#369  huge crowds of people

    The 369th chapter huge crowds of people

    To solve the Wu Liang Yu Qin, dust did not put it in the heart, but once again closed refining.

    At this stage, a three immortality, the equivalent of a four order more strain on Qin dust, the deal is really a bargain.

    Because of the lack of Wucheng refined pharmacist, and its geographical location, is located at the junction of five, many people, and from the numerous merchants.

    Coupled with the near Genju mountains, vast territory and abundant resources, makes a lot of strong Dawu hands, have a lot, but no way out.

    Even if it can hit, can not sell a good price, resulting in a lot of treasure hoard.

    The dust of the Qin Dynasty, is a huge business opportunities.

    He also spent all came to the purpose of wucheng.

    The second day。

    When Xu Xiong opened the door of the first Ge Dan found the door, already full of people.

    From afar, a dense crowd, as has been up to the huge crowds of people, at the end of sight, gave Xu Xiong a fright.

    Wucheng in business for so many years, he has never seen such a magnificent scene, even the star chamber once every three years a large auction, I am afraid that it was so.

    Behind Xu Xiong Xu Yan et al are unaware, before these crowded together, how many people crowded, there are countless.

    Dry mouth, palms sweating, Xu Xiong came out.

    See Xu Xiong et al first came out, Dan Ge immediately from the crowd at the door, the initiative to give up a space.

    The whole crowd although numerous, but very orderly, there is not even a little unrest.

    There are many people's eyes, frequently see to the first door Dan Ge Wu Liang Yu head.

    Wu Liang Yu, for high level Daxuan early peak, also is one of the famous Wucheng, many people know his natural number.

    And although it is not clear why the head of Wu Liang Yu Hang here, but here, no one is an idiot, even with their feet to want to know, is certainly Wu Liang Yu Ge coveted first Dan Dan medicine, the night to night, the attack failed, but was killed.

    Yesterday, Qin dust although they destroyed Liu Ge Liu Cheng et al., but Liu Cheng et al. Then how, for also just days later stage peak, it is not really top strong.

    Now even the Wu Liang Yu died here, let them instantly awake, the first Dan Ge strength, not like them on the surface of the weak.

    There have been many Desperado even decided that if today the first really can come up with Dan Ge Chong Xuan Dan and Ning Lidan this evening, perhaps, to come in and do what hands.

    But now, these people are all back heart cold, cold sweat, congratulating myself last night because of fear, no hands, or now hanging in this, I am afraid that their head.

    Xu Xiong came out, immediately on the first gate of Dan Ge built a tower.

    The whole tower, about three or four meters high, can make the person above, it is clear to see the whole crowd on the streets.

    The tower had a good time, just from the first Qin dust Dan Ge came out.

    You said today really have rushed and Dan Xuan Ning Li Dan?"

    "I know where ah, want him to have it, so nervous."

    Qin master came out, everyone keep quiet."

    "Don't talk to the master, qin."

    Xu Xiong ranging opening, has been actively reminded around the noisy crowd, even Qin dust names have been inquired about it.

    Qin dust to see so many people on the street, was shocked, but still more exciting.

    But in seeing the vast majority of the face with a look forward to look after, immediately know today to make a fortune.

    Even the soul of Qin dust also feel that more than one Xuan class strong, these strong people are standing in the crowd, waiting for the serious.

    So many class in Qin Xuan Wu, dust without much worry.

    He believes that after what happened yesterday, after the door and head Wu Liang Yu, the Xuan Wu class, did not dare to easily.

    Of course, even hands, standing in the matrix within the scope of protection of him, have no fear.

    The "pure Dan good?"

    The blood eagle crazy knife stood in the forefront, Qin dust appeared, immediately approached asked anxiously.

    His tone is still cold, but apparently not yesterday's overbearing and strong, some just a little anxious.

    Clearly see Wu Liang Yu head, he is very clear, the first fundamental and if he Ge Dan at the beginning of this mysterious warrior peak level.

    His positive strength, although BIOU Liang Yu, but also strong, and Wu Liang Yu's ability in the assassination, definitely threw him a street.

    "Well, here is your check."

    Qin threw out a dust bottle.

    The blood eagle Kuangdao took the bottle, hurried to open the bottle stopper, hands down.

    The two round of immortality, immediately appear in his hand, the pale green, popping two clear Dan lines, exudes a fragrance gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind.

    Around the Wu smell this fragrance, immediately feel clear headed, systemic diastolic pores, refreshed.

    "It is four pure dan."

    "My gosh, is this youth is really a four to build up the pharmacist?"

    "It was terrible."

    All the crowd excited, very shocking, face excitement.

    The blood eagle crazy knife to see the hands of immortality, his face suddenly excited.

    "It is a four pure Dan, thank you." The blood eagle Kuangdao said, he will quickly receive a good Dan medicine carefully, and then instantly disappeared in the crowd, leaving a figure enviable.

    See the blood eagle crazy knife away, Qin dust that hug a boxing Wucheng friend said: "you, I want to sell the first Dan Ge today, a total of twenty gold medals, twenty three Qi Dan Dan Xuan, twenty pieces of broken three three, twenty Dan Ning heart Chong Xuan Dan twenty gold and three three coagulation Lidan, a total of one hundred Dan medicine, and every one down are fine grain Dan dan...... I hope you enjoy the purchase, purchase standards, is like yesterday, all higher order materials for obtaining a purchase qualifications."

    "At the same time, we also undertake the first Ge Dan Dan medicine custom project, any immortality, only to come up with a high order of suitable material, and refining Dan medicine itself a panacea, we first Dan Ge can undertake, of course, we all know, because refining Dan medicine's energy consumption, so in this custom Dan, I to undertake the project, also please grasp."

    Qin dust voice just fell down, the scene suddenly stir up.

    Especially Chong Xuan Dan and coagulation for days of Lidan, Wu, and it was like a drug.

    These pills, for the presence of the vast majority of practitioners, even desperate to buy.

    Needless to say, the other four products but also customize immortality, but this four product Dan ah, for any one refined pharmacist to say so, everyone will sniff at.

    But before you see the blood eagle crazy knife took the custom Qingxin Dan, in terms of ability, has no doubt that Qin dust.
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