#241  is about to cry

    The 241st chapter is about to cry

    "Well, you don't know this is serious, less dust let two people to come, what orders?"

    Liu Guang has always resolutely, know nothing of Qin dust never go to the temple, let two people come here, there is definitely something.

    Phenothiazine...... Command?

    A shiver, Zhang Fei surprised almost be burned tongue tea.

    The thought of Qin dust and let them find Liu Guang, and master Liu Guang what is friendship, can a little bit of a relationship.

    Look now, not so.

    Let Liu Guang say the master commanded word, this is definitely not a general relationship.

    Less dust and he, what is the relationship?

    "Is this......"

    My guess, Zhang Fei also dare not neglect, hurried Zhang problems, say.

    "Dan Ge to cancel your cooperation Zhang, and Zhang Fang in the city to dismantle your shop?" Liu Guang frowned, confused, turned to look at Chen Mu: "what is this?"

    Although Liu Guang is a noble position, but the deacon, head of Ge house, like the little things of natural medicinal materials procurement, not worth the bother with him.

    "I don't know, ask to know."

    Turn around, leave the VIP room.

    A little while, Chen Twilight followed him back, a middle-aged man named Wu Zhong, Dan Ge is responsible for a drug procurement and other aspects of the work.

    "Master Liu Guang." Wu Zhong steward, respectfully.

    "Well." Nodded, Liu Guang to Zhang Fei, sink a track: "this is the king of Zhang Zhang Fei, you put between Dan and Zhang Ge business dealings, said to me, what is it? All of a sudden, we cut and Zhang Dan Ge cooperation?"

    Liu Guang sounded cold and stern, not anger from Granville, Wu Zhong steward, scared legs soft.

    "Back to Liu master, the way it is." Wipe sweat, Wu Zhong steward quickly explained: "King Zhang, and we have Dan Ge medicinal herbs in the low-end exchanges, basically we Dan Ge, there is about 10%, but every year, Zhang, Zhang and we are not direct docking, but by Lee and I have and docking, Li's home. The king is rich, we control the low-end 50% year Dan Ge medicinal herbs procurement, so it should be Li and Zhang one-sided problem."


    Take a table, cup jumping, Liu Guang was gloomy, frighten people heart jump.

    "We took control of Dan Ge 50% low-end medicines procurement, the Li family what position? We can put the medicine Dan Ge, purchasing means, control in a family, such a big thing, who gives you the power to do? You are not my Liu Guang's Hall of the deacon in the eye?"

    Although Liu Guang is mainly responsible for Dan Ge house, but the Ministry of foreign affairs, he also has the right to call the shots.

    Wu Zhong steward is scolded but did not dare to refute, pour dog's blood on, constantly wiping sweat, heart Speechless extremely, way: "ordinary foreign business you never care, tell you, still think we bother you now say alchemy......"

    So the hearts of the heart, but did not dare to face, even explained: "Liu Guang steward, Lee and Dan Ge we cooperation, have a lot of time, and Lee Li Xun elders, is also a member of Ge Dan we build up the pharmacist, so......"

    "So what?" Liu Guang's face, even more ugly, look to kill, "the Li Xun, Li Xun hall is mixing drugs?"

    "It is."

    "Well, he Li Xun, a refined pharmacist but mixing drugs together, and not managers, what qualifications in your foreign affairs hall? Also, why we Dan Ge, Dan and Zhang cancelled cooperation in city square?"

    "Dan Fang city cooperation, has always been the Mu Hoon work management division of the city Dan Fang Ge, the men do not know ah."

    Wu Zhong steward, almost cry.

    This is what ah.

    He and Zhang, some stakeholders are not, how net to himself and fire.

    However, he also heard Lee Li Yaowen was steward master Liu Guang in the hall of pumping fly again, this time, I should have any rebuttal, nodding can not stop, did not dare to touch his brow.

    "Okay, Li Xunren? Let him get to come to see me."

    Liu Guang also know about Wu Zhong, after a lesson, turned to Zhang Fei and Zhang Ying chuckle: "two, you also heard, in this matter, did not know, otherwise, is not under the two please play the gangster, also have the opportunity to explain, less dust."

    "There are two, rest assured, I will urge the following, the first time to cooperate and Zhang, two do not know how?"

    Zhang Fei and Zhang Ying at a glance, unbearable way: "is not the issue of cooperation, but now Dan Ge, Zhang Fang said we sold in the city of immortality is substandard products, now combined with Lee and law enforcement team, we are tearing down Zhang shop, if we do not deal with, I'm afraid we Zhang shops. To be torn down, now less dust and the master of the house had gone to the US in the city square shop, but I'm afraid that they can not stop their li."

    "What? Less dust in the square?" Liu Guang suddenly stood up.

    "Master Liu Guang......" At this time, that Wu Zhong could not help in "master Li Xun is not in the refining medicine hall, morning went to city square, may find Mu Hoon to master, should...... In order to Zhang."


    Slapped, the VIP room table split, with crushing.

    Liu Guang was wroth, fierce drink a way: "he's the one who showed him the audacious in the extreme, the authority to do so?"

    Liu Guang is really angry.

    Li Xun used his connections to let Lee and Dan Ge cooperation, this is not what, after all, everyone is selfish, to their families to seek selfish, is not what matters.

    He has, by Dan Ge, suppress the other family, some of which is over.

    These years, Dan GE has been suppressed in the capital market, even in the treasure building such forces, also played some to buy Dan, Dan Ge, as well as to treasure the slogan of building.

    The Ministry of foreign affairs hall guy, instead of thinking about how to expand the market, improve competitiveness, but also engage in the crackdown of the other families gain things, no wonder these years, Dan Ge market increasingly decline.

    Thanks to less dust shortly before the effects of Qi Dan to make prescription, getting in the name of the first king Pavilion, up again.

    Now don't crack down, some people, I am afraid to reverse.

    Two, we immediately went to the city square, I'd like to see this, Li Xun and Mu hoon, what the heck."

    At present, Liu Guang mustered the people, with Zhang Ying et al., quickly went to the city square.

    Wang Fang town.

    This is a racket.

    Zhang in front of the shop, had gathered a large crowd of three floors and three floors, crowded around the racket.
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