#238  is a slap in the face

    The 238th chapter is a slap in the face

    Zhang Fei's face suddenly changed.

    "Li Yaowen, what do you mean?"

    Groaned, Zhang Fei Mou, with anger.

    "What I mean? Don't you understand? The master of the house he material right, you really will come Zhang, Dan Ge for help, don't look down their own virtue, this is Dan Ge, you can come to where?"

    Sneer at repeatedly, Li Yaowen a look of disdain.

    As the core staff of the Li family, he naturally know, Zhang family of award.

    And this morning, the master of the house and he said, let him pay attention, if Lee's people dare to go to Dan Ge, directly away.

    He did not believe, he Zhang what virtue, dare to Dan Ge? That is the master of the house, casually said.

    Can not think of, see 2 people, immediately stepped forward to act up.

    "Li Yaowen, we are here to find Dan Ge, a refined pharmacist, I advise you, not too much."

    Crush the anger, Zhang Fei low head, bite road.

    Now the situation is stronger than people, even by Li Yaowen nose scold, Zhang Fei he can only endure, did not dare to attack.

    "Oh, look up the pharmacist? You can find Zhang, what up the pharmacist? I tell you, no matter who you find today are of no use, come, hurry back to where we don't in the door with Dan Ge pestle, like two idiot like."

    Said Li Yaowen impatiently mystifying, waving, like flies in a hurry.

    He and Zhang have done business for decades, Zhang, he does not understand? Which know what is wanted to clear up the pharmacist, Dan Ge, luck.

    What's more, even if Zhang Jiazhen knew that Lian pharmacists can how? It is not only a nodding acquaintance with deep ties, what.

    Li Dan Ge, business for so many years, understanding the refined pharmacist, as long as people get beyond count, a word can be Zhang, instant collapse.

    At this time.

    This movement, also attracted a lot of people around, one by one, have come to see.

    "This is not Zhang Zhang Fei?"

    "Yes, he should be in front of that, Lee Li Yaowen elder."

    "We are king Dan Zhang family, not always in the Lee family to work, how to make up?"

    "It is not clear that both sides make contradiction?"

    "There is such a thing? Zhang this is suicide? Lee what identity? Wang Dan rich, has a relationship with Dan Ge, heard an elder of the Li family, is a refined pharmacist Dan Ge, offended Lee, Zhang also want to live?"

    The crowd watched Zhang Fei two people, There were many discussions. That is not good.

    These two guys, I don't go, it is not self inflicted humiliation?

    You two, don't go, don't roll, believe me or not, directly get you out?"

    Li Yaowen steward, superior oblique eyes, McCain two people, a pair of nostrils, sent directly to the sky.

    Zhang Fei shivered, but Speechless retort.

    "Uncle, what is this guy? So arrogant?"

    See Zhang Fei does not speak, Zhang Ying could not help, the old view.

    This cocky guy, although the momentum is not small, but also for local post peak, as the uncle, uncle why so afraid of him?

    "He is the Li family elders, but also a responsible foreign Dan Ge steward."

    "Foreign affairs? The identity is very high?" Zhang Ying frowned.

    "In Dan Ge, but identity is not high, but for our family, but not to offend."

    Zhang Fei smile.

    Foreign work, in fact, Dan Ge inside, what is not high, only a small figure.

    However, Zhang is just a small family, even if it is a foreign affairs Dan Ge, did not dare to offend.

    "Since the identity is not high, and he also entangled what a little, just a waste of breath, let's just get done, or late, our shop will be removed." Zhang Ying Speechless road.

    Ignore Li Yaowen, strides go inside.

    "Your boy, what you want to do?"

    His face suddenly changed, Li Yaowen put the body in front of Zhang Ying, her eyes suddenly darkened.

    Zhang Ying and Zhang Fei's conversation, he also heard a small child, dare say they are little, it is.


    A horrible smell, crackdown on Zhang Ying.

    "A Ying, not rash, we go out to discuss."

    Zhang Feisheng was afraid to lose Zhang Ying, hurried forward, trying to pull him out.

    Can go two steps, Zhang Fei face, suddenly dull to live.


    See Zhang Ying, a direct hand, slap on Li Yaowen's face, he will smoke flew out instantly.


    A blood spray, Li Yaowen spits out a few teeth, the many people lying on the ground, eyes in a daze, are ignorant of pumping force.

    The end of the end.

    Just want to pull Zhang Ying Zhang Fei, saw this scene, as body, almost fainted.

    Then how is Li Yaowen, Dan GE's steward, is Dan GE people within the system.

    We come to the people, not what emboldened, even Liu wonder what is not clear, you go directly to the Li Yaowen pumping to fly.

    This is Dan Pavilion Hall.

    You can draw a slap in the face, not only Lee Li Yaowen, is Dan Ge face ah.

    But to Li Yaowen's character, can kill you.

    "You...... You dare to call me, presumptuous, presumptuous, who give you face, dare Dan Ge in the wild, I kill you."

    Sure enough, before being pumped at past Li Yaowen, suddenly wake up, jumped up from the ground level, the peak for later release to the extreme, like claws lunged at Zhang Ying.

    "Lee steward, have something to say."

    Zhang Fei hurried forward, this time, have no way, to recognize counsels again, otherwise Dan Ge obsequies down, Zhang Jia minutes will be rolling.


    The response to Li Yaowen, Zhang Ying is also a slap in the face.

    The blow, Zhang Ying used the undead chaos tactic force, directly Li Yaowen full of broken teeth all smoke flew out, like a dead dog lying on the ground, half of the face, swollen like Steamed Buns.

    "A foreign work, with representative Dan Ge, do not see own virtue."

    Clap your hands, Zhang Ying a face of disdain.


    The silence of the dead.

    The Dan Ge hall, like hell, quiet even a needle with hair standing on end, drop could be heard.

    "Come, come, some people rioted in Dan Ge, somebody!"

    A scream came from the nearby Dan Ge a waiter in the mouth, immediately behind the pouring out of a large number of armored warrior helmet body, Hula will Zhang Fei and Zhang Ying give up around.

    "Who is in our Dan Ge now?"

    The leader Wu, face is dark, armor was wrapped tightly, revealing only a pair of cold eyes, emitting cold breath, coldly stared at Zhang Fei and Zhang Ying.

    He smelled, setting and not scattered, is actually a day late stage strong, and behind him that group of Wu, also the extraordinary momentum, obviously is a strong level of day.

    "Captain Chen, they are, is their hand, beat Li steward."

    The clerk, pointing to Zhang Fei and Zhang Ying cried, trembling voice.
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