#254  taste of wild herbs

    The 254th chapter taste of wild herbs

    The panic, Lu Yang soon returned to our workshop.

    The first time, put a few deputy director called, opening a good scolding.

    He rarely our workshop management affairs, in his opinion, which is certainly our workshop deputy director, Dan GE people offend.

    Several deputy director, called the pour dog's blood on is confused.

    The Lu Yang trouble like that? Usually in what matter, one up, to shout at them small, eat gunpowder?

    Could not help but frown, said: "the director Lu, you are not wrong? We are not idiot, how to get Dan Ge, which is not what misunderstanding?"

    "Yes, we have seen our Fang Dan Ge Lian pharmacists, what time is not respectful, even can't put a fart."

    "Don't say is Dan Ge, others like blood, holy temple and these forces, although we have shops in the city square, but we can never have, also don't tube ah."

    "The other side directly to the letter of explanation to the director, Lu Lu, is not your hands, where you have sinned against Dan Ge? Lead to dissatisfaction with each other?"

    This year, our workshop position, they several deputy director, had participated in the competition, it is The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea Gexianshentong.

    But Lu Yang do, the most thorough, his wife sent out, what opportunities have traveled.

    Finally, Lu Yang although successful competition is the position of director, but their deputy director, really despise Lu Yang, tone, is not how to respect.

    "You...... You piss me off......"

    See the deputy director at this time also sarcastic, Lu Yang to explode.

    What is the name of "I have sinned against Dan Ge? I would not offend Yang Lu, Dan Ge, is certainly our workshop at what problems do not give me good to get it right, really want to blame the Royal down, you bear?"

    Waved his hand, Dan Ge sent a letter of explanation on the table, Lu Yang shivering.

    The deputy director, picked up a letter of explanation, exchanging a look, look dignified.

    This letter of explanation, said very seriously, that from now on, Dan Ge and our workshop will no longer all any business, all agreements before, but also directly cancel.

    This tone, though not for his crimes, but also the basic.

    Also, the cover above the seal, it is the highest court house Dan Tang seal, apparently, is Dan Ge senior internal unified decision.

    Even the Lu Yang discontent, several deputy director, but also understand the seriousness of the problem, knowing the irony continues, not the way to find the source is a pressing matter of the moment, and make clear the reason, then the remedy.

    Otherwise, the director Lu Yang to have bad luck, their deputy director, certainly not better.

    As a result, our whole workshop instantly into action, have asked our recently between workshop and Dan Ge.

    Not for a moment, what happened today, the city square thing, spread to the ears of Lu Yang et al.

    A few people almost blew a old blood.

    Damn it, for a long time, the original is a few people, our workshop of the law enforcement team dare to dismantle Dan Ge audacious in the extreme, the special shop.

    This is not the old God of longevity - hanged too lives too long the rhythm?

    Let Lu Yang depressed, the lead of the captain, or even one of his distant cousin.

    Get the news Lv Yang nearly fainted.

    This fucking, not cheating, is the pit uncle ah!

    "Now let Luo Ling get out here, said the situation clearly."

    Lu Yang wanted to own this distant nephew, lived to split the hearts of all.

    I did not expect that, Luo Ling and his team of people, like the mysterious disappearance, all disappeared.

    The Lv Yang rush.

    What the Luo Linggan? Such a critical moment, had disappeared.

    This is the sudden death of his rhythm.

    "Give me the Secretary Fang to mobilize the whole people immediately, live or die, they will find Luo Ling, fast."

    The order, the Secretary General turmoil workshop moment.

    A group of our workshop staff, full of people looking for the king.

    Can either go to a few people in the home, or in the vicinity of some restaurants, but could not find this group of people.

    Finally, some people got the news, Luo Ling in several drunk before drinking sweet floor.

    In half an hour ago, has left, where have you been, nobody knows.

    "Not abscond with it?"

    Some people doubt.

    This time is too clever, half an hour ago, they were still drinking, at that time, it is our workshop ban Dan Ge notice down, then they disappeared.

    This a go, too coincidentally.

    Can send messages, silaixiangqu, only one Lu yang.

    After all, he is the first to get the news, then, he is also the uncle Luo Ling, have motive.

    In the conference room, several deputy director Lu Yang could not help but look to.

    "Lu director, at this time, whether it's your nephew out?"

    "Yes, this is no small thing, if the news reached the ears of his majesty, wrath down, you and I are unlucky ah."

    "Lu director, I did not sound good, this kind of thing, let alone a nephew, son, also have loyalty ah."

    "Do not do stupid things."

    Hear this words one after another several deputy director, Lu Yang gas crazy.

    "What do you mean you a mystifying? What do a foolish thing? Luo Ling is don't think I hide?"

    Take a table, about to explode, trembling.

    "I tell you, don't say that is my nephew, even my father made trouble, I won't hide Lu sb."

    Listen to the roar of Lu Yang, deputy director of several at a glance, but some believe.

    Who is Lu Yang? That's to director position, even his wife to play, do it, how to protect a nephew, risking his WuShaMao lost?

    Indeed some unlikely.

    As a result, the square where the kings started our relationship, crazy for people everywhere.

    Lu Yang they anxious mouth bubble are long out.

    Until midnight, people have learned Luo Ling news of them, he went to the West happily went to the brothel inside.

    And happy time, also drink a lot of wine, a drunk, ready in the brothel overnight.

    It couldn't find.

    A group of our workshop staff, said nothing, raising pigs, a few people carried home.

    A few people like to see Luo Ling, Lu Yang et al more gas is not one to play.

    They are very angry about this here, explosion, these guys are good, went to a happy go inside, it is a few people have the heart of punishment by hacking process.

    A pot of cold water, a few people woke Luo ling.

    "Uncle, what are you doing here? You are not going to spoil the spring on the floor? Don't want to change, try to eat table delicacies from land and sea navigation, wild herbs?"

    See Lu Yang, Luo Ling did not know what happened, drunk, is said.
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