#310  to your majesty Pro

    The 310th chapter to your majesty Pro

    Qin dust will die?

    See this scene, all hearts are lifted, full of sorrow.

    Qin Yuanzhi is not all around them, the crowd of people, also face painful, a heart in the blood.

    No matter how the Qin and Qin dust, ghost fairy who dare to be so oblivious to their big Qi, Qi openly in the king and kill, kill the whole kingdom or most of the top talent.

    This kind of behavior, will undoubtedly hurt everyone's heart.

    As long as the Chinese people is not large, angry.

    But there is no way.

    In addition to anger, they are incapable of action.

    The sky star college dean Zhu Weichen, lost in the other hand, who can stop them?

    Only watched, Qin dust died in the other's hands.

    Many people, even dare to open eyes, pain and lowered his head and closed his eyes.

    They don't want to see that scene, see Qi country genius, outsiders beheaded the scene.

    Too much pain!


    Seeing the attack would read back down.


    A complete drink rage sounded, far away from the streets, suddenly burst and shot a figure, the figure of the speed of sound, but has not yet arrived, people have come to the mansion.

    Nian Shuo heard thunder, face a slight change, hand fall speed, accelerate the moment.

    Want to rush at each other coming under pain killers.

    But the other speed is astonishing, at a crucial moment in the occasion, appeared in front of Qin dust toward the moon, read a shoot.


    The terrible impact strength spirit, a circle of visible dust, Qin palace walls collapsed under the shock, exposed to all people's eyes.

    Deng dengdeng!

    Tens of meters, all around the Wu, Wu Xuan even level, they cannot change, under the two Qi Jin, difficulty breathing.

    As for the ordinary day, Wu level, more unbearable, a pale complexion, even mouth haemorrhage.

    The impact of all this away, only to see the front has a dust Qin proudly wearing a blue robe of Wuhan middle-aged man, his cold eyes eyes eyes star, blooming cold long grass, anger and prestige.

    "Is the spirit of King Wu Xiao and adults!"

    "Xiao war adults, very good."

    "Ha ha, this ghost Fairy school, be in trouble."

    To see people, people mad earthquake, immediately exultation.

    Man is not others, is the spirit of King Xiao Zhan.

    The spirit of King Xiao Zhan, known as the noble, Qi Qi in God of war, in the minds of the people, has an irreplaceable position.

    The first big master said.

    His appearance, no doubt to all the people, into a booster, a succession of relief.

    In the public mind, as long as the spirit of King Xiao Zhan, it does not solve.

    "The wind!"

    And then, an indignant roar sounded, a figure suddenly rushed to the moment, came to the Qin corpse, a jingnu roared.

    It is Qin Yuanxiong.

    "Qin Yuanxiong, you come to see us now, son, that has been read and Qin Shuo dust killed, where did you go? Eyes and no wind?"

    Zhao Feng shrill cry, angry roar against Qin.

    "The master of the house." They saw the big elder Qin Yuanxiong, also have around us.

    "Damn ah."

    Qin Yuanxiong hammer, eyes red.

    "Kill me the wind, I want you to die."


    With a roar, Qin Shuo Farglory suddenly rushed into the boom, he read, a terrible smell on the body, turned out to be a peak of the mid level Xuan Quan Wei strong, tiger head roared into a stunning, read Shuo lunged towards.


    Nian Shuo sneer, backhander.


    Qin Yuanxiong, how come, how inverted out mouth spews out a blood, all fell to the ground.

    "The master of the house."

    The big elder people hurriedly surrounded up, pulled up to Qin Yuanxiong, her grief.

    The peak of the middle level Xuan strong, in Qi, already belongs to the top of strong, but also in the future. Young Qin Xuan, there are opportunities for late stage.

    However, in the face of the ghost fairy sovereign read Shuo such master, but also not to see.

    The other is the northwest five top munekado suzerain, for high, even in the whole northwest five, also with a great reputation, prestige terrible.

    Qin Yuanxiong, at least in the extraordinary reputation.

    The gap between the two, no condition.

    See a whole kingdom Qi Hou Anping, handle my character, was not a ghost fairy sovereign of the enemy, many people are feeling heart qi, heart, sad.

    The only news is that they have the spirit of King Xiao Zhan, the great master in the first.

    There he was, they believe that the ghost fairy sent again not arrogant.


    At this time, a large number of footsteps, horseshoe sound, distant streets, suddenly separated, dressed in a sharp, armed warrior, running to the streets blocked.

    Their body armor, very sophisticated weapons, but also bring the bloom and cold, than Kang city guards, either from the equipment, or spirit, has more than one.

    Is the palace guards.

    Then, the guards separated from a road, a carriage, slowly forward, came to the Qin palace outside the dust clearing.

    Go down from above, a man wearing a robe, a dignified middle-aged man.

    At his side, guarding several extraordinary momentum strong, the extraordinary strength.

    "Your majesty."

    "Long live long live wanwansui sire."

    See the middle-aged man, almost all of the people all fell down, excited loudly drink high.

    Who is the sire - Zhao Gao qi.

    "Sir, here, but I have you in my king Qi, Qi big wanton hands, too I will put in the eye of Qi?"

    Sweep the public eye here, see the fall of the Qin corpse, Zhao Gao finally looked down at Mouguang flash, read Shuo etc. ghost immortal faction has a strong body, eyes flashed cold long grass.

    "Zhao Gao!"

    Read look at Xiao Shuo war, and looked at Zhao Gao, could not help but frown: "if I'm not mistaken, the pope had earlier told you, I don't have to send the ghost fairy thing? Do you want to be with my ghost immortal faction, all-out war?"



    In the presence of his majesty, "how do you speak?"

    See your majesty will not read Shuo so in the eyes, a strong Zhao Gao side, could not help but spring thunder.

    Zhao Zhen et al is frowned, listen to the read Shuo said, ghost fairy came in after the king sent, he had told Zhao Gao, why is this case, Zhao Gao is so slow?

    If you come a little earlier, Qinfeng probably will not die!

    Not only are they, they are even Qin dust brows, at a glance, clearly understand this point.

    A hand, don't let her strong opening, Zhao Gaoleng hum, his eyes said: "you are in my hands to Qi king, killing me the genius, I don't want to intervene, it is too ridiculous."
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