#220  seen a ghost.

    The 220th chapter seen a ghost.

    All eyes are bright.


    Big Wei and ghost Fairy school, when first started, has been in the first place, for they Qi Wu.

    But because read Wuji and Cao Heng makes a big deterrent, the warriors, did not dare to resist, are hiding, carefully.

    Even the four prince, not too bold, for fear of being surrounded by endless read et al.

    Now, read the promise and Cao Heng is dead, so they have to be afraid of what?

    Thought of here, everyone is excited about.

    Yes, this time let the ghost fairy pie and a big Wei, not through examination."

    "It has been torn skin, afraid of what."

    "Yes, he did."

    They were all excited and said.

    "Qin dust, what do you mean?" Head, look to the four Prince Qin dust, listen to his advice.

    "I don't care." Qin dust leisurely smile: "but you really want to do it, count me a copy, after all, Wei and Wu Xian sent the ghost, but each is sheep."

    In this world, he wanted to later on, essential resources.

    The genius in their respective forces, are all people who treasure very much, it is a good opportunity to collect resources.

    "Well, if so, then we'll do it." Four people to see the prince, exclamat: "here, I promise Zhao Weiding, any person, as long as the repel or kill a large and Xian Wei disciples sent back to the ghost, I have Qi, Royal reward."

    "Well, thank you for the four Prince."

    "Ha ha ha, we just wait for four Prince reward."

    "Let's set off, I almost can not control myself."

    They were all excited laughter, excitement incapable of further increase.

    At this point, it is already in the evening.

    At present, all while the dark sky, into the mountains.

    Between them, apart from hundreds of meters, among them, Qin dust, Zhao Wei, violet and Zhao Lingshan smoked, four days of strong level Four, discrete angle.

    The formation of a large net, paving the way to the mountains.

    At the moment, the mountains have been alerted.

    All along the way, they encounter the group's major military forces, are aghast, fleeing, appalled at Qin dust them away.

    They are not casually Qin dust, shot, but specifically for large Wei and ghost immortal faction disciples, were killed around the.

    Set off a reign of terror.

    Once the ghosts and immortal faction Wei's disciples encounter, unable to resist the moment, surrounded by all the siege, unable to resist.

    At this time, the first extraterrestrial.

    Many of the strong forces, all nervous.

    Today is the fourth day of the examination, fifth days from the end of the assessment, only one more day.

    But this time, is the most brutal assessment period.

    At this point, many of the early hidden, want to pass the examination. Wu, appear, wantonly shot.

    At this time of the year, the military casualties, almost the most.

    Therefore, the major forces are not the effect, stationed in the transmission region, one with its own disciple, on the timely treatment and healing.

    Only to relax, but the ghost fairy and Wei pie.

    "Ha ha ha, Xiao war, this time you Qi, out of the Wu, more than 70 people have it, gee, than last year, for twice as high." Yuchi said into laughter.

    "Yuchi brother, I remember last year that Qi, a total of only nineteen people to enter the arena, it seems that this year, it seems to be more miserable." The ghost fairy faction Ling Zhong also smiled opening.

    "What he said, this time last year, Qi country eliminated players, only more than 30 people. This year, more than double." Weichi into eyes narrowed into a line, smiling: "Wu Qi high last year, a total of seventeen people died of it, I do not know this, will die? It is worth watching."

    "Ha ha, ha ha ha!"

    Wanton laughter from the ghost fairy pie and in the direction of the Wei came in this very clear space above.

    "Hum." Xiao war teeth cold hum, it is not refuted, but face concerns.

    Compared to last year, this year's losses, indeed more, so far, the light is out of people, is more than the previous more than doubled, the rest of the people, not everyone can get enough blood crystal, that only a handful of people, in order to enter the next round.

    This is not the most important, the key is that from the previous white static in their stories, this time in the state of Wei and the ghost immortal faction premeditated, not just to let them Qi, no one to the next round, but want to let them Qi Wu, died in the first of all ground.

    This is the most worried about Xiao war.

    Especially Bai Jing clearly said, Nian Wuji and Cao constant surrounded by dust and smoke Qin Purple Princess, but up to now, these two people are not able to escape, and if what was wrong with Purple Princess, he confessed to his majesty?

    Suddenly, Xiao war was concern, unless there are limits, he has to rush into the mountains, they will save the Qin dust.

    "Don't what the accident."

    Xiao and prayer, at this moment, he can do, also only these.


    At this time, the transmission light, two arms, covered with blood from falling down.

    "Xiao war, quickly came to see, perhaps is you Qi wu." To see people out of the Yuchi unequal face has smiled.

    Xiao and quickly looked up, I saw that two people look unfamiliar, is not he the disciple.

    "Hey, this is not the day left and king of the wind?"

    Suddenly, a side of the Wei Guogu Yuchi Qing generals face a change, rushed up.

    "What are you two?" Up to two people, even the ancient Qing asked.

    "General, is big...... Big......"

    Two people also had time to say, has lost consciousness in the past.

    Gu Qinghe Weichi Cheng face a change,? What? It is the five great powers of disciples under the hand?

    "Yuchi, ha ha ha, you own your disciples do not know how, when the leader of." Xiao see war, but is to smile.

    "Well, you have to battle the Xiao, proud, but is out of the two disciples, and your country than Qi Wei, I just out of a few." Yuchi into sneer.

    Just cold laughter had died, suddenly, is a bright light, a warrior, sent out again.

    He was almost no bloodshed, half of the body, apparently before dying, to crush jade.

    "Xiao war, quickly carefully recognize, is not you the disciple, I think should not be wrong." Yuchi into sight unseen, even laughing.

    The laughter has not fallen, see the side of ancient Qing face aghast, stammering shouted: "...... Adults...... This is our big Wei Zhou luo."

    What? I was big Wei's disciple?

    Weichi Cheng's smile, mouth like into the egg, almost cry.

    What the hell is going on?

    How continuous there are several big Wei disciples were eliminated, not seen a ghost!
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