#221  stamp with rage

    The 221st chapter stamp with rage

    For a time, Yuchi into look dull, do not know what to say.

    Before the time, they are not a disciple of Wei, did not expect that now one out of three, and each was seriously injured, one even dying, almost died.

    This let weichi into the hearts of melancholy, don't try to out what problem?

    "Ha ha ha, you Wei Yuchi, disciple really powerful, even when it is knocked out one after another, it is out of the ordinary."

    Seize the opportunity, Xiao war laughed, said a Yuchi livid, almost mad.

    "Gee, even more wonderful is that the disciple almost no gas, powerful, really powerful, almost no gas can crush jade, such strength, I am afraid that only you can teach it to weichi."

    This is not easy to have a chance, is extremely carefree and Xiao heart, before the close a vent.

    "Hum, Xiao war, what have you to be happy, but out of the three brother Yuchi is a pupil, and your country than Qi, far from." Zhong Ling cold hum.

    "Ling Zhong, you also don't arrogant, maybe you sent the ghost fairy disciple, will also have to be eliminated."

    I have sent the ghost fairy and decorum skin, there is no need to worry so much.

    "Ha ha, Xiao war, you are dreaming, I sent the ghost fairy's disciple, you can be different in Qi disciple, will be out? Really funny."

    Ling Zhong sneered, but he laughed just fell, heard a loud hum, transfer station again someone.

    They are dumb.

    Today what happened one after another, how people out, not what happens inside the chaos?

    Have to watch, Ling Zhong naturally turned to stare at this, his face suddenly a stay, look extremely surprise moment.

    Actually he is a disciple of ghost immortal faction.


    Body form in a flash, came to the top of the tower, Ling Zhong put the disciples up, and it poured into the disciple body at the same time, sink a track: "what's the matter? What exactly happened?"

    "Ling...... The elders......"

    The disciple was blood, blood out of his mouth, see Ling Zhong, eyes burst from a desire to survive, but eventually his head died on the transfer table.

    The "s!"

    Everyone gasped, was aghast at a loss about what to do.

    At this time, even if it is an idiot who knows something unusual, there certainly is what great event happened.

    Suddenly, the crowd excited, all in an uproar, each other There were many discussions.

    "Ling Zhong, you said it will not be eliminated? Hey hey hey." Xiao and strange smile 1, angry Ling Zhong almost didn't spew out a old blood.

    Fuck, just say that the ghost immortal faction disciples will not be eliminated, the blink of an eye out of a taxi, the face of firecrackers, almost no face to stay.

    "Xiao Zhan, you wait."

    Is cold to hum a, Zhong Ling holding the disciple body under high grazing, sombre almost drops into the water, tense almost condensation.

    "The situation is wrong, Yuchi, I send you the ghost fairy and Wei disciples together eliminated, certainly is what happened an accident."

    Come to the front to weichi, Ling Zhong gloomy face.

    Also look into Yuchi volatile, apparently agree with him, said: "I'll send someone heal two of them, when they awake, will naturally know what exactly happened, if you let me know, who will I Wei's disciples are so hurt, I will not qingrao."

    Teeth, all blooming into murderous yuchi.

    At present, there are big Wei's physician before, emergency treatment of the two disciples went to.

    Just before his two disciples was saved.

    Bang bang!

    From the transfer station, again a person falling, is still the largest in the state of Wei disciples.

    Everyone dumbfounded, big Wei disciple is this how? Hell not? How crazy be eliminated?

    You know, a few days before the first test of the ghost, and Wei Xian sent out, almost two disciples forces at least, even a large beam in the first power said, out of the big Wei's disciples are more than.

    But now, that long, up to half an hour, there is actually seven or eight big Wei's disciples were eliminated, almost catch is eliminated before the big Wei disciples half.

    Suddenly, the crowd boiling.

    Yuchi a gloomy face, hurriedly sent for treatment, this time, his good luck, one disciple did not in coma, under the inquiry, the truth is: "Qi Qi, big four Prince Zhao Wei, with a strong help, in the slaughter of our big Wei's disciple......"

    "What? Is the person?"

    Yuchi into angrily: "Wuji and Cao Heng read these two guys? Don't you know?"

    "Back...... To adults, we didn't see the three Prince and rarely read non sovereign." The warrior was trembling, the momentum of a Yuchi, almost did not faint.

    "The two motherfucker, where the hell fooling around?"

    Yuchi gas seemed to explode.

    This time, two of them had disappeared, not the princess caught the big purple smoke, she went to the bar.

    This is to be mad at him?

    "How many are they?" Choked back again into anger, weichi.

    "I didn't see......"

    The disciples are going to cry, a Minow, directly into a state of coma.

    He also had been bad enough, Qi killed distraught, who also wounded, sent out, but by weichi is too a scolding, tragedy.

    "Damn, that the big boys, first let you arrogant, you encounter Cao Heng and read the promise, just waiting to die."

    Yuchi and Ling Zhong at a glance, look very cold.

    However, let weichi into unexpectedly, this is just the beginning, not the end.

    Next, the big Wei and Wu Xian sent the ghost person to be eliminated.

    Which are the top level of the strong day.

    Angry and Yuchi Ling Zhong stamp with rage, again and again.

    At this time, first in the land.

    Qin et al dust killing madness has no meaning to stop.

    Just one night, there are more than thirty big Wei and fairy ghost disciples sent was eliminated, at the same time, there are nearly twenty people died in the forest in the.

    And in the search process, there are a lot of big Qi Wu, was found, and then joined the team.

    All of a sudden, team continued to expand.

    The second day morning, only the original nearly ten team quickly expanded to nearly more than 20 people.

    The formation of a large team.

    They get the resources of Qin dust, is also very large, not only the blood crystal, there are a variety of drafts and the panacea, Bao Bing, Dan and cheats etc..

    The blood crystal, the number of big enough to get through the first test every disciple of qi.
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