#321  is just so so

    The 321st chapter is just so so

    One hand, read is the malicious hand back.

    In particular, he heard the Qin day plan, must be the first time, Qin day and beheaded, the news arrived, lest their ghost immortal faction disciples, suffered heavy losses.

    The amazing momentum, to make the world change, the presence of many mysterious class of strong, a mind depressed, feel very uncomfortable.

    The strength is good, but today, you have to die."

    Qin Ba wrath roar, did not flinch, but his fists buildup, toward the Black Ghost Li Hao, punched out.

    Obviously is prepared and other head.

    "No good."

    Qin Day Father also too reckless."

    "The moon but read half step master strong ah!"

    Many of the people, all of her mouth, one eye at the dew.

    Qin's son's strength, they have also heard it is said that as early as twenty years ago, has entered the late stage of metaphysics.

    However, even if he is strong, can not be too strong for the first master Xiao Zhan qi.

    And now, even lost in the battle of Xiao Nian Shuo hands, Qin day by one father, who is the other opponent.

    The only hope is Xiao Qin Day War and he teamed up with two people, and it may also read Shuo contest one or two.

    Suddenly, all eyes were on Xiao war body.

    "Your majesty!"

    Xiao and blood boiling up, hurried to Zhao Gao.

    Zhao Gao has been worried about the border, Qin day has been resolved, now as long as the Zhao Gao order, by the presence of so many strong, and not necessarily the ghost fairy sent many master confrontation, let them eat burned.


    Xiao Zhan see, is a pair of cold eyes.

    Zhao Gao gloomy face, there is no point to the idea, but most of the Sen cold.

    Xiao and heart, feel inexplicable sank.

    Who knows what Zhao Gao in the heart to have what kind of purpose.

    Just know, he did not order.


    All thoughts are only in an instant, but this time, Qin day and read the new attack, finally collision together.


    The horror of the Black Ghost boxing and crazy collision, each collision has a tremendous explosion, two people at the foot of the ground, constantly open, dense cracks, from all sides towards an earthquake like spread.

    If all the picture did not happen, Qin day has not been a rout, but is standing on the spot, the mighty Quan Wei cupola, explosion shot palpitation and coercion, Kangzhu the monstrous ghosts black gas.


    Joy, a exclaimed.


    However, such a scene could not continue, only delay the moment, Qin Shi Quan Wei day exhibition, immediately cracks, followed by the detonation of a split, hit a smash.

    The monstrous ghost, once again swept toward the mad rush to the father.

    "No good."

    "Beware of father."

    The crowd exclaimed, almost scared silly, the heart seems to stop beating.

    Such a terrible attack, blow down, he will die.

    At this time, all people are worried, only Zhao Gao eyes, but suddenly flashed a smile, but they soon disappeared.

    They don't dare to look down.


    Qin day face without the slightest color of panic, but is sneer: "half step Wu Zong, really strong, but not strong, but also where to go."

    Voice down, Qin day on the momentum, suddenly jumped up, almost monstrous.


    Direct break into the late stage Xuan peak, higher level.

    The haunting a horrible really, not in the case of semi Zhenli, what is it?

    "Half step Wu Qin, he was also a master half step strong?"

    At this moment, everyone dumbfounded, one almost mad.

    Half step master, the northwest five, is the number of very small, very hard to see.

    Previously, only the first power beam's first master Wei Tianming, master of the strong is half step.

    Next, the ghost Fairy school read Shuo, also broke the half step master.

    Can not think of them now, Qi Qin tyrant father, was also a half step master strong?

    Such a surprise, let all people mouth open, almost stuffed egg.


    To show strength, Sheng Qin day on breath, blow out directly.

    This one, like thunder, with a bang sound, shook the air burst eardrum rising.

    Vigorous Quan Wei swept in on ghosts of black gas, only to hear boo boo boo detonation, the devils black gas a wild scream was punched burst.

    At the same time, a surprising boxing, and read into the moon.


    Nian Shuo frightened, hurriedly resist.

    Bang, he went out to the inverted on the ground, legs rub out a nearly ten meter long gully, it stopped the figure, pale.

    "A ghost fairy sovereign, just so so."

    A cold drink, Qin day without any hesitation, are again critical plunder on.


    Read the back teeth, also meet up.


    Next, the two sides on the side of the clearing, crazy play.

    Each blow, broke amazing power, shook the ground crushed gravel flying.

    Many around the strong, not too close, a crazy back, helplessly looking at two people, continue to fight, could not get started.

    Even, even two people play speed, are not big.

    The "crazy gang blood!"

    At the beginning, and he can read Shuo Qin well-matched in strength.

    When Qin Shi exhibited their four day mad Gang blood, fighting immediately toward the one-sided, read back almost by pressing play, continuous retreat.

    If not, he is also half step master strong, self defense force is very alarming, coupled with the practice exercises, but the ghost immortal faction a million ghosts tactic, would already be lost.

    Even so, read Shuo also can rush to back again and again.

    In this scene, see everyone is terrified, a dumbfounded.

    Who can not imagine before handed one, no one enemy, arrogant arrogant Nian Shuo, this should be so awkward, in addition to parry, the back of no force.

    The same as the half step master, master of the Qin day moves have a ready pen has a unique charm.

    Even more exaggerated, his real strength, very strong, in the half step master level, even more than the real power to read Shuo, a vigorous.

    This makes people feel incredible.

    You know, read back is ghost immortal faction suzerain, ghost immortal faction standing northwest five hundreds of years, which has the power by, even more than the big Qi, are terrible.

    Qin day, only national Qi Wang, Qin Jia rise, but also dozens of years.

    The method, theory and practice, not to mention the ghost immortal faction, and even big Qi, has a huge gap.

    But now, real practice is actually read Shuo, not on the day of qin.

    It makes everyone feel unbelievable.

    Have strong doubts.
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