#258  turn pale

    The 258th chapter turn pale

    Some more from the blood of the holy land, there is a natural over above average proudly, even in the face of Dan Ge forces, too.

    In the day, Wu, Vedanta, temple, etc. These array mages guild forces are superior forces, proud Xiao, very powerful.

    But if we want to give them a place to tell the truth, it may not be able to row up.

    China thousands of years of history, this powerful, mutual confrontation, it is not equal.

    But there is a different power.

    It is the Holy blood.

    In the day, Wu, blood is many side occupation forces in the holy land, as one of the top, can be said to be the first.

    It also makes the holy blood when faced with other forces, has a natural sense of superiority.

    "Oh, there are some more masters in, lvmou would not worry, presumably this Dan Ge, did not dare not to sell some more master's face."

    Lv Yang aside, laughed: "what's more, there is Qi Wang, Wang Qi Qi is my master, then the Dan Ge, also have to look at the big Qi Royal face."

    "Oh, Lu Yang you you, try to flatter the king, the king is not so big face, let me face to see Dan Ge, of course, if you just let Dan Ge give a face, expect the former court, will not give."

    Wang Qi said with a faint smile, eyes suddenly flashed her color, smile way: "to, director of the Wang Lu, haven't seen you for so long that my wife, this thing, why don't you come together to eat a meal? Since the last one, but the king, what is missing."

    Said Miss Qi, Wang suddenly exposed well Mimi smile.

    "Qi Wang assured, as long as this one, I took my wife personally to visit your home, by the way, let me that my wife, in the palace for a night, or experience the magnificent palace." Lu Yang laughed.

    "There are some more masters, it wouldn't be the same without you."

    Turned around and looked at some more.

    "That's great."

    Some more also laughed.

    "So, what it is, let's go."

    Three people with his footsteps, wait, Dan entered the court.

    "I would like to ask three guests, what need help?"

    Dan just entered the pavilion, a beautiful voice, it sounded in three ears.

    Turned around, I saw a pretty good waiter, stood in their side.

    The waiter, is very sexy, convex, especially in the chest, it is bound in the roaring waves, white overalls, a vivid visual impact.

    The waiter, is Huang Yuling.

    At the outset, Qin Ge Chenlai Dan find Xiao Ya, Huang Yuling is the reception of the Qin dust, a taunt way.

    Unexpectedly, the dust by Qin Lian pharmacists examination, became an official by Xiao Lian pharmacists, and accord the Lord reception, suddenly scared out of their wits, Dan Ge waiter thought he will be released on the spot position.

    Did not think, Qin dust didn't put her in the heart, don't bother with an attendant of the same level, her attendant identity is retained.

    These days, she was trembling, not the slightest disrespect to the guests.

    But I want to catch a millionaire panlongfufeng idea, has never disappeared.

    This does not, see three wearing gold and jade, clear the identity of his men into Dan Ge, she can't wait to meet them first.

    Yo, the waiter Dan Ge, good temperament."

    See Huang Yuling, Qi's eyes, to touch her face is unable to restrain the emotions.

    "What do you want the guest you?"

    Huang Yuling was frightened, and hurried back to.


    Lv Yanglian coughed, reminded Wang qi.

    The king of Qi, what is good, the color is too little, see the beautiful girl, just can't control myself.

    Wang Qi could also react to situations, so smiling: "Oh, girl you don't worry, the Wang Zhao Rui Qi, Qi Qi's king, this is the holy blood is our master and workshop director Lu Yang, three of us came to Dan Ge, Liu is the master of light to see you Dan Ge please report about it."

    "Qi Wang?"

    So the flirting wanted to touch his man, unexpectedly is Qi Qi Wang, Huang Yuling heart a surprised.

    Just so their attitude, not to each other? If you say a few words about him in front of the steward, perhaps he will be out of Dan ge.

    "Yes, I'll report."

    Quickly turned to the work report on duty, but under the impatient, a step toward the Wei, will fall to one side.

    "Ah, be careful."

    To see such a good chance, Wang Qi quickly stepped forward, grabbed Huang Yuling, and hypertrophy of the palm of your hand, in her ass severely pinched.


    Huang Yuling was so scared, tears, but did not dare to shout, anxious face flushed, humiliated and fuming.

    See Huang Yuling's face, Zhao Qirui heart more impulsive, laughed at the body close to each other, hard kneading two.

    "Girl, you okay?"

    His mouth is flirting said, will soon take green eyes.

    "I'm fine!"

    Free from the hands of Zhao Qirui, Huang Yuling scared, stroked his hair turned away.

    God, this guy is a future.

    "Gee, I love the taste."

    Huang Yuling looked at the twisted ass step left, Zhao Qirui hit it hit the mouth, hey hey laugh.

    The side section and Lu Yang also laughed more.

    The other's face, is good, but the waiter Dan Ge wearing uniforms, but don't have a flavor.

    Is obscenity, a woman dressed in overalls in men, under the leadership of Huang Yuling came.

    "I heard three to find the master Liu Guang?"

    Three people looked at a glance, the steward, then directly asked.

    "It is." Wang Qi said proudly.

    "It is the master Liu Guang now feel shy, have something, if you three don't mind, you can come again next time."

    "The next time?" Wang Qi frowned: "do you know who we are? The king, the king of Qi blood shrine is a master, this is our workshop director Lv Yang, Liu master of light is looking for you, have something, please also report under."

    Think that they do not know their identity, Zhao Qirui details.

    Three sorry, master Liu Guang is really important, being inconvenient to come out to see the guest."

    The hall steward, status is not high, but the news is very well informed, that master Liu Guang and the court yesterday the main employer stayed in gezhu refining room, day and night will not come out.

    This time, who can report ah, excuse me gezhu refining, who will pay the responsibility? He can afford.

    "What will the king, even not see?"

    Zhao Qirui listens, suddenly angry.

    In his opinion, he is a kinsman of the emperor, He Qi big prince, Liu light even higher status, and not to face, it received it to?

    Now, one thing, was not even seen, don't put him in the eye.
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