#260  get out

    The 260th chapter get out

    I saw from Dan Ge inside, walked out of a young, handsome, not Qin dust, who is?

    "Qi Ye, you know this guy?"

    See Zhao Qirui look bleak, Lu Yang by interrogative.

    "Well, a natural understanding, is also very familiar with it."

    Zhao Qirui's gloomy face, said, look increasingly cold.

    Think of the day by Qin dust threat scenarios in Qin home his heart is angry, burning.

    As a big Wang Qi, even by a small fart child threat, this sense of shame, as can be imagined, hitherto unknown.


    If not, Qin Qin block dust, Yuechi would already fell into his hands, his body became minister under the.

    The thought of Qin Yuechi that beautiful appearance, Zhao Qirui heart is hot, abdomen like fire burning up.

    Eyes suddenly colder.

    The hearts of Zhao Qirui, across the first two steps, suddenly stopped in front of Qin dust, sneered: "boy, what are you doing here? Here is where you should be!"

    These days, the heart has not stuck out, could not resist, will give a lesson to Qin dust.

    Opposite side。

    Qin dust start but didn't notice Zhao Qirui three people, his mind completely put on what to do next.

    Now he has been a breakthrough, for days, the indicators are up to a staggering proportions, but he is very clear, with these, they want to find them less wind plume revenge, that is dreaming.

    Also, now break fast, just because the base hit the prison, to the back, each step of the promotion, need to consume a large amount of time and treasure, if a large nest in the Qi, is impossible.

    Therefore, he also outlined their next goal and plan.

    Hard life, the biggest advantage is the Qin dust, able to plan their lives, past and take some detours, old, can be completely abandoned, and a new way is more lightweight and powerful.

    Positive thinking, he saw a figure, he suddenly stopped, came along, is a cold drink voice.

    Looked up and saw Zhao Qirui standing in front of you.

    "Zhao Qirui?" A frown, Qin dust scowled: "what do you stop me? What do I come here without you tube?"

    This is Zhao Qirui, my heart rather baffling, not bothering him, he has to own trouble, when really think he is the prince, he did not dare to move him?

    "Boy, what are you saying? Dare to call Qi Wang Minghui, me!"

    Early Qin and Qi Wang dust do not deal with, ranging from Qi Wang opening, Lu Yang already could not resist to scold, directly.

    Flattery is such a good chance, not to take advantage of it.

    "Who are you?"

    Qin dust frown.

    Our "old workshop director Lv Yang."

    Head up high, Lu Yang look proudly, "boy, you look young, not your family, I advise you to take Wang Qi, apologize, otherwise...... Hey."

    At two, Lu Yang was cold.

    "Or what?"

    Qin dust sneer, Lu Yang strabismus.

    Our director of the workshop? This is what happened yesterday, our workshop did not suffer enough, even to Dan Ge now?

    Look at Zhao Qirui, Qin dust heart easily, but suddenly, is this our workshop, by Zhao Qirui, and Dan Ge said?

    Mouth oblique, can not help but want to laugh, where the Lu Yang of the self-confidence, that he will sell Zhao Qirui Dan Ge face?

    "Boy, what your eyes?!"

    Revealed in the eyes of the cross and disdain, let Lu Yang fly.

    Not empty and you talk, I have to do something, get out of my way."

    Face a sink, landelikuai Lu Yang Qin sound and have them dust.

    "Boy, offend the person they want to go, which is so easy?"

    Palm fat, to carry the Qin dust neck.


    Only his hand was stretched to dust before Qin, suddenly a phantom flashed, Qin dust right hand raised, with the Lu Yang palm Pumping Fly, a sharp pain came, Lu Yang Ao a loud screams.

    Lower the head, see his hand had swollen up.

    Again, get out!"

    Cold as Lu Yang, Qin Mou blooming in the cold cold dust.

    The "s!"

    Lu Yang felt a chill over his body, a quiver, seems to fall into the icehouse, fear from the spiritual level.

    Pedal pedal!

    Unable to restrain the emotions behind the sweat two steps back.

    But suddenly, back in place, Lu Yang abruptly stopped, turned red, looked very angry.

    He was a director of our workshop, turned out to be a teenager to scare, to the side of the king and some more to see Master Qi, after what face?

    "Boy, you die."

    Explodes to drink a, Lu Yang to dust lunged towards qin.

    Eyes flashed a fierce long grass, Qin dust heart is cold, if the Lu Yangzhen dare to do, they do not mind to let him know what is regret.

    "Lu director, stop."

    At this time, suddenly a high drink came, followed by a figure, the hall huchihuchi ran hastily stopped Lu yang.

    It is our first workshop deputy director Wu Xu.

    "Wu Xu, what are you doing here?"

    Wu Xu stopped, Lu Yang frowned, very unhappy.

    "Lu director, this time, you still get what Dan Ge?"

    With a wry smile, a face of Wu Xu Speechless.

    Now our workshop is in crisis, this is the surface of Dan Lu Yang, Ge intercede, to the place, and even other people from the conflict.

    Dan Ge is what place? Is it you can shout and wrangle in the workplace? In case of Jing Lian pharmacists angered here, I'm afraid things will get worse.

    "The brothers, in Geji Fang Wu Xu deputy director, director Yang Lu and you don't know what a contradiction, a thousand mistakes of our workshop is wrong, please forgive me you do."

    The Qin dust submissively, Wu Xu said: "if not what kind of things, you can go, I'm sorry."

    Wu Xu bowed and sincere attitude.

    He did not know the Qin dust identity, but this time, It's better to save trouble.

    "Wu Xu, what are you doing?"

    Frown, Lu Yang is not happy.

    This is what Wu Xu means? In the end he is the director of our workshop, or he is director of our workshop?

    "Oh, interesting, it seems that our director Lu, Fang, do you not like ah."

    A cold look, Qi Wang is on the side of.


    Listen to the words of Qi Wang, Lu Yang to explode, blame it on Wu Xu. See, Qi Wang is angry, you know last night spent how much effort it please him?

    "Wu Xu, go here, didn't you speak a."

    Wu Xu scolded a, Lu Yang turned to stop Qin dust: "boy, really want to go? I tell you, today if you don't kneel to the king of Qi to apologize, what also don't want to go!"

    Fork waist, Lu Yang face arrogant.
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