#358  chaos

    The 358th chapter chaos

    "You, who in my first Dan Ge door hands, will buy the right medicine permanent deprivation."

    Finally, there was no way for Xu Xiong, so he shout out loud, the crowd stopped fighting it.

    Even so, people have to hurt.

    See the scene is quiet, afraid of the male students Xu will see you up mess, took ten pieces of three Qi Dan, hurriedly sold out.

    Only more than 10 of the time to breathe, five hundred thousand silver income has been acquired.

    "Gentlemen, today the ten Qi Dan has been sold out, please don't leave the order......"

    The words of Xu Xiong, immediately attracted the riots, some managed to catch up, specially want to buy Qi Dan Wu day class, suddenly anxious.

    "What's the matter, so quickly sold out?"

    "Yes, we managed to catch up, even the shadow of immortality did not see."

    "The next batch of Qi Dan what time to sell?"

    In the heat unabated, but more popular.

    In Wucheng so long history, this is the first sale of three Dan Dan Ge, managed to see such an opportunity, how to let them not nervous, don't care.

    "You, sorry, the next batch of three drug selling time, Xu didn't know, please don't leave, wait for our notice."

    Xu Xiong did not think the situation will be like this, Dan medicine are sold out, the crowd also refused to disperse, the heat is too hot.

    But he did not know the Qin dust plan, also do not know the next sale of traitional Qin dust is what time, so that only ready to accept either course.

    But Xu Xiong did not expect to, in his words, not only let the crowd dispersed, but more to stimulate people's dissatisfaction.

    "What ah, before the said three Dan sale, but now even the time of uncertainty, it is not with us?"

    "You first Dan Ge too bullying."

    "Liu Ge put out, a first name Dan Ge, how do things so unkind."

    "This Alex is too much."

    The crowd just like raged, causing more uproar, some managed to see a three day to buy Wu Dan medicine level is more emotional excitement, almost did not put down the first Dan ge.

    When Xu Xiong helpless, Qin dust came out, Speechless looked at Xu Xiong: "Alex, you do business ah, how was it?"

    "Less dust, I also don't know......"

    Xu Xiong was depressed, and tears.

    How to say, he is the number one Wucheng Xu Jia family, runs several shops, it is experienced.

    But just, his experience of the so-called, completely useless.

    It is those people outside the gate is too crazy, just don't let him buy it down, no way.

    "Let me do it."

    Know this also can not blame the dust Qin Xu Xiong, in fact, at the beginning he also did not expect a three bottle of Qi Dan, will hit like this.

    Push Xu Xiong, Qin Ge Dan dust came to the first door.

    "You are quiet!"

    A loud voice, accompanied by a remarkable artistic conception, far forward.

    Qin dust voice, with strong spirit, plus a sword means unique artistic conception, makes everyone's mind, came the sound, like thunder, shook the head rumbled, to be quiet.

    Arch arch hand, Qin dust filled eyes look at the crowd, Hong voice said: "my friends, you should know that this is not less Wucheng people just could not understand, Liu Ge run amuck, all kinds of evil, was shot to kill each other. According to the character was less, things done, certainly turned away, but considering the lack of Wucheng refined pharmacist, this little will to kill Liu Cheng, losses to the Wucheng of you, so he decided to be a temporary change, Liu Ge first Dan Ge, sell some three to make up and down Wucheng you back."

    "I believe we are just see this little sincerity, the few really want to make money, just the three fine Qi Dan, certainly not the pricing of fifty thousand silver coin, casually to the Star Chamber of Commerce auction to auction, no one is certainly more than this price."

    "The less the purpose is to give you some Wucheng, bring happiness, so I hope we can be quiet, if there is too much, the less would rather not the first Dan Ge, turned away, the less believe in immortality, let alone in the city, in the northwest five any forces can play."

    "Secondly, I hope you don't embarrass Alex Alex just for this little errands, they do not have the little Lord, you give them, but also of no avail."

    Qin dust said, originally the commotion and immediately quiet down, who did not dare to speak loudly.

    Wucheng is not easy to have a drug to sell three forces, if because of their reckless, sent him away, they have no place to cry to cry.

    See the quiet scenes, Xu Xiong couldn't help feeling ashamed, have to say, less dust the wrist is too strong, he cried for a long time now, still noisy scenes in his instantly in two words or three, calm down.

    This ability is not generally, young people can do.

    See street all calm down, Qin dust slightly nodded, the heart actually caused by Xu Xiong's previous effect is quite satisfactory.

    Why not give Xu Xiong a traitional price he started, because do not understand the Wucheng market, and his purpose is to make a splash in the Wucheng, rather than how much money.

    Fifty-one thousand although the price low, resulting in a chaotic scene, but fame is a hit.

    "We see so warm, the less you also understand the desire for higher order traitional, also please rest assured, the less since the opening of the first Ge Dan, nature is not to sell a bottle of Qi Dan trouble, then certainly there will be more business, however, the sale of Dan medicine, I'm afraid you can not like Qi Dan, five pieces of silver coin."

    "Oh, it is going to rise?"

    "I said, fifty thousand silver coin of three traitional, which is so good."

    "Sell a bottle of the price, so too pit it, if the price of one hundred thousand silver coin, so what do we do?"

    The crowd exploded immediately.

    They came in a hurry, because I heard that there is a three drug sell, and the price is cheap.

    If a sudden rise to normal levels, even if they want to buy, do not have the economic resources.

    A time of surging crowd, again noisy up, everybody's face with anxiety.
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