#364  Zhujiajian recognize counseling

    The 364th chapter Zhujiajian recognize counseling

    "You...... How dare you!"

    In the face of public criticism, Zhu Xun was shaking with anger, hate all people, all hacked here.

    But looked up, feel after this monstrous anger, but not by the pale, weak heart.

    It is in front of the arms too much, as things grow bigger, piled up here in the stream of people, has more than tens of thousands of thousands, it is.

    So many warriors together denounce that momentum, enough to make anyone jumpy.

    The first gate of Dan ge.

    Xu Xiong gasped, aghast to look at Qin dust.

    He did not expect less dust a word, could cause such a scene.

    Less dust came to Wucheng was less than a day, waiting for Fanshou for clouds, rain cover for the hand means, it is to let people feel terrible and wonderful.

    High above, but the hearts of Qin dust sneer.

    Zhu wanted to deal with him, how can not pay the price?

    As for the offended Zhujiajian, he didn't put in the mind.

    Want to make money in Wucheng this place, you honest part, afraid of trouble, it is not possible, what's more, he also knows that only the largest high-profile, high-profile, only have the best things.

    Although the high profile will lead to fatal disaster, but Qin dust also don't care so much, he is the lack of these rare materials, as long as there is enough material to enhance the strength of the Wucheng, who can do him?

    However, this time to achieve such good results, thanks to them.

    Qin dust eye in the crowd the expedition several people.

    Zhu ten they could not find the first trouble, but to the Qin dust soul force, nature will not see, a few people before the first opening, it is some of the wind of the expedition.

    The other party can do gratitude, even risking, Qin dust heart is quite appreciate.

    "You are not wrong?"

    In the face of so many people angry eyes, Zhu Xunze to gas explosion.

    Zhu Zhong finally gave him a task, he made this kind of death, after going back, let him explain how.


    The sword scabbard, Zhu Xun anger pointed to the front of the crowd roared: "no nonsense words, letter not letter Lao Tzu even you away, all put in prison? A death?"

    Zhu Xun said this is not good, this one, just like in the crowd threw a bomb, the explosion completely.

    "The world is not Zhu Wucheng, you do what."

    "There is a shot you try, we have so many people, do not believe you can each."

    "If he dare to fight, we fight them."

    "Mom, dead eggs overturned, who afraid who."

    If you ask where the northwest five Wucheng Desperado most, say second, no one dares to claim the first.

    Zhu Xun so arrogant, naturally more inspired people's anger.

    A rush.


    Zhu Xun steward around five days late stage strong peak saw emergency, hurriedly stood out, with blooming amazing momentum, a military crackdown in front of the most severely on the body.

    Five days later the peak level Wu, this is a tremendous force, violent Qi together, forming a violent storm.

    "Zhu Xun steward, enough, the first outlaw Liu Ge Ge Dan out, the Wu Wucheng feedback here, all of you Zhu although forces, obvious to people, to kill many people, but not all of the people here are killed?"

    At this moment, a cold voice, followed by a man dressed in a black robe embroidered with a chest Wu, head bloody Eagle man came out from the crowd.

    The skinny, hands like claws gripper, waist hanging edged swords, two eyes, deep eyes, there is a thunder, suppress all.

    In front of him, had the extraordinary momentum of the five days of the late stage Zhu strong peak, for short.

    "The blood eagle Zhao Tianleng crazy knife."

    The crowd came exclaimed.

    "Zhao Tianleng, don't you want to intervene in the matter?"

    Zhu Xun was a heavy, very ugly.

    The blood eagle crazy knife Zhao Tianleng, is one of the most famous Wucheng people scattered xiuwu.

    He built for high level Daxuan terrible, early peak, a blood eagle Kuangdao reach the acme of perfection.

    But the cruel, murderous look very heavy, more than 10 years ago to Wucheng when, because of the conflict between a medium and a small family of wucheng.

    The family, Alex is stronger than the strength of many, and the level of Wu Xuan early in, always act arrogant, immediately issued words, let Zhao Tianleng no shelter in the Wucheng land, and sent the master, the siege of Zhao Tianleng.

    However, not only will the cold Zhao siege more than 10 of his family is the strong beheaded, alone, into the other's mansion, killing each other, the whole family, hundreds of people, all killed, no one survived.

    Caused a great sensation.

    While Zhao Tianleng's biting, vindictive personality, but also to many family Wucheng, for fear, even even the four major forces of such forces, also will not provoke such figures.

    After all, such characters with each other for the first time, once can not be beheaded, strong top four major forces in nature does not matter, but the members of their own forces, I am afraid of danger.

    "Zhu ten, I Zhao, Zhu and nature will not oppose, but after all, is the four largest city, the forces of Wucheng, also all of Wu's Wucheng, not some forces want to how, how."


    Look at Zhao Tianleng and many arms, and fiercely glanced at the Qin Zhu Xun dust, know that today I think of moving to each other, it is almost impossible.

    Instead of continuing here face down, not to go back, figuring out why these people would then decide.

    "We go!"

    Zhu Xun immediately waved, steward with a group of Master Zhu, flew away.

    Thank you for speaking out, we first Dan Ge tomorrow, will continue to open the door welcoming industry, of course, the young pioneers before commitment will deliver, tomorrow has not only broken Xuan Dan, Dan Ning heart, also have a red Xuan Dan and Ning Lidan sale."

    To the crowd, Qin said at the same time to dust, crazy knife on the blood eagle Zhao Tianleng nodded.

    Xu Xiong from the mouth, he also knows Zhao Tianleng's identity and history, not even think of the Xuan Wu, also eyeing his shop.

    "You just said you can refine four products really Lidan?" Zhao Tianleng didn't bother to leave Zhu ten et al., go directly to the dust before Qin asked indifference.

    He's really not Qin dust, Xuan Wu class interests will not take the initiative to help. He's spirit is only three order peak, but with the spirit of God Jue control force, strong force and soul experience and past life, refining four products really have no problem Lidan.
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