#222  first end

    The 222nd chapter first end

    During the day, they finally stopped killing Qin dust, rest.

    A night of fighting, each person's spirit have been greatly improved, although some people were injured, but after the blood and fire experience, their temperament has become different.

    Everyone seemed to unsheathe the sword, hard-edged.

    "Four prince, less dust, tonight we also act?"

    A whole day of rest, each person's spirit becomes very full, eager.

    "Qin brother, you decide!"

    Four see the prince turned to dust qin.

    After a night of fighting, all the country of the Qin Qi Wu dust, is already completely admire, the night before the killings, Qin Chenzhan has great effect.

    Each time, he is the first to find the enemy, once encountered a hoe, he is also the first rescue arrived, fast reaction speed, and no one can.

    "Of course continue to."

    Under the watchful eyes of the people under the Qin dust smiled: "this big Wei not to let us have a pass examination, not to take care of them, not good?"

    You know, yesterday night of fighting, the Qin dust great harvest, and get a property, such a good thing, pile up like a mountain hand, not to be missed?

    Imperceptibly, it was dark, once again into the darkness.

    This is the last day of the examination.

    That night, the demon in the mountains progenitor sounded again sad crying, a big Wei and Wu Xian sent the ghost, eliminated, defenseless.

    The first extraterrestrial.

    A whole day, not what big Wei Xian sent and ghost disciples were eliminated, Yuchi and Ling Zhonggang relieved to see the transfer station continuously lit light, the two forces of the disciples, was again sent out one after another.


    A transfer table edge, the rest of the forces of the strong have been numb.

    This is how many? No less than sixty or seventy of it?

    Overnight, the big Wei and sent out of the ghost fairy disciples reached the sum of the days before the elimination.

    "Damn, read Wuji and Cao Heng actually gone? Why don't sell?"

    A clenched fist, Yuchi depressed almost cried, and so on, He Wei's disciples will be eliminated almost.

    At this time, only one thought in his mind, that is the damn check end.

    This is a killing, lasted one night.

    Qin dust they swept in the first place, eventually, was killed in the first place of Wu, as high as more than 50 people, and sent out the arms, as much as hundreds of people.

    In the end, Qin dust, purple etc. What are not strong at all and need to do, only need to hide in the back of the line on the line.

    Because the team has expanded to more than 40 people, almost the whole Qi will go forward with great strength and vigour, the warriors are still testing, most are swept in.

    When the time is close to noon.


    An invisible force suddenly swept the matrix wrap, all.

    "You see, outside."

    Voice down, the invisible force of all over all strategies, still survive in the land of Wu first, have all been transferred out of law.

    Buzz buzz!

    The initial land on the ground, suddenly lit up all kinds of light, a warrior, have appeared in the transfer table.

    These people, the vast majority of people who are injured, but look, but this is not the only one.

    Some mood, a look of excitement, apparently completed the initial assessment, get enough blood crystal.

    There was a look of frustration, with a lost.

    These warriors, each other are discussed in There were many discussions. First, the thrilling experience, a look of excitement.

    Experienced a competition like this, as long as the survival of each individual, extraordinary temperament.

    "Please each Wu, good team, not wanton walk, first blood crystal, himself in the first place in the hand of achievement assessment, if found to have private contacts, to cancel the qualification examination."

    The first beam master Wei Tianming stood at the top of the tower, shouted loud, rumbling sound, clear to Every warrior in the ears.

    Now, have the inspection personnel, holding the record, to check.

    This step, every time, we are very familiar.

    When the record in the beam.

    Send empty, all the forces of the strong have welled up, crazy search of his genius in the crowd.

    This year, the major forces participated in the initial assessment of the disciples a total of nearly two thousand, in addition to the elimination of the six hundred or seven hundred people, there should be more than 1000 people did not come out.

    In fact, the final is transferred out of the Wu, a glance, only six hundred or seven hundred people.

    That is to say, the first test session, at least four or five people died in the first place, make everyone heart racing, worried.

    The loss is too big.

    Before each test, the mortality rate is generally around 1/10, that is to say, there will be nearly two people fall, this is a reasonable figure.

    But this time, unexpectedly lost the normal one times above, let everyone sucking.

    Especially Xiao war, the first time forward, eyes frantically search purple and Qin dust smoke.

    "Ha ha ha, Xiao war, you do not look for, no matter how big you find, the princess wouldn't live."

    Yuchi into gloomy face, at the opening.

    These two days, he was out of the state of Wei disciples too much heart had anything in the fire, no place to vent.

    Now you are a taunt, not to seize the opportunity.


    The Xiao cold war hum, landelikuai Yuchi, eye is to stop the search, the hearts of desperate prayer.

    Suddenly, he constantly tlit eyes suddenly stopped, then eyes exposed in ecstasy.

    The crowd, a beautiful young girl standing, after dancing, who is not purple smoked?

    Then, he found the figure of Zhao Lingshan.

    There have been dust Qin et al., he saw.

    "Ha ha ha, Yuchi, you blind? This is not my big Qi purple smoked princess, who is?"

    Xiao has been pressed a few days war Heart Stone finally fell, long breathed.

    "What? Purple and she is still alive, not possible!"

    Yuchi into a terrified, and turned to see Ling Zhong Xiao, turned down the war's eyes, to see where the purple smoke.

    Deliberately suddenly angry from yuchi.

    Cao Heng read and promise in the end what? Don't put a purple smoked to kill the last two days, and also disappeared in the end where to go?

    Two people will not hate Yuchi directly to the front, shouted a meal.

    He swallowed his anger, while his side of the search.

    Look at the past again.

    Suddenly all into a Jiling yuchi.

    Beside him was also a Ling Zhong Zhi, behind the cold with sweat.

    Because swept the six hundred or seven hundred, they didn't see Cao Heng and read endless two.
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