#342  give me death

    The 342nd chapter give me death

    "Father, he promised not to."

    Just then, a voice sounded angry.

    They turned to see Xu Yan a look angry came in.

    See a confused look, Qin dust touched the nose, it seems that Alex a lot of trouble ah, but what he said nothing, just standing in the crowd, quietly watching this scene.


    Qin dust clearly see the opposite leading man in the burly Xu Yan who see back, eyes flash a stunned.

    "Oh, I heard you Alex to Genju mountains to hunt three eye of newt, how did not die in there?" Zhou Master said a foxy smile.

    "You die, we will not die." Xu Yan cold hum, tired eyes flashed a color.

    "One, you come back." Xu Xiong even said: "come to the father here."

    "Well, since Xu lady came back, the better, not directly will Miss Xu Jia I was betrothed to Zhou Jiahao, son, you love?" The master of the house at the next week a road youth pock.

    "Hey, father, I love, not tonight. Let me the bridal chamber, after I played, also let you happy father C, experience the taste of young body."

    Youth pock eyes you look, hey hey smiled, his eyes looked up and down Xu Yan, laugh out loud, exposing the light permeability.

    "What do you zhoumu, nonsense, I put a clean point to the mouth."

    All the people heard, angry, Zhang Mingzheng is tempted to draw, with angry bull.

    "Oh, there is a Huhuashizhe, elders talking, what job you open? Understand the rules?"

    Zhou Zhou Xinhua was a heavy, shot to beat Zhang Mingzheng, majestic and infuriating through the palm, ready to give Zhang Mingzheng a lesson.

    If you beat this shot, Zhang Mingzheng wounded to death.

    "Zhou Xinhua, I advise you don't go too far."

    Zhang Han to see his son in danger, a roar, a knife outrageously split.


    Knife light crushed, Zhang Han was not seriously injured, plus repair and Zhou Xinhua too far, move, immediately injured blood, pedal pedal backwards.

    "So little strength, but also out now!" Zhou Xinhua cheeky disdain, then smiled: "since you Alex is not willing to hand over the shop, it is also all right, today I was directly in the hall you Alex bridal chamber, just let you, yibaoyanfu, eye-opening, ha ha ha."

    The laughter, Zhou Xinhua body form in a flash, toward Xu Yan a claw, an invisible force was born, ready to put Xu Yan to absorb.



    Xu's people have stepped forward to fly.


    However, the zhouguzhi ready, one shot, each face with a grin, his arrogance, will a few elders, Alex had stopped, only watched Xu Yan struggled, Zhou Xinhua was sucked.

    "Last week, you are too much."

    Xu Xiong was angry, head up.

    Zhou Xinhua sneer, left out brazenly.

    Just listen to bang, Xu Xiong how to, how inverted back, many fell to the ground, spit out the blood in the mouth.

    "Old man, if your prime time, I still respect you, now half-dead, also dare to do, when I really dare to kill you?"

    Zhou Xinhua crazy laugh, powerful Qi, suction pulled the body of Xu Yan, threatened to arrest.


    Has cut off Zhou Xinhua's true lasing energy.

    "What? Dare I good bad!" Zhou Xinhua gloomy face, xunsheng.

    The dust out slowly from the crowd at a way: "you are so arrogant and overbearing, Wucheng is no king?"

    Zhou Xinhua thought is what master, see come out of a sixteen to seven years old, can not help heart under a wide face, laughed: "I was what kind of people turned out to be a young and ignorant boy, I do have to talk to you? Also the king of Wu, the strong respect, the fist is the king."

    The rest are Zhou strong laugh: "it seems that Alex do, actually to find such a small boy, go out early, we ask Wu Zhou, dare to intervene, you will die today."

    Xu Yan saw Qin dust, his face suddenly flashed up, immediately came to worry: "how do you sell it?"

    Qin dust strength is very strong, but there are a lot of master Zhou, Zhou worried her heart so many master Qin dust here, a person can't resist, will only bring him down.

    Qin dust undeniable, frowned and said, "who are they?"

    Xu Yandao: "they are Wucheng zhouguzhi, Zhou Xu and we are at home, a lot of Wucheng business year, has struggled, want to grab our Alex property. A few days ago, Zhou not found poison where plot against my father, my father was seriously wounded, we find three eye of newt eye, is ready to find someone to cure my father."


    Qin said that dust nodded.

    The side of Xu Xiong see Qin dust for extraordinary, said: "this is what Yan'er, Shaoxia?"

    "Father, before we are in danger Genju mountains, Qin dust Shaoxia saved us, or we have a don't come back." Xu Yandao.

    Xu Xiong did not think of Xu Yan since they met such a big risk, exposed to the painful color, said: "since Qin Shaoxia is dust Jiumingenren, do not take him to the backyard."

    Although Qin dust for extraordinary, but after all, only one person, Xu Xiong didn't want to leave the others involved, causing fatal disaster.

    "Oh? It is this kid saved you? Boy, know in Wucheng nosy end? Now I give you a chance to live, kneel down and kowtow to admit, and then get out obediently Alex, otherwise, you can't get out of here today!"

    Zhou Xinhua said fiercely.

    Qin dust ignored him, just frowned, asked Xu Yandao: "murder in Wucheng, do not break the law?"

    Xu Yan said: "the color complex, Wucheng is chaotic, all of the order by several top power control, but this powerful tube is very loose, does not prohibit killing, but the need for a reason."

    "I understand!"

    Qin dust nodded, occupying the so-called truth, often only one, that is to look at the fist, fist, is the truth.

    "Boy, you are really crazy ah, thought I did not dare to kill you? Give me death!"

    Originally Zhou Xinhua Qin dust at a young age, for fear is not weak, what is the background, do not want to kill.

    But see each other at all just ignored her, feel insulted, looks ferocious, directly punched.


    A huge black shadow boxing broke through the air, a fierce roar toward the Qin dust head, severely impact to.

    "Just be careful."

    Xu Xiong hastily exclaimed, this one if hit, even he also executed, no chance to live.
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