#311  UPS

    The 311st chapter UPS

    "You kill the genius? Ha ha, ha ha ha!"

    Nian Shuo couldn't help laughing, his laughter is very cold, and laughter, with a sad choke.

    Then, he had a meal, cold track: "now, you let me not to kill you if you genius, but now, the genius, when my son killed in the demon ancestral mountains, where are you?"

    Zhao Gao frowned and said, "you son read the promise, is dead in the first five large, let alone first uncertain is killed, not even my Qi genius, five large, regardless of life and death, you do so, also in violation of specific commitments, if everyone like you so much, that more than five, and what have the necessary?"

    Zhao Gao, stop in harmony.

    Let the people around feel uncomfortable, an incredible.

    In their view, the ghost fairy master in the wild are sent to Da Qi king, is clearly not to the face.

    Your majesty should arrive without demur, directly send troops, will these people take.

    Let them know, dare to trouble the consequences of King qi.

    But unexpectedly, Zhao Gaoyi, not only did not begin, but in truth, persuade them to stop.

    This let Qi people, it is difficult to accept.

    "I don't care!"

    Ever think, Zhao Gaodou said this point, read Shuo still mouth with sneer, rebuffed.

    "I have found out, kill my son, this is the Qin and Qin dust, today, two of them die, who didn't stop me."

    Don't kill to kill his son's murderer, read Shuo is off will not leave.

    Zhao Gao Mouguang more cold, cold track: "Nian Shuo, you really want to be my enemy in Qi, if you dare to believe I let you cannot do without me this big family?"

    Everyone can feel, Zhao Gao in anger.

    "Ha ha, I cannot do without the big? You have this capability?"

    Nian Shuo sneered: "moreover, the Pope has made clear in the letter, the pope said, this time, in addition to me and you long Neimen foreigners, including most of the other disciples, I sent the ghost fairy now, many cities, they have mixed with you Qi border and on the border, big Wei also has mobilized millions of troops stationed in the border, you, the Pope if within three days, not issued evacuation orders, I sent the fairy ghost disciples, and will be big Wei million army, attacking you qi. By then, the pope would like to see you Qi, whether in my ghost and Wei Xian sent to attack."


    The ghost fairy pie and Wei country together?

    And many pupils have infiltrated the city big Qi, and the ghost fairy sent millions of troops, Liyingwaihe?

    Hearing this news, everyone was surprised, as if in the crowd exploded a bombshell.

    No wonder the king came to read back, so confident that Zhao Gao did not dare to move him.

    The ghost immortal faction as northwest five top school, which will fix for the disciples, extraordinary, amazing strength, and has a lot of strong.

    Such a force, once the big city with big Qi, coupled with the big Wei millions in Liyingwaihe, once broke up, the big I am afraid it is difficult to resist.

    Then, the whole Qi border, to fall, lost countless cities.

    "No wonder your majesty so fear this person, dare to do."

    For a time.

    All of Zhao Gao's discontent, instantly vanish.

    Can say, read back too dirty, the face of this situation, for any one of the emperors, are not easily.

    Zhao Gao looked gloomy and uncertain, but her eyes as in the past the cold, cold way: "Nian Shuo, do you think I would be afraid of? Funny! You sent and Wei Xian ghost together, will cause a lot of trouble to me, but you are now in the state of Qi, Qi King I, as long as I commanded you, and many of your elders, have to die here, then, even the big Wei Qi I break the big city, where how? You may also read to see, all you ghost Fairy school, will do the wedding dress to wei. Even, many of your disciples sent the ghost fairy, will also be the annexation of large Wei, a history of Northwest china. Then, how do you send to your ghost Xian an array of ancestors?"


    Ringing applause sounded, under the watchful eyes of the people under the moon actually clapped her hands to read.

    "Zhao Gao, this time, you still want to differentiate my relationship, and the big Wei's good, is a great person, but you do not agree with this case."

    He looked around to see many guards, and many of the strong, the presence of the forehead, showing a trace of disdain: "you think with these people, they can leave the case and I send you the ghost fairy elder? Too naive!"

    "Nian Shuo, you should be confident, hugh."

    "Well, too arrogant."

    "Kill you, which need us, Wang Xiao Ling and adults one is enough."

    "Yes, I dare in the wild Qi, do not look at the local."

    Have the ability to hand Kamimi Mayaki!"

    Zhao Gao brought many wangguojiang, cannot fly, they are mysterious class of strong, usually in, be like a lion, what time is such an insult?

    The face of the crowd shouted, Nian Shuo scorn, a contemptuous disregard.

    "No matter how, today this Qin dust, the Pope is not kill, who can stop, since the spirit of Wu Xiao Zhan to stop, then look at this case, the so-called big Qi first master, what ability?!"

    Voice down, Miss Xiao Shuo eyes cold war.

    He is very clear, no matter how to kill Qin dust, he and Xiao war, there must be a war is inevitable.

    Between the two sides, forming an invisible aura.


    The next moment, read back into shape streamer, toward the Xiao war as critical plunder.

    Phantom body!"


    Void tremor, read Shuo cast body, instantly pulled out seven or eight shadow, every shadow, are also true to life, to Xiao war.

    Qin Xiao war dust in front of him, look at Zhao Gao, Zhao Gao did not respond, instantly understood his meaning, can not help laughing.

    "Well, the king wanted to see a ghost, fairy sovereign, strength is how strong."


    The waist sword out, pull out a knife and Xiao Hua, and on the face.

    Killed eight!"

    Two people know each other up, all the terrible strength, shows very strength.


    I saw Xiao war hands, suddenly a knife awn dense eruption, each knife awn, with black breath, among them, there is a striking knife meaning diffuse, seemed to be able to cut everything.

    "Well, is Xiao war adults eight knife."

    "The whole knife, killed eight, Xiao and adults this knife, once the kingdom of the first moon thieves steal, a knife to kill."

    "It is Xuan Wu water stealing level, but also the early stage Xuan peak, is not a knife when Xiao adults battle the enemy, for years now, Xiao war adult strength, should be more terrible."

    People exclaimed, have to watch, a stare big eyes, excited.
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