#259  how to here

    The 259th chapter how to here

    One side, is his face is very ugly, cold track: "I am blood Holy Blood division, is the master Liu Guang also do not see?"

    This morning, what can serve the customers is not convenient? Clearly don't want to see them.

    Three, master Liu Guang is not gone, it is master Liu Guang have something, he is refining refining room, never accept me."

    The steward, know the identity of the three is unusual, even explain.

    "In the refinery?"

    Some more frowned, if so, it can understand, after all, the need to be absorbed in refining process of refining the pharmacist, completely unable to be disturbed, it will be very easy to work not completed.

    "Yes, master Liu Guang started yesterday to stay in the room has been refining, refining a day and a night, this time, can not let my bother?"

    The steward nodded.

    "That he can finish refining what time?"

    At work face, that may be true, some more cannot help asking.

    "I don't know, may soon, there may even for a moment, I do not do the main subordinate."

    "So, then we'll wait here for a while."

    A glance at each other, is said.

    Anyway to have come back, next time, Liu Guang may not have the time, since it has been refining a day and a night, presumably also fast.

    After all, a cauldron of limited energy, day and night, the basic is the limit.

    What's more, Lu Yang thing is very urgent, can not wait too long.

    "Yes, if master Liu Guang refining ended, I must help you to report."

    The steward nodded.

    They love, let them wait.

    Commanded two of the waiter, steward turned and left, and went to the three people do not see the corner, could not help but spit spittle: "I bah, dirty dirty Wang Ye Wang, Wang Qi also, and that what is the holy blood, great? To ask for help, temper is so big that it is true when their uncle, damn it."

    This work was extremely well-informed, know our workshop yesterday Dan Ge ban news, today our Fang Institute came to Liu master of light, where there are other things, is certainly in order to block our workshop.

    To ask for help, the attitude is so arrogant, he still see for the first time.

    Dan Pavilion hall.

    Some more three people found a corner and sat down.

    "This Dan Ge shelf is too big."

    Sit down, Zhao Qirui is unhappy with the opening.

    He open Wang Ye, so what other people?

    "Qi Ye don't get angry, I see that Liu is indeed in refining, you do not look at the work report not just came up? It should be."

    Some more comfort said, just face, very ugly.

    "The two extinction, in order to Lu, two hard, that I promise, please two, begetting a."

    Lv Yang is peixiao.


    Zhao Qirui heard that, immediately smile, "I'll be waiting to arrange director lu."

    Three of them waiting here.


    Xiao Ya refining room, the door finally opened at this time.

    "Less dust, you're leaving?"

    Refining chamber, Xiao Ya and Qin in the dust behind, step out, look, full of sense of emotion.

    Take a closer look, Xiao Ya's temperament, compared to yesterday, has been turned upside down, if Xiao Ya said yesterday, is a peerless beauty, so now, she is like a fairy fall beyond the upper and lower body, reveals a refined temperament.

    "Oh, since blood pool fluid has been refining success, Zhang Ying and Lin day also entered the state, my task is finished, don't walk here in what?"

    Smiled and waved the Qin dust.

    Originally, when midnight yesterday, Qin in the dust under the guidance of Xiao Ya and Liu Guang had the blood pool liquid refining out.

    However, dangerous blood pool is very liquid, not careful, will burst to death, even danger to life.

    After the Qin Lin dust days and so Zhang Ying called the refining room personally check pointing two, absorb blood pool fluid.

    Until just two people completely into stable, this will lay down their hearts, ready to leave.

    "So, I sent you less dust." The two step forward, Xiao Ya smiling mouth, with inexplicable breath.

    "Xiao master why so polite accord."

    Qin dust that a large forehead, since yesterday after refining, Xiao main accord seems to be getting more polite, even to him a series of temptation, indistinct, let him Speechless.

    "Why, you little dust but I Dan Ge VIP, but yesterday's refining, Xiao Ya also benefited from it, how can let you leave alone less dust."

    Blinking eyes, mouth outline Xiao Ya smile, exposed sly demeanor.

    Yesterday is refining, Xiao Ya let her shaking heaven and earth.

    She never knew, refining can still achieve this point, in the dust under the guidance of Qin, she was really refined out of order four Ling, let her whole person, have very strong shock.

    After midnight, Qin Lin and Zhang Ying pointing dust absorption blood pool fluid, she and Liu Guang were in sentiment, until just preparing to leave this, Qin dust, only to wake up.

    But after this night of sentiment, Xiao Ya felt really in the Dan, seems to have a new breakthrough, at present, a new door open, reached a hitherto unknown realm.

    She had a kind of feeling, she at this moment, even if there is no dust Qin advice can also produced some basic goods to four dan.

    This is not how to make her not surprised, excited, not grateful?

    In order to become the four products refined pharmacist, all these years, she continued penance, but no signs of a breakthrough.

    But since the understanding of Qin dust, only the two time refining, let her break the shackles, to build up the pharmacist realm four.

    Let her deeply understand that the Qin dust terrible, also let her deeply for his decision and be wise.

    "Gezhu, less dust, I also sent less dust."

    At this time, Liu Guang also looked out of the room from refining, respectful.

    After a night of sentiment, his harvest is enormous, even a kind of faint, toward the three Lian pharmacists breakthrough impulse.

    Worship of Qin dust, hitherto unknown.


    Qin dust Speechless, can not be so polite, too awkward.

    "Xiao accord Lord, master Liu Guang, you look at your body, so dirty, walked into the hall, the other is Lian pharmacists see, too shameful, it is better to go to change clothes."

    Last night, refining, very hard, two people are infected by many chemicals and stains, indeed some obstructing view.

    "Then we will go to change clothes, less dust you send again."

    Xiao Ya face a red, and Liu Guang, to leave their own clothes.

    Qin dust to see two people left, turn around, walk down Dan Ge, ready to leave.

    At this time, Dan Pavilion hall.

    "Hey, Dan Ge as saying the waiter, really good quality, a very pretty."

    Looking at the waiter in the hall, Qi Wang three people, is the eyes light.

    The waiting days, they did not idle down, continue to glance around the waiter.

    "Well, this guy here?!"

    Suddenly, Wang Qi eyes one Leng, the man suddenly stood up and said, in the MOU, shot a cold cold long grass.
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