#365  Xueying crazy knife

    The 365th chapter Xueying crazy knife

    This ghost is Zhao Tianleng crazy knife, level of Wu Xuan, Xuan Dan hedge and condensate Lidan such immortality, nature does not have any demand, seek, certainly only four product dan.

    "Yes, I can really Lidan refining four products." Qin dust without hesitation said, "but I see you come, should not to really force the pill?"

    "What do you mean?" The crazy knife Zhao day cold eyes Ning, a relentless murder, from his eyes shot burst out, severely crackdown in Qin dust on the body.

    This is terror, murder, like countless sword, rotating in Qin dust all over the body, may at any time under the thorn.

    Qin dust with a faint smile, clear expression, in the breath of the crackdown, without any feeling.

    He jokes, but even the ghost immortal faction elders can overcome the mysterious level character, nature will not be intimidated by the momentum of ghost crazy knife.


    See Qin dust in his eyes, no discoloration, Zhao Tianleng not from secretly shocked, he withdrew his breath, sink a track: "I did not really want to refining the previously heard of you, Li Dan, Dan Ge can be rendered any other first to make drug products four, so you can Qingxin Dan refining?"

    Qin was beneath the dust.

    The other one up, he was a keen feeling, this ghost crazy knife Zhao Tianleng's breath and some not quite right, obviously is the practice time, obsessions, cause breath disorder, meridians damage.

    Fortunately, the other obsessions, not very much, so we can not see it special exception, however, if ignoring it, then with the demon invasion, on the other side of the problem will be more serious, until consciousness and lax, burst to death.

    The four product is a pure heart Dan, can dispel demons, purify the consciousness of immortality, the ghost of Zhao Tianleng crazy knife, apparently wanted to use the four heart Dan, to get rid of his own demons.

    "I really can make heart dan." Qin said the dust.

    Wenyan, ghost crazy knife face suddenly showing a trace of joy: "are you really?"

    "I need to cheat you? But Dan can Qingxin refining, but it was not easy to find materials." Qin calm road dust.

    Four refining products Qingxin Dan, the most important is the main material of four order four order this is pure flower, cure a growth in the special environment, the number of very rare.

    If the blood eagle crazy knife not pure flower, Qin dust have no way out, if it is not heart flower, can't help each other in a refining furnace.

    The blood eagle Kuangdao said nothing, directly take out a jade box and a pile of materials in the dust before Qin, said: "this is a four order pure flower, and other auxiliary medicine refining pure Dan, and tomorrow I'll take the pill."

    Qin Yu opened the dust box, found that there really is a clear heart, immediately nodded: "no problem, but the heart Dan Dan rate is relatively low, tomorrow I'll give you at most two, and four Dan medicine, a refining cost is three hundred thousand silver, a four order plus material."

    "No problem." The blood eagle crazy knife immediately took out the two jade box again, and a wad of notes: "this is the six hundred thousand silver coins, two plus four order materials, but......"

    When the Qin dust things, the blood eagle Kuangdao looked at Qin dust: "if you don't mind refining Dan, said earlier, I immediately turned away, but if you take the old things tomorrow, but with no immortality, you should have consequences."

    "Tomorrow morning to take medicine on time."

    Took the material, Qin indifferent road dust.


    Listen to Qin dust so that the blood eagle coldly look at Qin Kuangdao dust, to end things, turned away, no nonsense, apparently afraid of Qin dust took things run away.

    Qin dust up, dark sigh, the Wucheng really treasure, just get a few pieces of pure Dan, there are two kinds of order four materials, and six hundred thousand silver coins.

    Although Dan Dan heart rate is low, but with his strength, a furnace down into at least six to nine Dan, that is to say, at least earn four gold heart dan.

    While the four products in addition to Qingxin Dan, dispel demons effect, also can let Wu's idea more accessible, training time, a tiger with wings added, thinking more agile, for him, also have a great effect.

    However, Qin dust understand oneself or be careful some.

    You can draw the blood eagle crazy knife, will certainly attract other level Xuan wu.

    If the initial level is Xuan Wu, Qin dust naturally will not fear, but once drew level mid Wu Xuan, some trouble.

    Not to mention the Wucheng this place, maybe even late stage are Wu Xuan, Xuan Wu to late stage once on his hands, in addition to run, no second may.

    The blood eagle crazy knife away, dust the first Qin Dan Ge closed the door and began to tidy up to harvest today.

    Just one hour of time, we got about three million silver income, as well as four order three order thirty kinds of materials, materials of nearly twenty species, are some weekdays extremely rare materials.

    One side, Xu Jia et al completely look foolish, so many treasures, they Alex how many years can earn? In less dust hands, just one hour to do.

    But they also understand that less dust also paid more than 40 pieces of three Dan medicine as the cost, this is not a general force can take out.

    Xu Xiong exclaimed, Qin dust also quite excited, there are so many materials, that is just general Dan adjuvant, it can be said that only one or two kinds of medicine, General Dan refining material, will soon complete together.

    His only disappointment is that these materials, but not a sacred material, it can get rid of him HYAKKI curse.

    "Here are some pills, you take the past practice."

    Finished materials, Qin dust took out some bottle, handed the hands of Xu Xiong.

    "This is......"

    Xu Xiong puzzled, open the bottle, was surprised.

    This jade bottle is placed on sale today breaking Xuan Dan and Dan Ning heart, Xu Xiong is very clear, these traitional precious, any one, are almost the price.

    Hurriedly waving: "no less dust, this is really too precious."

    "Let you accept you accept, your current strength is too weak, try to improve their behavior, and take some of the original Liu Ge Dan, the wind expedition sent in the past."

    The dust is very clear, he'd be leaving Wucheng, their now to make things so much, if Xu Xiong did not have enough strength, such as a walk, is likely to be liquidated, he can not do such a thing.

    The immortality of Xu Xiong their precious extremely, but Qin dust is not what.

    As for Liu Cheng Geliu Dan, in the eyes of Qin dust, it is rubbish.

    At this time, as the crowd dispersed, what happened in the first Dan Ge thing, like a wind swept to open instantly spread throughout the city.

    For a time, almost everyone knows, in the original Liu Ge where there is a pavilion called the first Dan forces have Mishina Dan medicine sold, even to four product Dan refining.

    The news instantly in Wucheng, caused a great sensation.
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