#357  Wucheng sensation

    The 357th chapter Wucheng sensation

    "Less dust, do not sell Liu Ge Dan, that we are going to sell what medicine?"

    Could not help but ask.

    "I'm going to sell, is the true three Dan, Dan, Dan Xuan Ning heart broken......"

    Qin dust threw out a few pills.

    They are the words Xu Xiong Qin dust frightened, a be struck dumb.

    Three Qi Dan, Dan, Dan Xuan Ning heart broken?

    But is it really the case?

    Xu Xiong they are going crazy.

    To know that in Wucheng, two peak of the refined pharmacist, is one of the best, three refined pharmacist, in addition to the star chamber, even the song, Zhu, Wu Xiu Fu of the three forces are not, Qin said dust take out the sale of three traitional, completely beyond the imagination of their.

    Less dust who really have these pills?

    See Xu Xiong, they suspect, Qin dust also do not explain, pick out a Qi Dan, a rich aroma of herbs, immediately spread.

    "It is really three dan."

    Sucking sound, Xu Xiong their body shock as one falls, another rises, mad, expressionless.

    Even if the heart is ready, but when the dust out of the moment of Qin Dan, they are shocked.

    Originally, they thought they were on Qin dust, have a certain understanding, but now find themselves, see, there are just some of the other.

    "Less dust, are you sure that Peter really directly sell?"

    Swallowed, Xu Xiong asked.

    Qin dust just reported out of the drug is too insane, lack of place in the Wucheng cauldron, these three down enough to get the Star Chamber of Commerce auction bidding.

    Now sell directly, this is how cruel?

    "It is natural, what's the problem?"

    Want to know from the hands of Qin dust, Wucheng Wu, a real treasure, money is certainly not the only with better things to change, is likely to change.

    But he didn't have too much time, so only use this extreme method.

    "There is a problem."

    Calm down, Xu Xiong calm the mood, I sink to the sound of opening.

    "You said." Qin immediately see dust.

    "Although we kill Liu Cheng, occupy Liu Ge, but if there is a relationship between Gezhen Liu and Zhu's words, the other person is sure to look for trouble, and will bring back Liu ge." Xu Xiongning channel.

    "Liu ge back?" Qin dust one Leng: "this is Liu Cheng we kill Zhu, what qualifications to go back? Don't say any of the shops this Wucheng, their four major forces can go back to?"

    Qin dust couldn't help wondering.

    When Zhou and Xu family conflict, he is very clear, Zhou's objective is to win a few shops, Alex, according to Xu Xiong now says that even the Liu Cheng killed, shops and will return to the four forces in the hands of the week, so deal with Alex also deliberately plan what?

    "Not that four forces can go back to the shop, but one of the forces to win another forces shops and other industrial entities, must give Wucheng pay a transfer fee, to be able to get the formal rights, the transfer fee is generally twenty percent of the value of real estate, but also normal, Wucheng not all interference between the forces of the transfer of the store, but Liu Ge, Wucheng is controlled by four major forces of Zhu, Zhu once the instigation of Liu Ge, then we have, there will be problems."

    "Twenty percent of the transfer fee? These four forces are playing good thinking."

    Qin Wenyan, not by the dust sneer, no wonder so Wucheng confusion between various forces, wanton hands, nobody.

    There is such a thing.

    Any of the forces of the struggle between the final to the four major forces in charge of Wucheng pay protection fees, the four major forces in charge of the Wucheng naturally happy it, without destroying the Wucheng order conditions, certainly wish Wucheng become retroverse.

    "Regardless of that, when Zhu came to the door again, here is a bottle of three Qi Dan, you sell out, remember, the momentum got better, the best for the whole Wucheng all know, we have to sell three pills."

    Qin dust took out a bottle of Qi Dan, handed it to Xu Xiong, then to Xu Yandao: "you take me to Liu Cheng now the mixing chamber, I need to refine some things up."

    This time out, Qin dust who brought three immortality is not much, so we must refine some.

    Fortunately, after Liu and Zhou Ge search, his three order a number, a lot of three enough refining Dan medicine, even four order fluid, also have many.

    With three Qi Dan, Xu Xiong watched the Qin dust hurried into Liu Cheng of the mixing chamber, even a what price forgot to ask.

    After the previous Qin dust up, while all the people were Qin dust out, but there is still a large crowd of people gathered around, Liu Ge outside, want to see the next development situation.

    Among them, the people outside instead of less, but as the news spread, more and more people get the message ran over, ask around and see.

    The only pity is that Qin dust and Xu Xiong that they would be driven out of people, they are not a little action, let person disappointed.

    So Xu Xiong out again, when the original "Liu Ge" two words for "the first plaque Dan Ge", and announced the sale of all three when Dan, the crowd of people instantly ignorant force.

    Just half a Kung Fu incense, the sensation of the Wucheng completely.

    The original Liu Ge herb, was converted into a first Dan Ge domineering and infuriating, but also the sale of Dan, three Qi Dan, the news, instantly make the major forces for the shock.

    Although each one three Qi Dan price, up to fifty thousand silver coin, but still could not withstand the pour in the crowd.

    Just half an hour, the first Dan Ge shop door, already crammed, crowded.

    Xu Xiong soon understood your price is too low, fifty thousand silver coin Dan, Xu family such a family, is hard to imagine, but some of the big family of the Wucheng, but what is not, not what, than to enhance the strength of the treasure to make people more favorable the.

    Especially the Qin gave Xu Xiong a bottle of this dust three Qi Dan, or three in the finest immortality, every immortality above, have Dan grain appearance, is a rare quality.

    Xu Xiong is a true Dan did not sell, the first door was Dan Ge pour in person to explode.

    Even some people, in order to get to the front position, each one strike violently.

    "You, listen to me, don't mess, do not mess."

    Xu Xiong sweating cold sweat, although he is the main Home Xu, but never seen such a big scene? A group of people that make the most fierce clan forces, but the terrible inferior than his home xu.

    A time helpless, totally do not know how to do.
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