#370  crazy

    The 370th chapter crazy

    Suddenly, the whole scene restless, the crowd began to wring crazy.

    Especially in the periphery of the warrior, is anxious to rush in, after all, one hundred Dan looks, but for the tens of thousands of people, that is not what.

    "Dear friends, we are not crowded, I hope everyone can express their treasures and to exchange immortality, I will take you out of the material according to the order, to determine the exchange, even if all the one hundred Dan medicine exchange is completed, the next friends still have a chance, I hope you keep calm."

    Watching the scene to control the dust, Qin had to stand up and said.

    "As for the more friends want to customize, don't worry, custom project, after sale in the end will be traitional first please, keep cool."

    These warriors exposed the good stuff, you will certainly be remembered, but Qin dust but can not control so much, he is a stranger to charge so much higher order materials, more likely to be eyeing, but this is not the way of things.

    Since he wants to enhance the strength of a short period of time, to find what you want, you have to do.

    Originally, let everyone exposed themselves the good stuff, any people are not willing to, but after Qin dust on the field with the words, but there is no confusion, even everyone can not wait to come up with their own treasures, lest they treasure Qin dust do not know.

    Qin master, I have a blood Bodhi, want to buy a red Dan xuan!"

    "I have heart soul grass and purple jade, want to buy Chong Xuan Dan and Ning Li dan......"

    "I only want to change the black pomegranate, it is not the heart of condensate condensate Li Dan, Dan can......"

    For a time the sounds crazy sounded, out of everyone, almost all of the four order three order materials, are very rare, many are in need of order four.

    But more and more people want to exchange, is rushed and Dan Xuan Ning Lidan this can make people from day break to grade level Dan xuan.

    Heard the sounds, Qin Chenyue listen to more surprises, today's material, generally better than yesterday, almost every one he wants, are reluctant to give up.

    Immediately to Xu Xiongdao: "Xu Xiong, the first for the soul heart grass!"

    The soul is a four order fine grass heart, and is the main material day soul Dan, Dan day soul is to enhance the strength of the soul seems to immortality, in fact, it is used to enhance the martial spirit force.

    The spirit of Qin force dust now stuck in the three order peak, want to break through the extremely difficult, after all, his practice is just a day class.

    But as long as refining the day soul Dan, he has a chance to make their own breakthrough to order four spirit, in a short period of time, four refining Dan medicine, will be more relaxed, even in words, but not as now so low efficiency.

    Xu Xiong immediately told Qin dust called up.

    The man asked, like the lottery, suddenly excited, his face flushing came up, wait for a pill.

    A plant medicine, many materials have been collected, and can be crowded fewer, but more and more.

    When the one hundred Dan medicine sold, only a small part of the site for people.

    See the last one is the exchange end crowd suddenly traitional, restless extremely, they haven't changed, Dan had no.

    "Gentlemen, if we do not wait, wait a moment, I'll do some refining Dan medicine, afternoon exchange."

    One hour to one hundred Dan medicine exchange light, and every one to exchange, is a very amazing material.

    Qin dust no way, can only go back to the scene of refining.

    These warriors will have heard of traitional sale, but no one is willing to leave, all waiting patiently.

    So, Qin dust while refining, while exchange, as long as there are four order not to exchange the top material, he did all the.

    That evening, Qin dust will finally all the top material exchange all over, and he even spirit of ability, this time also has tired in a complete mess, stupid mind.

    Refining down, I am afraid to collapse, had to stop the exchange, even custom items are too late to pick up, Xu Xiong can only arrange for registration.

    This day, the first Dan Ge fame, completely in Wucheng started, the whole city, all know that there is a sale of three Dan medicine pharmacy, the court, even a four product of elixir masters.

    A day later, Dan Ge had first known, Wurenbuxiao.

    No change of immortality, that makes no sense to stay in the first Dan Pavilion, have tried to find the best materials, because they know that, after today, the first Dan Ge appetite is more and more big, four people are not ordinary order materials will care.

    The sale method of Qin dust, although not the auction, but the auction is not much difference, want to buy the first Ge Dan Dan medicine, not out of good materials can also come up with a good, must be based on the material, the material is better than others.

    Look at the crowd gradually dispersed, Xu Xiong was relieved, just one day, they were busy Alex tired and weak.

    But carefully just found today, sold close to three hundred Dan medicine, after tens of millions of silver coins, Xu Xiong almost freaked out.

    This pump speed faster than simply robberies, Wucheng four forces in revenue a year, is not worth a day's income less dust.

    But Xu Xiong, they can't relax, because the door there are many custom arms, still waiting for.

    "Excuse me, now empty Qin master?"

    These strong people are here the other day, at this time are burning with impatience.

    Want to customize the four product Dan medicine, most of them are the Xuan Wu, for them, Chong Xuan Dan and didn't use what Lidan setting.

    "Less dust today too tired, have a rest, you only need to customize each other immortality, write down and materials, take out, and register, such as less dust after having a rest, will naturally choose whether to customize, you come back in the morning and the results."

    In front of all the strong level of Wucheng Hyun ah, all are quite well known, before Xu Xiong saw them, not even dare to breathe, but now it looked comfortable.


    These strong hearts are extremely depressed, but not the slightest temper, have to register, who is now they want to ask for?

    After half a day of things, they all understand, although they are Wucheng old strong, but the first Dan Ge extraordinary history, can they not bird.
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