, ask, attracted people laugh, like this one, will certainly ask.

    Can make all thought is, after listening to the examination content, Qin dust actually directly crossed thighs to sit down, not is a problem.

    "I have a problem."

    See Qin dust does not speak, a five genius, suddenly shouted out loud, attracted a crowd watching.

    He saw only eighteen nine years old, of all people, is a very young, nervous and said: "as far as I know, this grand monuments, is the test of a military talent, rather than direct repair, but the second round of assessment, the length of the test of time but everyone insisted on this Zhenfa under pressure to know that those of us who age size, some people are young, repair is low, adhere to the natural short moment, but this does not mean that the talent Budo is really worse than others, thus, is not some unfair."

    Now the square of the many genius, a young age, most, like Qin dust, only less than sixteen years old, and the oldest, but at the age of twenty-four.

    In itself, there are nearly six years gap between quality and strength, the natural difference is very big, therefore in the same method, young age, certainly very suffer.

    This is not just the young, the other at around twenty years of genius, also have the same idea.

    The true meaning of martial arts before the examination, they are very clear, this grand relic, has a very amazing heritage, and this time the examination, light is Williams Dynasty genius, to nearly two people.

    A huge pressure of competition, let everyone have enormous pressure, even against Williams Dynasty Tianjiao, they must do the same.

    Cold as below all black figure said: "this is a cold, you need not worry, in this method, each one of you to feel the pressure, in fact, is not the same, the age is small, the lower the pressure, but the overall difficulty is the same."

    Listen to the black figure said, many younger talent, was relieved.

    The assessment begins!"

    After a few minutes, black figure cold voice sounded again.


    A large array, suddenly run up, a tremendous pressure, severely suppressed in every person.

    At the!

    There are a few genius, boasts extraordinary strength, the beginning, also stood in the Ao array, a large array of results and open, it was hard pressed on the ground, a scare hurriedly sit cross legged, dare not have the slightest act.


    The invisible pressure layers and, like the heavy waves, constantly swept, as if never end, the vast majority of people, his face is pale, faint trembling body.

    People can not help but fear, the beginning, matrix pressure is so big, want to stick to the next hour, the difficulty will be?

    Originally, many people still think this off will be very relaxed, but at this moment, no one dared to have the slightest idea easily, a deep concentration, running all the repair, hard to resist.

    The crowd, only Qin dust, now eyesexude thick frightened.

    In this world there was such a law, not only true oppression and the body, even spiritual force for the soul, also have certain stress."

    This, he constantly oppression body repair, on any other aspect, also has a trace of oppression, and this oppression is not like a mountain, and direct repression, but like the water, a heavy surge.

    There seems to be some special way, practice.
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