#430  uproar

    The 430th chapter uproar


    A large number of Wu Emperor Qin, lingering in the dust around the nature of each Wu Huang force, he is clear to the thorough induction, transparent feeling, obsession for him, let him intoxicated.

    "Wu Emperor, the Emperor Wu, my past life, think that they have to understand Huangzhen Yuan Wu is very thorough, even able to leapfrog fight, but now look, only to find the real Wu Emperor, deep mystery, not originally I had control."

    Qin dust emotion, and shock.

    In the martial arts essence of assessment, since the way, Qin dust found himself in the martial arts of the above understanding, the lack of too much.

    The past, he is Wu domain's top talent, almost invincible and peers.

    In retrospect, it is so funny, a lot of places, all the way, into the wrong direction.

    "The true meaning of the martial way, let me have more understanding of the nature of truth but to truly master, but is not a short duration of time things, difficult to know, more difficult, but after some insight, at least on the road ahead, have a more clear and clear direction."


    A large number of Wu Emperor Qin, in control of dust, fusion and collision every crazy, contains amazing, coercion, without any mistakes, amazing.


    At this level of Wu Emperor, Qin dust already feel some pressure on the yuan, really control, not so arbitrary before.

    He knew that it was because he was in Wu Huang realm, there is no insight into the nature of real dollars, now he was able to control, just because he had rich experience, with strong experience, force control.

    At this moment, he is not feeling too much, not all the contents of all digestive fusion.

    Can only silently in my heart out for memory, after carefully understanding.

    "If my past life, be aware of these, I am afraid, will not be less wind plume and the two Bitch Shang Xi son to harm."

    When the last really yuan, after Qin dust into together, in front of some real dollars disappear, the entire space, once again calm.

    The "eighth close by? Then the next nine days, is the realm of the emperor......"

    At this moment, the blood in the Qin dust, could not help burning.

    The nine day the emperor!

    How high a call, on behalf of the day, the world's top wu.

    The past, because talent is limited, Qin dust effort, only the practice to the eight order Wu Huang peak, has been unable to break through to the nine day of Wu state.

    But this time, he is able to feel all this, let him not how excited, how exciting.


    The immediate scene changes, Qin dust eyes, suddenly appeared a really amazing atmosphere element, the element really breath, any way, than before eighth, more than ten times stronger.

    At the same time, Qin dust perception, was increased to nine days of Emperor Wudi that realm, strong control, let Qin dust was excited, shocked.

    "This is the nine day of the emperor realm?"

    Are all excited trembling like a dust, Qin summer sun exposure, very thirsty traveler, suddenly saw a piece of clear water, the kind of excitement, no words.

    The nine day is the day the emperor, Wu, a warrior for the pursuit of the peak, is a dream.


    In this sense, Qin dust perception and mental force rapidly pushed in, really flow on a large number of terrorist element, control.

    But because too excited.

    Just a moment, Qin dust wrong, really in front of the air element produced violent chaos.

    "My heart sank, finally, in order to have a chance to meet my past life, have failed to reach a wish, can not understand for nine days without the emperor yuan really out, then?"

    The past, Qin dust played nine days of the emperor, not in the minority, and, as do the Emperor Qin dust mixing pharmacist, on the nine day the emperor's body and really yuan, is also very understand.

    But this kind of understanding, just floating on the surface, it can be said, is a doctor patient understanding of the flesh.

    And now, in the martial arts essence, Qin dust can personally induction into each of the nine day emperor really yuan, this kind of feeling, as if he will become a part of human tissue, this can be said to understand nature, directed at the origin.

    To control dust, Qin completely immersed in the true feeling.


    Everybody sees Qin dust unexpectedly broke into the martial arts essence ninth, have been numb.

    At this moment, no one believes that Qin dust is to rely on their own strength to come to ninth, in addition to black Shishi failure, there can be no other explanation.


    Suddenly, the spirit of light where the black dust Qin crazy stone house and outside lights up.

    All one Leng, this kid actually made a mistake? Is this black Shishi no fault?

    The idea of a soon to be removed, what a joke, no fault, or is this kid himself to ninth?

    Want to or because the black Shishi problem itself.

    The first ninth mistakes, mistakes, people feel weird unceasingly, the black stone failure mode, also is really amazing.

    With the passage of time, and soon, nearly six people on the field, all completed the first round of assessment.

    The first round of assessment, only close to four hundred people, the elimination rate almost above forty percent.

    Look around the square, only a black dust Qin, still in shishi.

    All in all this dust Qin kuangyun, the first to enter, to all examination over, did not come out, also let others wait for him, it was......

    Fortunately, he has reached the ninth mark, presumably, should also be faster.

    Positive thinking.


    The black dust Qin Shishi finally issued a crack, the beginning always closed from the examination door suddenly opened.

    Then, I saw a figure, from shaking was out.

    At this time, Qin dust, eyes glazed, whole person looks very embarrassed, after coming out, without demur, directly sit cross legged, with eyes closed practice.

    In the previous martial arts essence examination, he feel too much, it is difficult to digest all of a sudden, so came out, immediately into the feeling, in vivo, crazy surging.

    Shout shout!

    A lot of it, in his body together, again become the Ning is solid, even vaguely, to order four Xuan impact level.

    Originally, all alone waiting now to see Qin Qin dust, dust out, even direct practice, people are upset about.

    Heart sneer: installed, continue to install, etc. will determine when you will fail in the examination, you can so calm.

    Some people are tempted and shouted: "why haven't decided the Qin dust was lost."

    "Yeah, this guy's black Sarcophagus, was not his fault, that through the examination of it?"

    The crowd restless, triggered a riot.
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