In the 402nd chapter

    In the 402nd chapter

    Whether it is Qin dust and snow are quiet, first came to the ancient city, the curious feeling of the local customs and practices.

    Along the way, two people met and their young age students, many of them, repair is not weak, so they secretly shocked.

    "Five, I suddenly have so many young master." Have a sense of Chenruo qin.

    Quiet Snow said: "in fact five than the first round, just emerging from the selection in the recent five years in some genius strong, and the second round of the contest, there will be a lot of the other, even the genius of the strong convergence, these people's strength, the stronger than in the first round of high talent, more and this time, there are other forces involved in the Five Dynasty foreign williams."

    "The Williams Dynasty, what is power?"

    "Williams Dynasty is a huge Dynasty of our five countries outside the border and a part of our five countries bordering with our five border, called Xuan, the Liu Xian City, is a very powerful munekado in Xuanzhou, is a bully Xuan, take control of the city Xuan a Li Changlao, Liu Xian Zong's father and I know, this is Li Kunyun, Li Changlao's nephews, so it will be with me, the narrow-minded, vindictive, you have sinned against him, he won't let you go easily, so be careful, as for the rest, I also is not very clear."

    Quiet snow eyes yearning, five, is too small, in her plan, the five high end, she will leave the land to five, Williams Dynasty, so as to understand its, but also don't know much.

    "In my understanding, in Williams Dynasty, twenty-four years of age, not to the level it is not early Xuan genius, even to the mysterious stage early, also can be started."

    Immediately quiet snow and feeling quite Speechless.

    You know in the northwest five, twenty-four days later to reach peak level, will be regarded as outstanding, and can break through to the early stage of the mysterious, famous enough to five, but get Williams Dynasty, but what is not.

    "This time the Williams Dynasty forces involved five, we do not know exactly how many people are left five, will be able to successfully enter the grand, I'm afraid scanty." Quiet snow sigh.

    Qin dust indifferent smile: "you think too much, Williams Dynasty is strong, but may not have a great influence on higher levels of eyes, as well as ants. As a warrior, as long as there is a progressive heart, even was born humble, there will always be a moment of soaring nine days."

    Qin dust, like Lu Hongzhong echoed in the snow, you mind, and make her Jiao Qu an earthquake, could not help but look.

    When she looked up at the moment, the sun just before the Qin dust head, the sunlight sprinkled in, avoid leaning to either side of him, the whole people do not seem to like the nature of people, let you see thousands of snow to stay, heart inexplicable thumping.

    "Let's go, there is a restaurant in front of me to inquire about the news."

    Listen to the wind Xuan restaurant, one of the ancient city's most prestigious restaurants, a total of three layers, each layer can accommodate a large number of guests, is the five young Junjie and top martial love infested areas.

    The third floor lobby, at this time a group of talented heroes is talk with eloquence.

    "I heard no, this session of five large, not only with our five genius, now outside Williams Dynasty people do not know how to inquire into the grand news, Williams Dynasty sent a number of top talent to come in in a slice."

    "Well, these people are too much, but in our Northwest Five remains unexplored, what they have to give up the position, in my opinion, we should join together in five, to evict them."

    "Do you think we don't want to five? There is no way ah, Williams dynasty that is what forces in minutes out of our northwest five, although by continental order constraints, we cannot directly start five offensive, but just point feet, killing a few top strong, who can say what."

    "Oh, we are too small."

    "This is not necessarily well, this year, we also found that the five grand is unusual, the major forces also have been prepared, don't you find that these five years, than the first round, to the blood pool of talent, more and more small?"

    "Hush, be careful there are foreign people, they heard the news when the blood pool, blood pool will be divided." There is a face guard.

    The man with a sneer: "since Williams Dynasty people have come to our five, and know the grand thing, do you think they do even the blood pool can't find out?"

    "That is right, this you, you said just now seems to have its thing, said this year than the first round of the five biggest winner in eight places into Qi, blood pool, there are actually four are sixteen to seven years old, is very rare, if ever, in order to get a good performance in the second round, countries sent are basically twenty year old genius strong, this is why?" Was curious to ask.

    "In fact, many countries have already realized that the blood pool effect, is to enhance the military talent, but in more than 20 years of baptism, although the effect is best, and enable countries in the second round than in more dominant, but it is not long, because they often can only participate in a session high, when in second there, they are more than twenty-four years old, can not enter again in."

    Said the man paused, "but let sixteen people seven years baptism is different, they first enter in, there may not be much, even can break into the grand qualification are not owned, but five years later, but still less than twenty-four, then after five years of growth, will far more terrible than ordinary genius, second times to enter the grand heritage, the natural probability will be much larger."

    "Well, if indeed."

    "No wonder these years, all countries reduce the large age of genius."

    The man with a faint smile: "this is for sure, now several of the top five genius, we like this, like the beam of Stephen wind, five years ago, only eighteen, had accepted the blood pool in a baptism, although it did not get in, not what the inheritance, but also obtained the amazing experience and baptism, according to Wen Xuan breakthrough two years ago, now I am afraid I do not know how strong. Over the past five years now, it was only twenty-three years old, I heard back to participate in the grand majority, a genius like this in the wind like Stephen, we may not be less than that of five, what Williams Dynasty, the number of poor."

    "The truth."

    "Yes, there is such a wind in Tianjiao", even if again how Williams dynasty."

    The presence of northwest five warriors, immediately restore confidence, look quite excited.

    "But it is a few boast without shame, a clown, and we want to Williams Dynasty genius par? It is simply ridiculous, the."

    Suddenly, a mocking voice came, rang in the ears of everyone, attracted all the angry eyes.
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