#371  spirit breakthrough

    The 371st chapter spirit breakthrough

    The first Dan Ge here full of joy, Wu Zhu, was a depressed.

    "Damn, actually refining out the red Xuan Dan and Ning Lidan Mishina, this time, but he made a fortune."

    Zhu Hong Junqi rose red face, trembling.

    "It seems that this history really simple, and I heard he was really to the blood eagle crazy knife refined out four pure Dan, people really did not expect."

    Zhu Zhu Hongzhi, also solemnly.

    "Brother, what do we do now? Or directly come to? What is the origin of his pipe." Zhu Hongjun bite the road.

    "Wrong!" Zhu Hongzhi shook his head.

    "Can he get it?"

    Liu Ge destroyed, Wu Liang Yu Zhu was killed, they have eaten such a loss?

    "The younger brother, you don't worry." Zhu Hongzhi replied: "if we want to forget it, several other forces would not let go."

    "Brother, what do you mean?"

    Zhu Hongzhi laughed: "you think of him, his younger brother, today received much higher order materials and how many coins, this high order material business, there is a large sum, is the Star Chamber of Commerce monopoly in the hands, now this kid almost put the star most of business chamber of commerce give away, you say the star the chamber of Commerce will be how to do?"

    Brother you mean, let their dog eat dog?" Zhu Hongjun's eyes lit up.

    Zhu Hongzhi sneered: "the star chamber is just one of the kid be such a big deal, although cheap Wucheng many warriors, but we can not just offend, Zhu and the Star Chamber of the two, the Wucheng, I do not know how many family and forces by the boy stole business, can happy no, you look good, or how long it will be bad."

    "Hey, big brother is clever."

    Zhu Hongjun cold laugh.

    At this time the Star Chamber of commerce.

    The atmosphere is very dignified, a group of people sitting together in the extraordinary momentum, the lead is the dust said Qin very interesting old man.

    "The president, and so continue, it will probably first Dan Ge high order materials all over the acquisition of wucheng."

    "We like this, the Star Chamber of Commerce and later also how to do business?"

    "Yes, this, think of a way."

    A chamber of high-rise, all anxious to hurry the old road.

    "You shaoanwuzao." The old man waved, looked calm.

    The following are all going to cry, what time it is, President of adults so calm and are extremely urgent.

    Dong dong!

    At this time, the star chamber middle-aged steward, knocked on the door.

    "Xu Zhai master how to say?"

    The old man eyes open, instantly fired two Li awn.

    "Back to the president, Zhai Xu said the master, today we get immortality, refining time not more than one day, is fresh out of refining." The middle-aged steward polite way.

    "So, is indeed the young or the people behind him made?"

    The old man eyes, laughing: "really fun."

    Below, the Star Chamber of many high-rise, all the Speechless looked at the old man.

    The president is crazy? We are going to be the star chamber breakups, actually said interesting......

    The first Qin Ge Dan, after resting for an hour of dust, it will recover the spirit force.

    "Less dust, this is the strong need to customize the Wucheng traitional."

    Xu Xiong walked up and took out the registration form.

    "First, I look back, you put here, don't let anyone disturb me."


    Xu Xiong respectfully withdrew.

    The dust of the storage ring in the material, good finishing a high order material inside look at hundreds of the face of ecstasy.

    After two days and the acquisition of main materials of four order general Dan, finally acquired completely, in addition, there are a lot of unexpected harvest.

    "The first day of refining Dan soul."

    Without hesitation, the dust on the spot the Qin refining Dan medicine.

    Fire array excitation, with high temperature in alchemy room filled the air, a variety of materials, have invested in the stove.

    Day soul Dan, is a four Dan medicine is relatively simple, although the spirit of Qin dust force only three order peak, but with the past experience, a day refining Dan soul is not difficult.

    After half an hour, a day of furnace soul Dan has appeared in his hands.

    Sit cross legged, Qin dust directly for the first four days of gold soul Dan, swallow it down.

    Day soul Dan, whole body black, above outline strange patterns, as if a magic crystal, with breath palpitation.

    But the soul Dan into a belly, a cold spirit, filled the.

    Qin immediately pushed the dust of gods tactic, put a lot of cold stress, into the mind.

    Zizi zi!

    The cold spirit seem to have a pan of ants, quickly distorted, and a powerful spiritual force into the mind of the soul of the sea.

    The soul of the sea, the waves, is full of vast.


    Qin dust pushed their gods tactic, three order peak of the spirit, and instantly turned into an invisible whirlpool, crazy twist, a spiritual force, moment into the soul of the sea, and strengthen their own.

    This is a cold spirit, unwilling to become prey, violent struggle, Qin dust to try out the soul of the sea.

    At the same time, the whole immortality in cold stress, while the outbreak, to destroy the soul of the sea bound Qin dust.

    Buzz buzz!

    But in the Qin dust strong soul force, which shares the cold stress, can not make effective resistance, instantly absorbed, become part of the Qin dust mentality.

    Visible, the spirit of Qin dust, increased by a large margin.

    But it is not enough to break.

    Taking the two gold dust again Qin day soul dan.

    Not for a moment, second days has been refining Dan soul.





    The spirit of Qin dust growing.

    When eighth, Qin dust spirit has reached a limit.

    Eyes flashed a fierce long grass, Qin dust when the remaining four days gold soul Dan, and swallow down.


    A large number of spiritual force, at the same time into the Qin Qin dust dust mind, the soul of the sea, volatility, a lot of crazy spirit condensed, like the dark sea rolled up a huge storm.

    The spirit, constantly condensed together, finally even form a transparent handle sword shaped object, suspended in the sea of souls.

    From nothingness the gaseous spirit, almost as the essence sword spirit, the spirit of Qin dust volume, although a decrease of ninety-nine percent, but the strength is strong, far more than doubled.


    His eyes open, a terrible fierce long grass, such as lightning flash shot.

    "My spirit, finally broke through four order."

    Slowly spit stink, Qin dust mouth smiling outline.

    The temperament of the whole person, to become different.
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