#420  is laughed at

    The 420th chapter is laughed at

    In this scene, immediately attracted everyone exclaimed.

    "What just happened? Why did Alex Hua Tian Du three people are not shot, the seven rainbow light was active to open a channel?"

    "Yes, this is the seven rainbow light knows three people for extraordinary, so automatically opened up a channel?"

    "No, this is the seven rainbow light, is a barrier in the only test of compliance into the grand qualifications, what can not be spared."

    All countries were all terrified, completely don't understand what happened.

    Even the war Xiao et al., also be struck dumb to know in the assessment, in a hundred years of history, has never happened.

    "A three use of Tianjiao, true force so it is no wonder that let it reach the peak of perfection, Williams Dynasty many geniuses, such awe." Qin nod dust.

    Five, he only see, not what the seven rainbow light to see three people open automatically, but three people in the seven rainbow light moment itself suddenly put, forming a sharp destructive coercion in front of the body really invisible force, open the seven rainbow light in the sweep of coercion, into the among them.

    This is a good method for the control of real power, on behalf of the three people to really understand the force, have reached a high degree of excellence, can freely play wanton changes, unfettered.

    Just look at the past, but the formation of such a special effect, make people think this is five grand, open channel, shock.


    When five people exclaimed, to the Williams Dynasty many strong ears, suddenly become extremely funny.

    "Ha ha ha, these five people, it is too funny, is clearly the emperor heart Lord they use real power, breaking the seven rainbow light, but that is in the initiative to open the channel, it is low."

    "Can not say them, this five, is located in the mainland is the corner, I wonder if the days, the use of force cannot understand this really profound, it is normal."

    "Yes, for this people, we should also adopt a tolerant attitude, not discrimination."

    "Yes, we come to this, is to give them a long exposure."

    "Ha ha, ha ha ha!"

    Williams Dynasty many strong, almost a laugh, laugh, mystifying opening, the superior means, let the five people, without shame, his teeth clenched.


    And then, Williams Dynasty, a mysterious genius level just touching the seven rainbow light, suddenly uttered a scream, an invisible force swept over his body, the man suddenly burst into mist, shiguwucun.

    In this scene, immediately attracted public attention, especially the day before the power is Mouguang a coagulation, jingnu eyes.

    "Well, this person over the age of twenty-four now, in order to give birthday, once more than twenty-four years of age, want to enter in any grand genius, will be the seven rainbow light, twisted into nothingness, which is law."

    "A Williams Dynasty, had disciples wanted to get away, I do not know how to think."

    "More than twenty-four years old, also claiming to be the young genius? Think too much!"

    Had been repeatedly ridiculed, the heart had anything in the fire, seizing the opportunity to taunt each other, five many martial is not to seize the opportunity to have the opening speech, full of sarcasm.

    "What do you say?"

    The day before the power of the strong, cold eyes, suddenly turned, eyes burst out with murder.

    A moment of silence, mocking voice suddenly.

    "Untouchable is untouchable, unless, there is an agreement, not wanton slaughter such power, the old man in the beginning today, will you this group of five pariah all butchered."

    The old cold drink, tone with a deep threat.



    On the field of five people, all angry clenched fists, but dare not speak.

    Although each arrogant, but possesses incredible strength, really furious, to kill a large, five, I'm afraid no one can resist each other.

    Only silence.

    At this time, enter the seven grand rainbow light disciple, already hundreds of.

    "We go too."

    Qi country side tower, Qin did not leave a few dust, until this time, just jump fly.

    Sou sou sou!

    Many pupils in Da Qi, Qin Chenfei grazing in the front, the first near seven rainbow light.

    "In this, what remains? The seven in front of the rainbow light, not law force, it can identify Wu repair and age, and what kind of power?"

    Near the seven rainbow light, dust has not pushed in Qin Qi, but want to be aware, the seven rainbow light power.


    But that he did not expect that, in the case of sending it, his body crashed on the seven rainbow light, as if hit a wall, was the seven rainbow light, stopped on the outside.

    In four, Prince Zhao Wei, Princess Zhao Lingshan, Wang Qiming, and violet et al, surface Qi linger, have broken the seven rainbow light, into the grand.


    This sudden scene, make a lot of attention from the Qin Dynasty strong dust, almost all laugh.

    Then, one holding the lower abdomen, laugh out loud, just roll on the ground.

    What did they see? That just your heart and the Lord angry emperor Liu Xian Zong Zi youth, unexpectedly even the seven rainbow light did not break, almost no head to come.

    "Ha ha ha, this guy is called Qin dust, just so arrogant, this is what people think, not even think of this grand barrier are not broken."

    "Yes, according to my observation, as long as the day is above the level of the Wu, can break the color barrier, this guy is actually directly, was stopped at the outside, this is five poof, genius?"

    "No, I'm going to die, too funny, ha ha ha, five not send this guy to be funny."

    The crowd exploded, a laugh, tears down quickly.

    Even the first seven days of emperor into a rainbow light and others could not help but turned it, a slight frown.

    What's going on? The Qin dust smell, although not how strong, but at least a day later according to the observation level, as long as twenty-four years of age, reached the level for days, can break the color barrier, how this guy......

    A head fog, can not understand.

    "Qin dust......"

    Purple smoked and Zhao Lingshan also stopped the figure, the old view.

    "Nothing, I just look at the colorful barrier."

    Qin dust smile, he also did not expect it would cause convergence after the consequences.

    Qin dust this, immediately again attracted many strong laugh Williams dynasty.
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