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    "Are you serious?"

    Eyes narrowed, Qin dust looked to Lv Yang.

    "Who's fucking joking with you."

    Because our workshop is Dan Ge ban things, Lu Yang heart had anything in the fire, this time can not help but vent.

    "Since then, I also do not go, I'd like to see, what are you going to do."

    Hands, Qin dust suddenly don't want to go, the mouth with a sneer.

    This is also true when Dan Lu Yang, Ge is he our workshop, near a thought Zhao Qirui would be arrogant?

    "Boy, you die!"

    Lu Yang fly, even a young look down on yourself, how can I?

    Go forward, go.

    Wu Xu quickly stepped forward to intercept, urgent: Director Lu, things matter ah."


    Wu Xu kicked in the stomach, Wu Xu did not prepare, suddenly kick fly out, fell heavily to the ground.

    By Wu Xu, Lu Yang angrily: "Wu Xu, you listen to me carefully, I am the director of our workshop, you are just a deputy director, don't fucking backseat driver in front of me."

    The kick out, Lu Yang is the heart.

    This Wu Xu, usually in on their own and do not respect, now even to himself the backseat driver, but also when a king and master Qi is, too not to his face, not really a lesson, when our workshop is not his, continue, quickly climbed to their estimated head up.


    One side, Zhao Qirui clapped her hands, her lips smiled: "Lu, domineering, ought to be so."

    The section also nodded, looking at Wu Xu a look of disdain: "in the blood of the holy land, which dare to talk to the old apprentice so, every minute will be expelled from the old, and which he spent so much."

    "Wang Qi, is master, said the two is, before I kind."

    Lv Yanglian nodded: "Qi Wang you today, I see how you learned this boy......"

    "What's the matter!"

    Lv Yangzheng said, suddenly a voice came, and the two figure, went to the Qin dust around.

    Is the change of Xiao Ya and Liu Guang.

    "Less dust, what happened here?"

    Xiao Ya frowned, with suspicion.

    "Where's the guy, nosy, go to hell."

    Even the person looks did not see, Lu Yang could not help but burst.

    What's going on? Just a small lesson, again and again to be disturbed, this year, everyone dare to find yourself in trouble?

    Wang Qi face sneers at the past, sneer at in the heart: this boy seems to acquaintances, so just a lesson.

    Is also at sight.

    This look, three eyes stare all round, flirting and stared at Xiao Ya, eyes full of sensual light.

    "Beauty, this is beautiful ah."

    See Xiao Ya, three people were all shocked, a blood surging, eyes could not move half open.

    She was beautiful, sexy, plump breasts and buttocks, slender waist like willow, outline the graceful curve, let people take a look, is agonistic, belly like fire in general.

    In this world, that is so hot the temptation of beauty?

    This is the first three people thought in my mind.

    "Well, you come to this kid. We have sinned against Wang Qi, you say, what to do about it."

    Mouth oblique, Lu Yang said proudly.

    "Qi Wang?"

    Xiao Ya and Liu Guang have come to see.

    "Oh, this is the king." Zhao Qirui was a self thought natural smile, eyes with false color: "the beauty, this guy offended me, but look at the beauty of you, I can consider, let him this time, so, as long as you accompany the king to eat dinner, how the king of the past guilt?"

    "What do you say?" Liu Guang listened, suddenly furious, came forward, was seething.

    How dare someone in Dan Ge molested gezhu, what!

    "Ah." Raise a hand, Xiao Ya stopped Liu Guang, see Zhao Qirui eyes a faint smile on one's face, a little cold, smiled: "you are the person's notorious repute, romantic Qi Wang Zhao Qirui?"

    Liu Guang heard this, the body unable to restrain the emotions a shake, mercy looked at Zhao Qirui.

    He knew when to gezhu this tone, often there is luck.

    "How do you speak?"

    Lv Yang was a heavy, could not help but come forward.

    "Less dust, what is going on here?"

    Bother each other, Xiao Ya came to the front of the Qin dust, frown asked.

    "Oh, this guy stopped me, I have to kneel to the king of Qi kowtow to admit, otherwise, would not let me go, I have to look good."

    Qin said the dust expressionless.

    There is such a thing?

    Xiao Ya and Liu Guang's face, instantly changed.

    After yesterday's refining, two people of the Qin dust heaven, try hard to be courted.

    But now, someone in the house to let Dan less dust to kowtow, this is Dan Ge wants to kill them?

    "Good, good, Dan Ge in the wild, you three can."

    Okay he arrived, or less dust if what happened, that is a serious problem.

    Thought of here, two people burst scared, heart more cold.

    "The two of you, this is not going to apologize!"

    Lu Yang did not know what happened, said with a sneer.

    "Well?" Xiao Ya Liu winked.

    "Apologize for your shit!"

    Xiao Ya *, Liu Guang could not suppress his anger, a slap up smoke.

    Lv Yangzheng is thinking of how to let Xiao Ya accompany them one night, watching Liu Guang directly a slap, heart startled, hurried to block, it is too late.

    Just listen to the PA, Lu Yang and directly flying body, heavy fall to the ground, half of his face, quickly swelling up, mouth spill blood.

    How do you hit?"

    Wang Qi heart not surprised, but happy.

    You are too good, there is no reason to worry about these people back, they immediately gave his excuses, now the other hand, you have every reason to command the city guards the three people to guard, it would not be like how to play on how to play with each other?

    Being excited, Liu Guang a slap in his pumped.

    "Hit how? I beat you."

    In anger, Liu Guang was a slap in the face drawn in Zhao Qirui's face, Zhao Qirui will fly at the moment to pull.

    "You...... Do you know who I am? Dare to call me, you're dead, you know, you're dead."

    Cover the face, Zhao Qirui completely ignorant of force, pointing to Liu Guang, trembling, almost could not believe my eyes.

    He is a great king Qi, the other to beat him.

    "Sir, too."

    Some more had been standing on the edge to watch, now see this scene, the eyes have changed, even came up.


    Shine the murderous look terrible.

    At the same time, this movement, many also alerted the waiter Dan in the hall Pavilion and a large group of customers, all looked up in surprise.


    A guard brigade Dan Ge, quickly ran up.

    "What's the matter? Who dares in my Dan ge."

    The sound of a burst of drink, lead guard cold drink 1, was seething.

    "Just you, these guys, Dan Ge to beat big Qi Wang play the gangster, and our Director Dan Fang, you ge people, not fast they took a few."

    To Xiao Ya and Liu Guang, some more cold drink said.
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