#224  record

    The 224th chapter record


    Deng dengdeng.

    Back a few steps, and Yuchi Ling Zhong as body, face a dead.

    "Dead...... Dead."

    Two people almost cried.

    Unexpectedly didn't want to happen, this actually happened, let them go, and how to master your majesty?


    Two people like a bolt from the blue, was an instant hit.

    At this time, not far from the examination, has come to an end.

    Six hundred or seven hundred players out of the 11 registration results, the remaining few.

    Among them, Qin dust only paid a blood crystal ten head beast blood middle level.

    Purple Princess smoked them, is also so.

    For them, as long as the first round of assessment will be, for the rest of the blood crystal, placed in the body, has value, in addition to enhance military blood cultivation, can also be used to alchemy, even sell, can also sell high prices.

    Do not need to be too prominent, all paid up, anyway, do not get extra reward.

    "Ha ha ha ha, good, purple hoon, you're OK, is really too good." Qin dust they registered marks, just out of the ground, Xiao had a look of excitement and meet up.

    "Less dust, purple smoke princess, this two days we all thought you worried......"

    Bai Jing also walked up and cried.

    "What nonsense, with less dust and smoke Purple Princess by accident like people? With the cao......" Wong chin laughed at the side.

    Voice did not fall, but white quiet once interrupted, "hush, who said what, less dust and smoke Purple Princess went out safely."

    "Yes, my big mouth is." Wong chin hurried excuse, a guilty look at a place and Ling Zhong weichi.

    Cao Heng and read endless things did not come out, here has spread, he also heard some groundless talk if the state of Wei, and the ghost fairy people know less about school and dust, probably will not let go.

    After the ordeal, Huang Qin of dust, is thoroughly impressed, loyal.

    "Oh, how did not see Qin?"

    At this time, Xiao war suddenly frown.

    The great genius of the registration results, all together, there is no shadow of qin.

    "Yes, Qinfeng go?"

    "He's my the first genius, in the spirit of the day break blood pool level and the middle of the strong, not read endless, did not come out?"


    All the people are one leng.

    "He is not on the side of it."

    Suddenly, Qin dust up, look at the last registration that a disciple.

    The disciple, looks haggard, thin stature, but also without an arm, is an armed man.

    "Qin dust, you are wrong? Qinfeng which is like this."

    Who knows, very handsome lengao, Qin long extraordinary momentum, the armed men, very distressed, two people can not beat the eight pole.

    Qin dust giddy is too serious, it can be mistaken?

    Moreover, Qinfeng or his brother? According to the truth, who can admit, Qin dust should not be mistaken.

    All dumbfounded, crazy.


    It is Xiao war, frowned, seemed to see what clues.

    At this time, is already at noon, the assessment of the staff, have all grades are documented.

    Transfer the ground, Wei Tianming walked back, picked up the results list, announced the beginning of the first round of the assessment list.

    "Northwest five first round of survival assessment, a total of one thousand nine hundred and forty-three participants, a total of two hundred and thirty-six people through the examination. The first round of assessment, namely, Ling Tianzong quiet snow, Xia Zun, Wu thousand days......"

    A name, from the mouth of Wei Tianming reported that the major forces strong, waiting.

    This list, only the hands of Wei Tianming. It is related to their major forces into the second round of the number, of course, if there is what meaning, can also be made on the spot, review.

    With a name out of the field, suddenly There were many discussions.

    "This time, Ling Tianzong good ah, there are actually twenty-three disciples, pass the examination."

    "Oh, Tianzong Ling has always been profound, the last I remember also has more than twenty players in the second round."

    "As a case door, the number of geniuses can five big powers match, is extraordinary."

    "Yes, I in the northwest region, it was only Ling Tianzong, and a few ghost immortal faction two case door, can do the same."

    When Ling Tianzong passed the assessment report after the disciples, immediately attracted the crowd in an uproar.

    "Zuo Qingfeng, Zhang En beam......"

    Then, other forces have been reported out of genius.

    "In this time frame actually have thirty-one people through the examination, is indeed the first power."

    "Zhao also many, there are twenty-five people."

    "Only twenty-one people in the state of song."

    "Oh, I can have two digits in Blackstone, enter the second round, will meet."

    "Do you want two digits? My country as long as there is a quota of five days, be satisfied with."

    This added the second round of the second round of the number of places, not only how many disciples to join, at the same time, the object is the major forces of vie.

    Especially between the five powers, the number of places, is more representative of the five great powers of.

    "Big Wei through the examination respectively......"

    When the Wei Tianming report big Wei, can not help but look back, suddenly a strange color.

    When he took the name of the full report came out, the audience also did a dumbfounded.

    "What big Wei, only eight people through the second round?"

    "This...... What a joke?"

    "The state of Wei, entered the second round of the number in more than twenty people, even the worst, in twenty-one, how this time......"

    The crowd exploded as if the earthquake came, general.

    "Qi is Zhao Wei, Zhao Lingshan, Qin, purple smoke dust, Wang Qiming......"

    And when the big report, Wei Tianming once again shocked, mouth pumping out report.

    This string of places, very long, small long effort, no end.

    All of this newspaper dumbfounded, how many? Almost thirty of it?

    "...... Qin!"

    When the last report came out, the first test of extraterrestrial, has been in perfect silence, all dumb as a wooden chicken.

    Forty-five, this time the into the second round of the number as high as forty-five.


    The boiling pan fried, as if to open.

    The forty-five places, which was hitherto unknown, too exaggerated.

    In history, entering the second round of the highest one, or more than 30 years ago in the creation of the beam, the beam, in full forty people through the assessment, established its strong position in the first.

    Now, this record was finally broken.

    Suddenly, the dull, all the people are ignorant.

    How is it possible?

    The last five large initial, Qi in only nineteen people in the second round, this time, was nearly three times more than the previous.

    Just think, let people feel shocked.
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