#227 .

    The 227th chapter.

    "This is not the boy who kill kill? Did you hear the boy said this is Qin, Qin dust, the poison killed three Prince and read the promise?"

    Yuchi Mouguang into hatred, murderous, teeth: "moreover, the three Prince and read endless dead in the day before yesterday, at that time, the big two disciples sent out, also said the three Prince and read the promise is the siege of Qin dust and purple smoked, today, two of them did not three, the prince and the promise is just read die at that time, not kill them, and who is killed?"

    Here, Weichi Cheng's murder even more, staring at the Qin dust, anxious gathers up the skin, bite the bone.

    Ling Zhong also looked at Qin dust, eyes of the beholder, no secret.

    Qin in the side, with a smile.

    He asked, is this effect.

    Now, look at the Qin dust, also how proud.

    A trace of malice in his eyes, fleeting.

    "Wei Tianming, so much evidence together, what do you have to say."

    Wei Tianming was stunned, speechless.

    The day before yesterday that he knows how, at that time, also ridiculed the Yuchi Xiao war a war and Qi Xiao learned that the princess in crisis, was also extremely worried.

    Murphy, Cao Heng and read endless really kill the Qin dust?

    For a time, people have to see Qin dust.

    The child is so young, can kill Cao Heng and read the promise, too exaggerated?

    "The evidence, you said that I just guess where is the evidence?"

    At this time, Qin dust suddenly open.

    "At this time, you want to defend?" Yuchi into was a heavy, cold hum.

    "How?" Qin dust was: "do you think, my strength, can kill Cao Heng and read the promise?"

    Yuchi into one Leng, carefully look at Qin dust.

    Indeed, Qin dust was too young, if he can kill Cao Heng and read the promise, for before, how he did not believe.

    But now, all the evidence together, can not help but he does not believe.

    "Well, really, with your strength, really hands-on, perhaps even the hairs of his royal highness Cao Heng couldn't touch, but the Qin reveals, you are poisoned with Cao Heng highness, such despicable means, hated by both man and God, how can I forgive you?"

    Yuchi into cold hum, indifference to Wei Tianming, saying: "Wei Tianming, if this with real strength, kill three prince, I have nothing to say, but now, he cheated by Cao with constant highness, I want three prince, justice."

    "I should say you are a pig brain, or that you are stupid?" Qin sneer at Yuchi into dust.

    "What do you say?"


    Weichi Cheng, a sudden outbreak of terrorist atmosphere, fierce, almost did not directly go out.

    He is a great master in his first state of Wei, Wei country, no one to talk to him and respect, now even by a young and ignorant boy called a pig, how not to anger?

    "Isn't it? This is my country Qinfeng, Qi disciple, and my brother is Qin dust, intentional words, don't you feel a bit strange?" Qin said the dust a faint smile on one's face.

    He looked calm, indifferent tone, even at this time, can not see the slightest panic, stands in the crowd.

    Not even take this opportunity away from Ling Zhong and Yuchi, but stood still, if not two people in mind.

    This tolerance, immediately to the presence of many strong forces secretly shocked, a cheeky surprise.

    This is so courage and grace, the future will be extraordinary achievement.


    Yizheng Yuchi again, immediately sneer: "so what? He didn't say the wrong thing, exposing your highness with Cao constant truth."

    "No wrong?" Qin dust touched the nose, "I'm afraid that only you will believe? For any one of the big family the other disciples will not believe."

    "What do you mean?" Yuchi into a frown.

    "Who knows, and I never had in Qin, it also spent his younger brother Qin Fen, Qinfeng hated me, and even invited me in life and death battle King Taiwan, I would die, it can be said that the Qin wish me to die here, how can a wrong."

    There is such a thing?

    Yuchi into one Leng, and Ling Zhong at a glance, puzzled.

    To tell the truth, Qin and Qin dust between things, maybe other people know, but they will pay attention to how the identity is not such a trivial matter.

    However, from the other disciple Qi expression, it seems true.

    At the same time, this also has the big Wei's disciples told them the truth, secretly speaking, they heard the rumors, Qin and Qin dust, very wrong, there have been intense conflict.

    "This can explain what?" Yuchi into sneer.

    "Say you stupid, you are really stupid." Qin dust scorn: "you think, Cao Heng and read no in this time survival assessment, there is no ready? Before, they were waiting for me, take the initiative, in this case, if I poison, and a success rate?"

    Yuchi and Ling Zhong at a glance, lost in thought.

    Indeed, Cao Heng and promise to read for dust in Qin, and two people to take the lead, together, even if the dust to Qin poison, the probability of success is very low.

    "The funny thing is, the Qinfeng, vowed that I poisoned with Cao Heng and read the promise, that is to say, he should be observed in the vicinity of the war, at that time, I think two, and the Qin Feng, who are able to kill Cao Henghe read endless?"


    Two people have to see a cold Mouguang, Qin dust.

    To tell the truth, the whole five genius, most likely to kill Cao Heng and read the promise, only two people, one is the Tianzong Ling quiet snow, another one is the qin.


    Two, don't listen to this nonsense of Qin dust......" Qinfeng face, not by a change, as the cold dust Qin: "this son is just want to transfer your goal, don't be fooled, Cao Heng and read the promise, is killed by the Qin dust."

    The act of Qin, let everyone stunned, also let the people react, Qin dust said he and Qin grudges, not false, but true.

    So, before Qin unintentionallylosing, obviously was not careless.

    This is really vicious, Qin, actually thought and Zhongzhi Yuchi Ling hand, Qin will kill dust, such efforts, let all people to guard against.

    "Oh? You say that Cao Heng and I read endless is killed, and then made visible you at that time, on the spot, then you tell me, what poison me with this, Cao kill Heng and read endless?" Qin said the dust a faint smile on one's face.

    Everyone nodded, look to the qin.

    Yes, you said Qin dust poison murdered two people, so what the virus, you should know.

    Qin made a face, Qin Cao Heng and read dust kill promise, no poison, but by virtue of strength.

    But, in view of the Qin dust repair is too low, he deliberately said before Qin dust poison to stab in the back, and read endless Yuchi believe, who knows, now the stone on his feet.


    Qinfeng eyes flash, said: "I know what poison you, I just saw Cao Heng and read endless poison in your body, it cannot condense, not your opponent, you will let the two of them, brutally murdered."

    Qinfeng will own poisoning, said.
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