The 253rd chapter was not the soul

    The 253rd chapter was not the soul

    "Oh, hate."

    The small peach heart of nausea and vomiting, but so charming a clap chest Yang lu.

    "I see you want it, hey hey hey."

    Our sound, Lu Yang a turn, the small peach under pressure in the body.

    "Puffing, puffing!"

    Gasping for breath, looked at the little peach in his body to mind, Lu Yang, can not help feeling pleasure.

    Just over two of the wine, before moving, just couldn't control myself.

    "Mom, yesterday just eat whip, what doesn't work?"

    Lu Yang is depressed, do not buy a fake fur seal.

    "Lu director, big bad!"

    The room door slammed by open, one always followed him around the entourage, the confound ran in.

    This is a surprise, the Lu Yang scared is a soft, directly rolled off the bed, the white body is like a pig, at a glance.

    Return to God, suddenly fly.


    Slap the human smoke fly, trembling with anger: "who let you come? Ah."

    "Yes, it is, under the house, just a major event, under a hurry, please forgive me, forgive me ah Lu!"

    The attendant shivering, dare not look up, don't panic and said.

    "What great things?"

    Eyebrow lift, director Lu angrily.

    This help to eat plain white rice eater, have what thing, I don't know, actually also referred to him here, disturb his good, just a bunch of waste.

    "Yes, men received the news, Dan Ge is going to terminate our workshop cooperation." The attendant said trembling.

    "On the lifting of the lifting of cooperation and cooperation, what's the big deal...... What...... What? You say who will cooperate with us to lift?"

    Director Lu said that in half, ablaze with anger, suddenly react, instant cold sweats.

    "Dan ge!" The following road.

    "Where's the news?"

    Lv Yangduo with her voice, all changed.

    Dan is a "Pavilion and we call our workshop you know men here, just give me the letter personally."

    The attendant will carefully a piece of paper, looked up and saw the sun white flower Lu body, hurried down heart, nausea and vomiting.

    Received the letter of explanation, see covered with Dan Ge seal, Lu Yang in front of a black, hunsi the past moment.

    "Come, come ah, Lu director fainted, fast rescue."

    The sound of screaming in the spring months floor instantly rang, a sudden burst of general turmoil.

    Spring Moon floor director Lu hunsi heard procuress in the room, one frighten mad, have rushed in, pinch pinch, press the temple according to the temple, and even direct artificial respiration.

    Lu Yang was a director of our workshop, Spring Moon floor of the big customer, and if he died here, Spring Moon floor sooner or later closed.

    "Small pink, what did you do to Lu director."

    A spring on the Floor Butler not squeeze into the anxious like ants on a hot pan, angry scold.

    "I didn't do what ah."

    Small pink almost cry, it is the director of his entourage Lu fainted off, what their own, just two seconds in the Lu Yang, what she wants to do this, the other did not do ah.

    "Catch you later."

    The steward angrily snorted, finally squeezed in.

    "Don't touch me to look at the situation."

    The eye of a moment in Lu Yang's body.

    "It is not Koro into abdomen?" The steward eyes a bright, thought to find disease, shouted: "get over the needle."

    "Shrink your sister ah, Xu steward, you don't have to lay off quickly to one side."

    "Yes, that place Lu director, was only so big."

    "We all experience, you have no experience, tinkering with what ah."

    Xu steward by several nianguobanbai the procuress say a face Speechless, half day speechless.

    On the side, have come, people get gestures for a long time, eyes aghast.

    "This is also too small? Is this is the legendary 'needle'?"

    "Look at the director Lu big and tall, so small."

    "No wonder when I heard his wife he gave dignitaries who play, not only angry, but also very satisfied."

    "There is this thing?"

    "Hey, this month Lian Chun Lu Yang several key buildings fifty pimps have experienced, the taste, out of the ordinary."

    After another long, Lu Yang did not wake up.


    See around so many people, almost scared out.

    "Lu director, you finally woke up."

    A group of pimps, face lit up, seemed to see his lover.

    "Let let let."

    Huiguoshenlai, Lu Yang quickly put on clothes, what are not, with the attendant ran out of spring on floor, shouting: "go back to our workshop."

    Sitting in the cart, along the way, Lu Yang very messy, unsettled.

    Dan Ge to our workshop to stop cooperation, this is a big thing.

    You know, any department Wang Dou, need to consume a large amount of medicine every year, nature also needs the cooperation and taking some medicine.

    What can cooperate and apothecary, he is not a little, can control, completely is royal orders.

    Some official forces basically big Qi, are famous royal order, allowing only cooperation and Dan ge.

    This one, involving the royal family and the understanding of these top forces Dan ge.

    In the day, Wu, blood, holy temple, Dan ge of such forces is very terrible, in any corner.

    At the same time, they are also responsible for the maintenance of each place.

    For example, in the northwest of five, very evil and powerful Xuemo wanted to teach, the invasion of five great powers, control of the entire northwest five.

    But for so many years, has not been able to succeed, in addition to five in the northwest against reason, more important, or blood, holy temple, Dan Ge, these forces to deter.

    Of these, the top ones, do not want to see them control of the region, is a mess.

    Because of this, the blood has not taught, on the northwest five, large-scale invasion.

    While the major forces do, is the official cooperation, and these top ones bound to get a guarantee.

    This is the northwest five major royal family by default.

    Therefore, for the official forces, cooperation and Dan Ge, that is a political task.

    In the first, Dan Ge to cancel the workshop and even our cooperation, Lu Yang scared heart disease to attack.

    This is Dan Club of his dissatisfaction with our workshop.

    He can take the position of director of workshop supervisor, spend a lot of energy, wantonly in the operation, there is some relationship.

    But if he knew our kingdom workshop with Dan Ge, he the director, that is absolutely minute by line.
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