#401  big brother

    The 401st chapter big brother

    Originally Qin dust really don't want to get involved two people to bother you, he invited his thousands of snow is what purpose is to teach yourself using Li Kunyun's hand? Or do you want to use their own escape, Li Kunyun, he doesn't want to.

    But Li Kunyun said, is to change the idea of Qin dust.

    A cold look, like a sword, a sharp one, "you care too much, I want to go where the Qin dust, there is no thing, don't need you."


    Li Kunyun's face suddenly solidified, Senran smile, mad haematemesis, bad mercilessly stare at Qin dust, covered with blooming heart murder, angrily: if you don't blame me not to know how to appreciate favors, an extremely cruel and merciless, ants only, have the opportunity, I will let you know what is too late for regrets.

    Quiet snow hesitated and said: "that we go together."

    At this time her heart faint some regret, she invited Qin dust, is hostile to let Li Kunyun Qin dust, give him a lesson ideas, but more, or do not want to with Li Kunyun.

    These days, Li Kunyun followed her, let her feel uncomfortable, in contrast, although she is also very hate Qin dust, but I do not know why, after the previous Qin saw dust, but feel very warm.

    But now, see Li Kunyun eyes shine rich murder, quiet snow heart and regret it, she just wanted to have somebody who she learned about the Qin dust, and not to the killer of the Qin dust, but Li Kunyun has apparently been unpopular on the Qin dust, then we will try to deal with Qin dust, light is a Li Kunyun it is not what, but behind Li Kunyun Liu Xian Zong, can not be ignored, it will conflict, in his fundamental Qi Qin dust.

    "You will be more careful, if this man Li Kunyun Yazi, patience, try not to conflict, after all he is Liu Xian Zong Qi's potential is big, also did not." The heart of guilt, you couldn't help speaking to thousands of snow Qin dust.

    Hear the sound, Qin dust was stupefied, this girl would take care of yourself, oh smile: "you trust, just a clown, never mind."

    Quiet snow Speechless, this guy is really nervous, a clown? For Li Kunyun is not particularly strong, but the strength is quite impressive, not five disciples can match.

    But since you've reminded, snow also did not say what, have some attention, try to let two people don't like conflict.

    Three people walk very fast, rapidly approaching the day of the ancient city.

    Half a day after day, far from the city in front of.

    This ancient city, built specifically for the grand, so history is not long, but the construction of roads, but well-proportioned, very elegant.

    "Li Kunyun, where were you, we have been waiting for you for a long time."

    Just days into the city, a clear voice came, in the distance, wearing a red robe woman came up, her face angular, short hair, general appearance, it gives people a strong gas.

    Especially on her breath, strong suffocating, giving a very sense of oppression.

    "Xuan Wu early stage."

    Qin dust eyes Ning, other young, only twenty actually entered the stage early, xuan.

    Flower sister." To see people, Li Kunyun quickly greeted him respectfully.

    "Well, you are too slow, these days are gone." My elder sister is called a flower girl, you sweep the snow and dust a thousand Qin eye brow, showing disdain: "and these five disciples together, I see by other forces, Liu Xian Zong's face where to put it, come with me."

    A cold drink, red woman turned to lead the way.

    "Sister, I still have some things to deal with, you tell me where the Pope door up, and my own past." Hesitated, Li Kunyun said he did not want to let you Qin dust and snow alone together.

    The woman turned red, was a heavy: "you and Li Changlao came to five, went to other places, that is to see an old friend, leader of the elders had some dissatisfaction, now the big brother is coming, we are out of town to meet, you sure you're not coming?"

    "Big brother!" Li Kunyun was a bit shocked eyes, looked at the quiet snow, then the red woman said, "well, you spend, you wait a moment, I'll explain, and you walk together."

    It seems that the big brother in his mind, high status, but also in the case of the elders on the door.

    You came to the snow in front of him, Li Kunyun said: "thousands of snow, together with me to a resident, I recommend you see us Liu Xian Zong of big brother, our big brother, even in the Williams Dynasty, is also the most top God's favored one."

    "I'm sorry, I have something here, won't you go, and I said many times, please don't call me thousands of snow." Quiet snow frowned.

    Li Kunyun looked embarrassed and nodded, but did not insist, turn to dust before Qin, cold way: "you come with me, I have something to tell you."

    "What, in this we can say."

    "You......" Li Kunyun back to the quiet snow, Mouguang Fengrui, cold as Qin dust, whispered angrily: "boy, I can for you for a long time, I advise you to leave the snow immediately, otherwise, I will let you know good, don't think of toad eat swan meat, snow is not worthy of this from the five pariah the."

    Between words, Li Kunyun eyes from terrible SG, a horrible smell, from his body rises, tightly pressed in the dust on the body of qin.

    "Roll it!"

    Spit out two words, ignoring Li Kunyun's coercion, Qin dust turned to the front, you smiled: "thousands of thousands of snow snow, we go!"

    Quiet snow face a red heart, anger, hate teeth itch, this guy is also called her snow, is really hateful, but in the end, or follow the Qin to dust.

    She really didn't want to stay for a second and Li Kunyun.

    "This damned boy."

    Li Kunyun's heart roar, eyes full of anger and hate will not murder, Qin dust punishment by hacking process.

    "Let's go!"

    Behind the red woman's voice, Li Kunyun was calm, deep look at Qin dust left back, and keep up with the woman in red.

    "Well, we are here to leave." Quiet snow and dust Qin came to the street corner, cold openings.

    "Why, my use is to leave, which have so good things."

    Quiet snow face a red, way: "who take advantage of you."

    A faint voice, no confidence.

    "Let's go, I want to ask you something." Qin dust smiled, too lazy to explain, turn away.

    Quiet snow hesitated, followed up, after all, before she did the Qin and Qin dust to dust, danger, now turned away, really some injustice, not her style.
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