#309  Qin died

    The 309th chapter Qin died

    Could kill read endless. It is Qin dust?

    Qin made heaven and vows, so look, let the people have to suspect that it is extremely read without killing the Qin dust.

    "Boy, what do you say?"

    Look to the Qin dust, read Shuo eyes shot a cold light.

    "The survival of the words, you also believe?" Qin Plain Road dust.

    "Qin dust, do you still dare to say, have the ability, you also took vows to heaven!"

    Qin shout out loud, staring at the Qin dust.

    "In order to survive under the humiliation, heaven vows, this kind of thing, only a weak person will do, you Qinfeng spineless, I Qin dust, they would not like you."

    Although I may not know much, but Qin dust is very clear, on the other side the previous act and character, regardless of their hair is not made heaven oath, he will be on yourself, why compromise.

    What's more, in this world, no one can make him swear, Qin dust.

    "Sir, you have not heard, even the heaven vows are not hair, who is the murderer, at a glance."

    Qinfeng crazy shouted.

    "Sir, you see, Lord your ghost immortal faction, not kill my son, this is Qin dust, all is the Qin dust, and you should just send the ghost fairy sent to assassinate Qin dust, you sent to people I have been the dust to kill Qin and don't you want to take your ghost Fairy who seek revenge?"

    Zhao Feng also seize the opportunity, quickly explained, at the same time, she thought he had just arrived, after Qin dust mansion battle, Lenovo to Kang et al that she had collaborated with the ghost fairy, the assassination of Qin dust, immediately seize the opportunity, trying to read the new transfer target.

    "Do not you really, the murderer?"

    Lower the head, to see Qin Shuo read.

    "Not me, not really me, although I was there, but my goal is Qin dust."

    Qinfeng eyes play ecstasy, know their words played a role, just want to say......


    Suddenly, Nian Shuo slapped, invisible hand into the Qin Qin head, voice, abrupt, eyes of life, devoid of moment.

    "Did you kill him, what and how, since you were present, you have the opportunity to stop killing my son Qin dust, and you can't do the same damn."

    Nian Shuo sneer, said as if killed, dull, just a person not worth mentioning.

    "The wind...... The wind?"

    Screaming from the general king over, Zhao Fengfeng rushed forward.


    But, wait for her in front, a ghost fairy Presbyterian, she will already fly out, like lying on the ground, with blood.

    "Back to you!"

    A cold smile, Nian Shuo waved his hand, Qin's body, unable to fly to Zhao Feng, Zhao Fengyi hugged.

    "Dare frivolous, even a kill you."

    All blooming cold murder, kill a kill, kill two is killed, but concerns to read Shuo Qi, don't mind, all the people here to kill all.

    "No, the wind, you will not die, you will not die."

    Come up with all kinds of immortality from the body, all into the Qin in an air outlet on the face of Zhao Feng, like The old man wept bitterly., madness.

    Zhao Zhen see all of this, heart pain, but not the slightest move.

    "Now it's your turn."

    The transfer will look from Qinfeng body to see, read Shuo Qin dust.


    His body form in a flash, plunged into the crowd, toward the Qin dust, is the critical plunder.

    "Less dust carefully."

    "Qin dust, beware!"

    Zhu Weichen, the first time in front of a dust Qin, showing that frightened complexion.

    "You alone, I want to stop."

    Read Shuo sneer, eyes have piercing cold Explosive Shot, detonation, his hands clasped together, suddenly bang out a fist, I saw in the sky, the wind turned into a huge tornado, swept out, place, color of heaven and earth, zhetianbiri.

    Terrible, terrible.

    Not only is boxing, breath came, Chu Weichen who will face big change, but this time, they have no one back, a crazy shot.

    All kinds of boxing awn, palm prints, knife light, blades, flashing in the void.

    Bang bang!

    But no, the horror of the black tornado swept through, Kang Xuan palace, Qin Yuanzhi and many other level master, have been flying out of a shock, panic is not a blood, the enemy.

    The only good is Zhu Weichen, but is also pale, breath suspension, foot back again and again.

    "Hey! Really something!"

    Nian Shuo frowned, his boxing power, he is very clear that the general level of Wu Xuan later, simply pick down.

    Zhen Zhao just like before, he didn't move the enemy.

    Now, should be to stop this guy, the strength of each other, unusual, not ordinary Xuan Wu late stage.

    But this is how to stop him, who he who killed Qin dust.


    His breath soared, Nian Shuo pan mouth sneer, his body suddenly turned into a ghost road black lightning, rushed into the crowd.

    "Well, you go to Qin dust, I stopped him."

    Zhu Weichen was surprised, thought he felt under the sway back, eyes blur misty, so he actually can not see each other's body, apparently they cast, is a very profound body.

    Such strength, let him beat each other, impossible.

    The only way is that he tried to hold each other, and seize the opportunity to leave the Qin dust.

    "Want to go so easily?"

    Sou sou sou!

    Ghost immortal faction Ling Zhong et al., a figure of violence swept, falls in the mansion around the most central dust Qin et al, surrounded in the.

    At this time.

    Master Zhao and Qin's people, have gone out of the mansion, and those who are far from the city guards, surrounded on the outside, but did not dare to join the fray, so dust Qin mansion, not to crowded.

    Qin want to dust managed to escape almost impossible.

    "Kill, kill, kill the best Qin dust, then get the party all die here."

    The mansion, Zhao and Qin's people, a look of anger and resentment at the sites in the dust and read Qin shuo.

    In their hearts, full of hatred, regardless of Qin dust, or ghost of immortal faction.

    Wish both all die here.


    Zhu Weichen and miss moon, instantly played together.

    Read Shuo Zhang shadow mist, burst into terrible power.

    At the beginning, Chu Weichen but also by virtue of the powerful strength and fighting experience support, but soon fell in the wind, who read Shuo terrible, constantly.


    Long time defense, finally have the flaws exposed, Chu Weichen eventually escape, was called a moon shock in the chest, vomiting blood flew out.

    "Chu president, are you okay?"

    They have gathered up anxious.

    "You are the first Dean of College star college? Just so so, but, don't resist, you can't stop, don't let I couldn't help it kill you."

    After the fight, read Shuo know Chu Weichen identity, mouth is not by outlining a sneer at.

    Then, his body leaps toward Qin dust to pounce down, like a head of goshawk predation.

    At this moment, there have been no one can stop reading shuo.

    Qin dust a crisis.
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