#239  Keepsake

    The 239th chapter Keepsake


    Lying on the floor of the Li Yaowen, also shazhuban called up, eyes red, like to eat people.

    "Captain Chen, is on, the two of them, two waste Zhang, dare to beat me, he can hit a slap in the face is not only me, and we face Dan Ge and dignity, Captain Chen you quickly put the two of them took place,"."

    "Well, come ah, the two of them scored, if the opposition, kill with lawful authority."

    Waved, Captain Chen said cold, cold eyes.

    Captain Chen "wait a minute, there is a misunderstanding, misunderstanding."

    Zhang Fei turned pale, hurried forward to explain, but the hearts: "dead, this is what to do."

    "Misunderstanding? What misunderstanding? I hit on Dan Ge, whether it is not a misunderstanding, don't have good fruit to eat, take off."

    A hand, the captain Chen did not listen to Zhang Fei explanation.

    They also have, Dan Ge, but Wu day, one of the biggest forces, even the big Qi division, in the whole nation, is one of the leading forces.

    Now some people here to make trouble, whether or not the misunderstanding, the first two people to take a lesson.

    "Wait a minute."

    In Zhang Fei helpless, heart sank completely when Zhang Ying step forward, as the cold Chen captain: "Sir, we are looking for someone to Dan Ge, I advise you to clarify the situation, don't miss."

    "Looking for someone?"

    Captain Lee just noticed Zhang Ying, but he is not old, but already, for up to the late peak level, and exude a sense of momentum, different from the ordinary Wu, the sharp eyes will come, have given him an invisible pressure.

    A boy genius!

    "Who are you looking for?"

    Frown, Captain Lee dare not underestimate, cold drink.

    "It was a Liu Guang Lian pharmacists."

    Zhang Ying opening.

    "Yes, we are looking for Liu Guanglian pharmacists."

    Zhang Fei hastily.

    Pray, Qin introduced enough reliable dust.

    "Liu Guang?"

    Captain Chen gawks, eyebrows furrowed, looked dignified: "you should find Liu Guang deacon?"


    Zhang Fei one leng.

    On the way, Zhang Fei would not stop speculation, the light in the Dan Liu Ge what status, will not be an apprentice, but unexpectedly, unexpectedly is Ge Dan deacon.

    He has to deal with and Dan Ge, Ge know Dan deacon, not the general character, but Dan Ge top, than the general work of what, too strong, often a product of refined pharmacist, who may not have the conditions as.

    "Good!" See each other do not know Liu Guang is a deacon, so come looking, Captain Chen frowned and said: "if you find the master Liu Guang?"

    "This......" Zhang Fei hesitated, said: "we come here, to find the master Liu Guang is really have something, please sir, please inform."

    "Don't listen to that guy."

    See captain Chen attitude better, lying on the ground, Li Yaowen, rush hurriedly jumped up.

    "Captain Chen, you can't be two of them to cheat, they Zhang, but is a perennial Dan family, followed us Li hunfanchi will know Liu Guang is certainly not a deacon, from where the name sounds, want to get away."

    His teeth speak like a fan, groan and moan cried, excited under the tear to the wound, the pain grimace in pain.

    "You can find master Liu Guang, what?"

    Li Yaowen said, is not impossible, Chen immediately asked the captain.

    "?" Zhang Fei was a preserve, Qin dust may not give him what token, "Qin Qin dust master home, let us come."

    Qin dust?

    All the people are one Leng, the name why so familiar?

    Are you saying that the private house of Qin son, also what master, I bah, this guy would be out by Qin home, still want to pull Qin Jia tiger, is ridiculous."

    Li Yaowen did not laugh: "moreover, Liu Guang deacon what identity, that's our top two product Dan Ge Lian pharmacists, it is one of his illegitimate child, the node can?"

    Two build up the pharmacist?

    Hear the words of Li Yaowen, Zhang Fei as body, and nearly fainted.

    Qin did not think dust let him come to people, so noble identity.

    At this moment, Zhang Fei's heart could not help but fear a panic.

    Let him come to dust if Qin is a product of refined pharmacist, he may be a little more confident, two to build up the pharmacist what identity? But Ge Dan deacon, such figures, even every Li, also want to curry favor, Qin dust and he will have much friendship?

    Think of all the impossible!

    "Captain Chen, do not ask, this guy clearly results in disruption, out of the Liu Guang deacon A great calamity is at hand., at first, to avoid the disaster."

    Endure the pain, Li Yaowen hands a pendulum, eyes flashed the light of malice.

    Captain Chen heart hesitate, looked up and saw Zhang Fei panic.

    According to Li Yaowen, immediately thought, Li Yaowen guess, pretty close.

    "Well, you two, you and I are rioting in Dan Ge, even posing as Liu master of light friends, really eat the bear heart."

    In anger, the Teng is lit.

    Waved his hand, Zhang Fei and Zhang Yingzhua come directly to the photo, which is to be yourself, two people will be suppressed.

    "What's the matter? What is so noisy!"

    Seeing his attack is going to fall, a cold to hum the sound, suddenly came.

    Turned to see a man wearing a robe from the cauldron, the hall came out, the ugly face is very unhappy.

    "Chen mu master."

    Everyone is surprised, Captain Chen hurried off, bowed.

    To is Chen twilight.

    "Chen Mu master, you just come, this is the two kings Zhang man, to my reckless, Dan Ge trouble, also beat me, my master Chen twilight, Li Yaowen is a steward of Dan Ge, but somehow also Dan Ge, the two people so lawless, please master of decision for me."

    See Chen mu, Li Yaowen exultation, hurried up crying.

    He pointed to the side of the high swollen face, crying is called a sad.

    They Lee and Chen mu, the relationship is quite good, every year there will be some filial piety, now see Chen twilight, like to see the backbone.

    "There is this thing?"

    Chen Mu listens, gas explosion, the sharp eyes staring over, with Sen cold.

    "How dare you, dare I ge Chen Dan in trouble, Captain, how did you deal with it? Haven't they arrested two fanatics? Your guard captain, how?"

    His pop drink, shook the whole hall rumbling, all the crowd of people, could not help shaking his head, one face sad look at Zhang Fei and Zhang Ying.

    This offended Zhang, who is not good, even against Lee, Lee Dan Ge in what relationship? Minutes to kill you, simply do not know the day highland.
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