#225  gaffe

    The 225th chapter gaffe

    Suddenly, everyone is shocked, half day speechless.

    The northwest five days, do you want to change?

    Forty-five people through the examination, this country is to Qi Da Liang's first power position, to take away.

    "Lord Wei Tianming, you have just reported the number is not a mistake?"

    Yes, some of the data, it is not normal?"

    The crowd is to pass people doubt, immediately attracted other people's favor.

    This is a survival assessment, big Wei, only eight people through the examination, the ghost Fairy school, only eleven people, there are forty-five people in Qi.

    This data is completely normal, belong to:


    "Gentlemen, I carefully reviewed the beam in and out of the data reported, completely correct, no mistakes, the material is also available for verification."

    Wei Tianming smile, also feel unbelievable, even, he also felt there was a mistake in the data.

    However, all the evidence sealed in the side, you can access at any time, and not what he said is wrong, it is wrong.


    The crowd was in at a loss about what to do.

    Since the dawn of Liang Wei said so, then, the data should be on, without resort to deceit.

    Just, Qi country how could there be so many disciples through the examination? How do they do it?

    Looking ahead.

    Qi country disciple although the overall strength is not weak, the level of talent, there are also more than 30.

    However, these people also fully prepared to, to pass the examination.

    But now, not only are they passed the examination, many cities mid Wu also passed the examination, which is almost Arabian Nights.

    What's more, Qi country in a few days before the examination, were knocked out of the disciples, almost is the largest, the sudden a large outbreak, let everyone yunliwuli, also do not understand how.

    At this time, the big Qi disciples, they all looked at a few people appreciate Qin dust.

    Of all people, only they know why.


    At that moment, a voice chuckle, suddenly came, he saw that the last registration results one boy, smile to the team.

    "Who are you?" Qi country, Zhang Yi suddenly frown.

    "Zhang Yi, you don't even know me?"

    The withered youth, walking smile, tear off a skin mask from the face, suddenly reveal a handsome face.

    "Are you...... Qinfeng, how do you......"

    Zhang Yi the man speak, the other big Qi disciple looked shocked.

    This guy really is just before the Qinfeng, wearing leather mask, no wonder it looks like.

    "Qin, your hand......"

    Then, all the people will be focusing upon on Qin's arm, the hearts of tempestuous waves rolled up.

    Qin, is the first genius, and one of the three players, only the mid day stage is blood pool of breakthrough.

    In his practice, according to the truth, to run, in the days of how, being broken arm?

    "Oh?" Qinfeng smiled, sounded shrill, piercing cold eyes fleeting, said: "I am in the first place, a head of animal blood, the blood beast, very cunning despicable, accidentally, he was attack succeeded, fortunately, God is very kind to me is, so I was able to escape I think, let me also to have the opportunity to go after to pay off old scores you say is dust, brother?"

    Qin said, looking at Qin dust, smiling, eyes deep, but like a scorpion.

    All surprised, what can be struck dumb, blood beast, Qinfeng will hurt like this?

    "Oh, this is not necessarily Qinfeng brother, before you, too high-profile, the meaning of God, perhaps is to let you and just as, turn tail man, make only superficial changes, you don't get me wrong."

    Qin dust laughed, since the Qin want to play, then accompany him to play.

    In the last two days of the assessment, the dust has searched the Qin Qin figure, want to spare none.

    But strangely, the other great atmosphere hidden, as if lost, let Qin dust no harvest.

    However, the other day, Qin did not fear the dust, and now he lost all his arm, treasures taken, Qin dust more natural not in your heart.

    "Ha ha ha, dust brother you joke." Qin laughed and smiled: "before I was also to low-key, make only superficial changes, like your brother dust......"

    "Oh, yes." Suddenly, Qinfeng a hearty laugh: "this time we can have so many people through the examination, but also thanks to the dust if you make your brother, killing Cao Heng and read the promise, how can I have so much Qi through the examination, this time, big Wei Xian and ghosts send your heavy casualties badly, but liledagong ah, your Majesty must know, will be rewarded."


    Read "Wuji and Cao Heng is killed by Qin dust?"



    Qinfeng voice down, like a bomb exploded in the crowd, suddenly hongranzuoxiang.

    "Qin, what nonsense."

    Purple smoke frown, Li immediately drink.

    "This...... But I see, don't you, I remember, you were also with Purple Princess, read Wuji and Cao Heng, ambush, to begin to you, however, Qin dust ready, secretly poisoned, so read Wuji and Cao Heng unguarded, finally he killed you. The two were to escape, isn't it?"

    Qinfeng mouth, confused, suddenly, he seems to think what, look around the eyes of various powers, hurried to cover your mouth: "should I read is wrong, Wuji and Cao Heng, was killed, the first test of the blood beast, that is."

    He seems to say ah ha, look, but in other people's eyes, make up after suddenly turned into the tongue.

    "It is not, don't read Cao Heng and Wuji really was killed by Qin dust? The Qin dust strength, less likely?"

    "Didn't you hear it said Qin, Qin dust poison in the dark, and Cao Heng did not read no preparedness, just the way."

    "If this is true, it is really possible."

    The crowd was in There were many discussions.

    "You......" Purple and shortness of breath, staring at Qingfeng, just want to say what, suddenly --

    "Well, I had big Wei's three prince, is killed by Qin you dust, I have three prince to life."


    A terrible roar, from afar, shook everyone ear pain, see not far into the messy Yuchi, suddenly clear eyes, anger toward Qin rushed over hard dust.

    "Qin dust, you kill my ghost Xian were less suzerain, give me the life of the Na comes."


    Yuchi side, Ling Zhong also suddenly soared, with blooming machine, shot to beat Qin dust.

    Two eyes red, do not give a chance to defend Qin dust, brazenly shot, will be in this under the watchful eyes of the people, "Qin dust.
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