#343  kill.

    The 343rd chapter kill.


    Xu Yan et al., have a heart up to exclaim.

    Although know Qin dust repair is not weak, but Zhou in the Lord Zhou Xinhua, Wucheng is respected figure, even father was injured in his plot, they are not sure the other opponent is Qin dust.

    A crowd of people, only Qin dust is impassive.


    Mysterious sword scabbard rust, dust free volatile out sword qin.

    "Ha ha ha, this boy with a broken sword!"

    "I think it is a what kind of people turned out to be a pauper."

    "Even the sword can not afford, here zhuangsuan, regard themselves as what?"

    See the rusty sword Qin dust hands, can not help the zhouguzhi set the whole room roaring with laughter.

    The present moment, they all smile froze.


    A bright light sword, sword from rust bloom, exudes a daunting breath, the air was instantly broken, sharp sword beheaded in the black box, a puff cut, such as cut melon vegetable.

    "Well, this sword!"

    Zhou Xinhua face big change, did not kill Qin dust, hurried hands retracement, forming a true shield on the surface, while his hands cross formed, stopped in front of the chest.


    Days later stage support Qi such as glass, split, was instantly open, bright light sword, mercilessly cut on Zhou Xinhua armguards.


    Dark heavy Darksteel armguards, the emergence of a huge gap, fiery Mars like fireworks, jump out three or four meters away, a bit of empyreumatic, waves.


    Could not withstand the energy coming from Juli, Zhou Xinhua flew backwards, feet in the rock on the ground, plow out two long gully, until it was exit seven or eight meters, stopped.


    Heavy spit stink, Zhou Xinhua face a green, a white, Qi blood surge.

    The hall all terrified, casually a sword, will present for the highest beheaded Zhou Xinhua fly out.

    But Zhou Xinhua is three order armguards, Bao Bing, but the other was with sword cut out a deep sword cuts, almost broken sword.

    If you add a component, armguards cut wear, Zhou Xinhua is not the people will be cut in half?

    "Smelly boy, hello bile!"

    The most shocking is Zhou Xinhua, he took a deep breath, the body quickly pushed it to the extreme, Qin again rushed fiercely toward the dust.


    This time, he did not dare careless days later to fix for the show to the extreme level, from top to bottom, a glowing red burst awn, is his blood, his hands turned out at the fist on the flame, toward the Qin dust volley shot.

    The air void shock, the blow, roar, and the color, Alex hall rumble, a strong earthquake around the air explosion chairs a terrible moment, the fire giant wolf, volley emerge toward Qin dust biting down.

    "Sirius BA boxing!"

    Zhou Xinhua did not believe that he is not against the previous Qin dust, he is careless, almost out of the ugly, the blow, to let everyone know, against his fate.


    Qin dust was unchanged, the hands hold sword, beheaded down from top to bottom.


    Bright light is like a sword fairy, the red wolf cut into two infuriating moments, a shrill cries.

    The sword light castration reduced, and severely split upon Zhou Xinhua.


    The blood bloom, Zhou Xinhua the people screamed, volley inverted out, chest a several feet sword cuts, bone deep, almost throughout his upper body, bloody fatal splash.


    "The master of the house!"

    The zhouguzhi all panic, did not think the main home under the best, even still be sword fly, this guy is a monster?

    More surprise is Zhou Xinhua.

    He is the fix for the highest, and know the most clear, natural.

    The sword of Qin dust previously, the power is not strong, but terrible, but suddenly find his fist in the flaw, easily collapse of his attack.

    "Damn, Alex how to find such a metamorphosis?"

    A loud roar, Zhou Xinhua heart of fear, is not aware of their opponents are dust in the air of Qin, a turn toward the nearest him to Xu Yan.

    There are so strong, he want to blackmail today Alex has been impossible, even live out, are very dangerous, only take a personal matter, leave here first.


    The terrible palm over Xu Yan, to the hands of intake.

    Xu Yan didn't think Zhou Xinhua would suddenly move to himself, struggling to struggle, but incapable of action, only watched their hands into each other.

    "Catch the hostages?"

    Qin dust a chuckle, Zhou Xinhua shot in the moment, suddenly lifted the sword.


    Light flashing light sword vanity, like thunder.

    The next moment!


    Zhou Xinhua heard a scream, grasping Xu Yan's arm to fly out, cut into two.


    It startled, Zhou Xinhua's arm was cut into dust, only half a broken knuckle and the storage ring, intake of hands by Qin Chen.

    When bang!

    Broken knuckles on the floor, Qin dust storage ring up, see, your income storage ring.

    "My storage ring!"

    Zhou Xinhua lost his arm, sting, but more pain in his heart.

    Only this time, he even shot of courage, body form in a flash, Xu go outside the hall quickly swept violence.

    At this moment, he had only one idea: escape!

    "I have to let you go?"

    The cold voice sounded, a sword light flashed across the void, "ah", screams sounded, Zhou Xinhua's legs together is cut off, the whole blood poorrough on the man fell to the ground.

    If he tried desperately to resist, and perhaps also played two strokes Qin dust, trying to escape, how could.


    "The master of the house!"

    Zhou people are shocked, a pale.

    As for the Xu family, already see shaleyan.

    Body form in a flash, Qin dust came to Zhou Xinhua in front of him, the mysterious rusty sword, in the side of dripping blood, the whole people like a demon.

    "You can't kill me, you are an outsider, dare to wanton killings in Wucheng, once powerful awareness, you will surely die." Zhou Xinhua roars.

    He, the face of self-confidence had disappeared, and some just surprise and fear, and endless resentment.

    "This time, threatened my!"

    Qin dust frown.


    The sword flashed, the head of Zhou Xinhua the sky, wide eyes full of horror, incredible, the robot landed on the ground, gululu rolling two.

    Originally, Qin dust doesn't want to kill each other, just want to be a waste for Zhou Xinhua to be his first Wucheng, after all, do not want to go to war.

    But, see each other so much resentment in the eyes, even if they understand Qin dust, put his life to each other, their resentment, will try to find someone to deal with their own.

    So, it's killing!
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