#226  block

    The 226th chapter block

    This sudden scene, makes everyone shocked.

    "Everyone is back."

    Xiao Zhan was surprised anger, a roar, even stand in all people before.

    His coat gown calm automatically, a terrible vehemence, rises rapidly from him, and then punched out into to weichi, to stop him.

    "Xiao Qi's war, you kill my big Wei in the three disciples of the prince, also want to stop me? Today I even the life, also want to kill this boy."

    A bully who Yuchi roar, momentum unabated, hum, and a red glow from him to bloom, releasing hot breath.


    Two people with an iron fist and collision in the void, only to hear the thunder exploding, crashing the entire site exploded, Xiao war feet, rock explosion instantly, the debris splash, shocking.

    The feet tightly pressed to the ground, Xiao war feet motionless, and then into Yuchi a somersault, falling in the distance.

    However, Xiao war stopped into the side of the Yuchi, Ling Zhong elders, but no one stop, one of his two claws, to quickly seize the Qin dust, Canary claw, black halo emerge to tear the void.

    "Ling Zhong, Hugh to punish the murderer."

    In general Yan Huai Qi to stop shouting, bite the face up.

    "For you, I want to stop?" See Yan Huai Zhong Ling shot, not by a sneer, two people play, bang, Yan Huai spit blood, inverted out.

    He is a warrior, and Ling Zhong peak level day late, early a repair is as high Daxuan level, how to be Ling Zhong's rival.

    "Well, Too Big for Her Skin." Ling Zhong sneer, cold eyes, black claws, leaned to the Qin dust.

    The Canary claw yet to come, a terrible gas machine, has been tied around the Qin dust, other genius of Qi, have issued exclaimed.

    "Less dust."

    "Less dust carefully."

    Purple, Zhao Lingshan, Zhao Wei, and Wang Qiming et al., cheeky surprise, while blooming momentum, actually have to draw a weapon, Ling Zhong shot.

    At this moment, in the dust around the Qin Qi disciple, there is no one back, a towering momentum, shine upon them, to compete and Ling Zhong.

    "Uppity." Ling Zhong sneer, eyes flashed a cold long grass, these country Qi disciple if you don't mind, not to know good from bad, they were all beheaded, is rarely read without sovereign burial.

    "We are back."

    Qin dust slightly touched, and step forward, all the people stopped behind.

    His body, to the God Emperor nine Jue Ling Zhong Qi, lock body a flaw, the desire to play thunderclap.

    At this moment, even risked exposure strength, never let the purple smoked for their adventure et al.


    Suddenly, a roaring sound, came from the sky, followed by the hurricane howling, a huge shadow, they fell head, with a violent wind, toward the Ling zhong.


    Zhong Ling heart was shocked, under strong crisis, in spite of the shot, Qin dust quickly turned out a claw.


    Two claw collision dint spreads, Ling Zhong Qi and blood in vain, groggy.

    Looked up, a huge eagle animal blood, sky, its claws are dense, look sharp, on the back of the eagle, offer a person sitting, cold as below.

    The "Green Eagle Claw, is genpo master."

    "Ha ha, good, Yuanfeng original master is here, I thought he was gone."

    "Yuanfeng master in the school, the ghost Xian Ling Zhong no longer wanted."

    Qi country party, his disciples came suddenly excited shouting.

    Our brother, please stop Ling Zhong."

    Xiao war spirits.

    "Well, a first grade animal, see how I kill him."

    Zhong Ling cold hum, Green Eagle Claw breath although terror, but only the day blood beast, he condensed Qi, a claw ripped out again.

    "A dreadful clamor!"

    A black shadow claw, sky, with sharp Ming Ming, Nasensen ghostcrawler, a black skull and claw in Qing Ying who tore a few pieces of feathers.

    Green Eagle Claw injured, wailing.

    Ling Zhong grin, again pounce on.


    Yuanfeng master bate, claw Qing Ying is his consuming large energy flight blood beast before finally quickly, unexpectedly is Ling Zhong so angry, bullying, slapped.


    Ling Zhong was flying out of shock, fell on the ground, the body blood surge, barely spews out a blood.

    He looked aghast, Yuanfeng gaze.

    The other really vigorous, but above him, apparently mysterious level mid strong, what time and Qi sent a strong level of this mysterious?

    "Yuchi, stop."

    "Ling Zhong, here are five specific assessment, not your hands."

    At this time, Wei Tianming and others also have to react, have complete drink opening.

    The Wei Tianming body form in a flash, instantly appear in front of the Yuchi, detonation, strong strength from his body broke out, instantly trying to strike violently Xiao divided into open warfare and yuchi.

    He was really force cohesion, seem to be a statue of the towering mountains, Xiao and Yuchi into two master barrier on both sides.

    At the same time, he waved his hand, an invisible force was swept out in awe, Ling Zhong elders who, apparently as long as Ling Zhong have the slightest changes, will brazenly shot, without mercy.

    In the sky, blue eagle claw felt Wei Tianming smell, a ringing, not flying down.

    Suddenly, Wei Tianming, shocked four master, northwest five first master strength, show at a glance.

    "Wei Tianming, the son of big Wei kill me three Prince Cao Heng, today, I will kill him."

    Yuchi into teeth, with murderous roar again and again.

    "Yes, I killed the ghost fairy sent less suzerain, today let me die, how to explain the sovereign."

    Ling Zhong complexion dark, almost a ice cold.

    "Here is the five majority, how can you killing people you two are the top five strong northwest, not even the manners." Wei Tianming was a heavy.

    Five large, the purpose is to reduce the disputes between countries, so a genius set competition.

    Since it is a competition, and survival assessment, people will naturally fall.

    Therefore, no matter what happens in the five large, the force can play.

    This is almost five hundred years than the conventional. If everyone as disciple fall, and find other forces of trouble, so that there is no five large, than meaning.

    "Yuchi, five large, a genius fall each year, and you know, not because you prince Wei Guosan fall, will break the rules."

    "Yes, I remember ten years ago, the Blackstone prince, also fall in this one place, but at that time, Gu Xuan in Blackstone but did not say a word."

    "You do, but some out of bounds."

    Not only is Wei Tianming, the other strong forces, this time also all have discouraged.

    Five large after the investigation, it is years of conventional things, and now the Yuchi Ling Zhong actually want to break the rules, naturally attracted everyone's dissatisfaction.

    What's more, when the survival of the assessment, the two Huan jumping around, then all the forces of the strong, the heart of Ledu too, and it will help.

    "And, as you have evidence to prove that the Yuchi, Cao Heng is dead in the dust of the Qin Dynasty?"

    Wei Tianming, it is argued, mild tone.
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